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Hoad, R Wahl. Perloff, Beggs, Teachers College F. DeGaetani, Trice, Harrison, Henduspn, Henduson, Jerni Jernigan. Brufon, Jr. Agricultural College W. Fifield, Reiber, Edsall, Lyle, ; W. Yarn, Hill, Jr. Kay, a prominent Jacksonville attorney and a friend of the university, will address the students in the regular Tuesday morning chapel. Febru February ary February Colonel Kay is well known to the students because of his work in behalf of the institution and through the sev several eral several addresses he made here last year.

Floridas debating: teams, which journeyed to South Caro Carolina lina Carolina and Tennessee last week, returned with the proverbial bacon in the form of decisions over both schools, thus winning the triangle again this year. Roberts were defeating the Tennessee team at South Carolina. This is the sec second ond second victory Gardner has hung up on Karrish, having met and vanquished him once before at Tennessee. In the Gainesville contest South Carolina took the decision from Tennessee, thus winning second place in the triangle.

Pritchard and W. Simpson spoke fur South Carolina and F. Darnell and E. Edmon Edmonson son Edmonson represented Tennessee. Each of the four made very illuminat illuminating ing illuminating speeches which were designed to convince the entire audience and proved interesting to all who attended. Florida will meet Alabama there March 8, debating some question not yet definitely word worded, ed, worded, concerning the Nicaraguan policy of the United States.

Following will come debates with Mercer, Auburn and on the five-day week question which was the one used in the first triangle, and debates with Duke and Emory on the Nicara Nicaraguan guan Nicaraguan proposition. Hopes are strongly maintained for winning even more than the six out of nine won last year, and under the new plan of having a debat debating ing debating squad instead of several tryouts, the teams which defeated South Carolina and Tennessee will be eligible for other de debates bates debates this year.

The debate between the Uni University versity University of Tennessee and the University of South Carolina which was held Saturday night in the auditorium, resulted in a victory for South Carolina. The subject whs, Resolved: That the five-day week would advance the social and economic interests of the country. South Carolina upheld the affirmative, while Tenessee argued the negative. The speakers were E. Prit Pritchard chard Pritchard and W.

Simpson for South Carolina and E. Ed Edmonston monston Edmonston and F. Darnel] for Tennessee. Budd, of the University of Florida, who acted as chair chairman man chairman of the occasion, made a short introductory speech, wel welcoming coming welcoming the speakers. Pritchard was the first speaker on the affirmative.

He declared that the establishment of the five-day week was a log logical ical logical link in industrial develop development. He compared the struggle to establish the eight hour day to the present struggle as re regards gards regards the length of the working week.

He stated, and quoted stastistfes to prove, that produc production tion production had actually rather that, decreased since the previous shortening of working' time, and he said that a second shortening would result in the same thing, as leisure on the part of the working class would naturally develop a greater market, which after all is the desired goal.

Edmonston was the first speaker on the negative. He ar argued gued argued that a further reduction would be of no benefit, as the laborer bas 73 percent of his tinip to himself already. He said that the working time has been decreased enough and that the production would be decreas decreased ed decreased if the time were further de decreased. He brought out the fact that we must be careful!

Simpson, second speaker on the affirmative, dealt with the social part of the question. Re declared that we would have a healthier, happier people with the new system. Consequently, our laborers would have more time to devot to their culture, and religion. He fur further ther further stressed the points gained by Mr. Barnell, second speaker on the negative, declared that the physical welfare of the laborer today does not demand such a change, as be works in a clean, cool, well lighted, well ventilat ventilated ed ventilated workroom.

He said that it would prove detrimental to his morals, as idleness createts a tendency to crime. Graham, sports editor of I the annual, to see that an ft extra picture is made and i left at Marables for use in the year 'book. Ranging, from the majestic tones of fa fa, , fa, miliar classics which make up I the first, part, to the pleasing!

In the second half of the pro- : gram there appears a distinct contrast in the type of selections. Probably the most popular number on this part of thr program from the standpoint of swaying rythm is the negro spiritual Heavn which is full of the characteristic darkey re religious ligious religious fervor. Negro spiritu-i ls will he the specialty of the club in the coming years. Asde from htese prominent numbers the program is filled with comic skits, orchestra features, solos, and novelty selections.

The snirit shown hv the. The Theta Chi frat won first place due to the excellent pitch- 1 ing of Anderson and Harris. These two men were unbeatable as evidenced by the final re results. Their opponents were he- 1 wildered bv the succession of ringers and leanners. Brum Brum; ; Brum; baugh showed up well for the losers. The courts between the dormi dormitories tories dormitories were surrounded by spec spectators tators spectators during the whole of the tournament. Loud applause greet greeted ed greeted the fortunate one who made an unusual shot.

The vote as to the winner was i left to the audience. This vote I proved that the favorite of the crowd was the affirmative, or the South Carolina representa representa representa tives. Th Florida Alligator was chosen as one of the best college newspapers in the south for the year , according to an announcement by the National Press Congress last week which conducted a publications contest at their last convention.

November , with dele- Thc last congress was held gates from all parts of the country. Directors for the com coming ing coming year were elected as fol follows: lows: follows: Universities of Illinois, Michigan, California, Rochester and Oho State. Southern colleges actively ins terested in the congress are the University of Florida, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma and Tulane. According to the announce announcement ment announcement from the University of Illi Illinois, nois, Illinois, four college publications in Florida were awarded certi certifcates, fcates, certifcates, in the following order: University of Florida, Alligator; Southern College, Southern; Flor Florida ida Florida State College for Women, Flambeau; and Rollins College, Sandspur.

The peace and quiet of Gaines Gainesville ville Gainesville will be disturbed this af afternoon ternoon afternoon bv a motley crew of Pirates initiating 21 young buc buccaneers caneers buccaneers into their band. The candidates as well as the old crew will form a procession at the S. There on the public square in the pres presence ence presence of all who might assemble many atrocious and uribelieve uribelieveable able uribelieveable deeds are to be performed and blood-curdling scenes will be enacted, according to the cap captains tains captains of the crew.

A great deal of mystery hovers over the plans of this band but rumors have leaked out from atl atlthoritive thoritive atlthoritive sources that the tender tenderfooted footed tenderfooted candidates are to be well instructed n the ways of this ruthless and far-famed crew. Rumor has it that romance may even enter into the happenings of the day and the bonds of matrimony will bind one, Hank Bavnard, to a beautiful dame re recently cently recently captured by the Pirates.

The last three named cast their lots with theis crew last year but have not yet been initiated. Only the first degree of nt nttaton taton nttaton will be put on at this time. The balance will take place some dark night in the near future, within the mysterious recesses of ye Pirates cave. An elaborate dance is being planned for this year which in all probability will eclipse all previous effoAs. Ernest Mac- Donald is in charge of dance ar arrangements. Murphree, sec second ond second mate; Harry Watrous, third mate, and Chili Clough, cabin boy.

Shaw Business Manager Kenneth C. Subscription rates, mall or carrier delivery, Offload Room 11, Language Hall. University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. Telephone: W; then ask for the Business Manager. Ralph D. Parsons Sports Editor Charles S. Ausley Contributing Editor Padgett Society and Clubs H.

Thornal Sports Charles S. Pogue Circigation Manager '. Reese Hunnicutt Advertising Manager A. Ola M. Harris 1 "I 1 i. Martin had made an ex exceptionally ceptionally exceptionally good governor. Two days later the same governor speaking this time at the capitol said that due to the LIMITED FINANCES of the state the educational expansion program must re remain main remain for two more years handicapped by lack of buildings, underpaid professors and insufficient funds for operation. In our opinion the people of Florida have always favored giving the youth of Florida the same or better advantages in education that the yuohtof other states enjoy.

Uur people have demanded expansion and growth. The governors cutting of taxes makes a line subject for a vote-getting speech, but when this cutting forces edu education cation education to a standstill in the state, allows other states to forge ahead in this field, then it is high time to demand whether the cut is wholly justified or not. These people are not at all pleased to see the budget 1 of the University cut more than half in two, thus stifling!

If these proponents of education are as consistent in their voting as the governor is in his speechraaking they will probably cast their ballots for him when he runs for the United States Senate on his record. The Blue Gator, a comic monthly. Reports from the busi business ness business staff seem to show that the magazine will be a fi financial nancial financial success while the quality of men on the staff as assures sures assures its success as a comic publication, of merit.

The University needs a publication of this kind and the Alligator welcomes this effort to fill the need. Students of the University should show their appreciation by contri contributions butions contributions and by subscriptions. This is not the first attempt at a publication of this kind on the campus.

Both these publications lost money and both incurred debts that have not yet been paid up. It would b-? If this is not pos possible sible possible the Blue Gator should never be attempted However, the Gator is fortunate in having M. Rism for its busi business ness business manager. He is a man of wide experience in this field and we believe the financial affairs of the Blue Gator are in good hands The staff is doing all in its power to make the Blue Gator a success.

It needs only the cooperation and sup support port support of the students to make this success possible. Colleges and universities through throughout out throughout the United States are in invited vited invited to participate in the Third National Intercollegiate Oratori Oratorical cal Oratorical Contest on the constitution, being conducted by the Better America Federation of California. The orations must deal with the constitution of the United States, or the relationship thereto of Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Marshall, Webster, or Lincoln.

They must not require mere than ten minutes for de delivery. Any undergraduate student of any college or university in the United States is eligible. Each college selects its own represen representative, tative, representative, and is entitled to only one. Individual students may en enter ter enter for their college if the insti tution does not officially enter the contest. The country is divided into seven districts in which the col colleges leges colleges compete. These districts will be announced March 15, , after the list of entrants lias been closed.

Representatives must be designated by the colleges not later than April College representatives will compete in small groups in their regions to determine finalists for their particular region. Regional meetings or national semi-finals, will he held between May 17 and 31, in locations to be announced by the contest management.

Each of the winners who speaks in the finals will receive. McMullen was confined I to the infirmary for several days with sprained wrists, and E. Veal was severly bruised as a result of an automobile acci accident dent accident Sunday night. McMullen and Veal had gone from the Phi Kappa Tau house to the Black Cat for a cup of coffee about nine oclock, and the accident jc jceurerd eurerd jceurerd as thgy stepped out of the Black Cat onto University avenue.

Smith, vice president of the Johns Mansville Asbestos company, chairman of the World Alliance for International Friend Friendship ship Friendship through Churches, chairman of the Citizens Committee of I for Law Enforcement, and noted lecturer, urged arbitration rather than war.

Smith, in the pursuance of his investigations, has crossed the ocean 60 times within the last 30 years. He is a student of conditions both economic and religious, and his knowledge of world affars is very comprehen comprehensive. Upperclassmen of the Uni University versity University of Florida will remember him for his seres of five lectur lecturers ers lecturers delvered last year. The world is beginning to fear another war, stated Mr.

That the people of the world are afraid of this is shown by the fact that there are almost 80 peace organiza organizations tions organizations in the United States alone, while every European country has from one to twenty-five. They fight; they ravage the land; they kill millions; they commit all manner of crimes; then they arbitrate! Why not arbitrate first? Smith j concluded his address by assuring I the students that all problems could be settled by religion and that t the world would in time come to international fellowship.

Evans Jr. A well meaning young man in that Medieval History class of mine which now boasts 72 mem members, bers, members, referred to one of my er erratic, ratic, erratic, rambling talks on Italian cities as a "sermin. That is, I hope he was well meaning, but I am afraid he was a littel sat satrical rical satrical because I didnt have a single firtsly, secondly or third thirdly ly thirdly in the speech but was jump jumping ing jumping around like the poetic deer from crag to peak and often rolling down into the chasms by mistake.

Still, however that may I be, it did give me an idea for a column. Why not preach a sermon? So many laymen are trying it. I judge that the vast majorityy of you will disagree' with me heartily as to its value j for modern times. But at that, I will be running true to form.

If the majority of Alligator! I havent spoken to him since the j column of February Yes, I know how you feel. I havent had anything to do with him since January Still we columnists must struggle onward! My text is taken from the an-: swer to the first question in the Shorter Catechism of ;he Presbyterian Church, and ft read 1 in this wise: The chief 1 end of man is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.

Dear me! Presbyterianism 1 is being forced upon us. Let me assure you that my own! As far! A Catholic priest whom 1 knew right well in New York City last j year told me one day that if I woul make a study of the two grand divisions of the Christian religion. As I read history this has not always been so nor fear me there is a modicum of is fit entirely true today, but I fact in his 'boast.

Perhaps I have happened in on only one type of addresses to the young: perhaps I have missed the many that tell them of a loving Father and Savior. Somej day. I trust he will have more eloquence than I can command but it would in-1 deed be welcome to hear speak-1 along the following lines; Boys, [ do not come to you j today to deal exclusively with' your poss'ble temptations and' suns; 1 know that they are many i are at times hard to bear But you have a loving Savior j who knows that even better than I do and who forgives you your trespasses over and over again.

You have a Father who is in interested terested interested in the least of your de desires sires desires and who bids you above all else to come, enjoy the won- 1 ; derful things in this world which He has created for you. Oh I know the chronic ob objection jection objection to this sort of discourse. Those boys are weary of ttio Sunday school talk; they wan men to talk to them on practical subjects.

I only ask you and M. Personally, if it were! As r I recall it, one editorial asked r the following- question; Can it I be that at Florida the scions of i the aristocratic south are being si replaced by the scum of the cos cos'j 'j cos'j moipolitanized north? Well, as ii the old sea captain was want to say, Mebbe so; mebbe so.!

I write this as a southerner who lias lost all of the enamol off ivis teeth on account df having had to study the War for Southern Independence and its aftermath. All of my ancestors rt who entered that war fought on 1 the losing side. In fact my pro proat at proat Columbia was endanger endanger-1 -1 endanger-1 al various times because l j spoke so disrespectfully of the I Pilgrim Fathers and Saint Ab Abraham raham Abraham Lincoln.

But since com coming ing coming here, I have noticed some! I have ob obj j obj served, for example, that when the Alligator suggests any! They i are bringing us a new life in this school that we need; they are giving Florida a distinctive tone that many other southern colleges lack hut would like to possess.

May more of the con mopolitans come! A racy and appealing little anecodote connected with oud ; local high school occurred just last week. A young man of tender years 'who rates there as a freshman was playing the part of a clerk at one of our city soda fountains. The course of the afternoons work required him to serve some sophomores of the gentler?

They bade him as in old feudal times to stop and entertain them. Pos Possibly sibly Possibly he knew nothing of the an anoient oient anoient duties of knighthood; prob- Why this Lather gives smoother shaves r I "'HE trouble with most shaves is that the A beard is not completely softened. This means halt-cut hairs, pulling razors. W illiams Shaving Cream corrects this state of affairs by producing a lather simply satu saturated rated saturated with moisture. This moisture drenches , the beard bristles soft tor easy cutting.

At all dealers, 35c and 50c. A to tho protection of respect to sophomon. P And now does the comes the piquant touch, spread. But when he talks "tobacco lend him your ears. For thats one subject ' lies studied and knows from the ground up!

Listen to his learned lingo and you 11 see why the one perfect pipe tobacco is grand old Granger Rough Cut. Its all spicy old Burley, the choicest pipe tobacco known to man. Os course, some collegiate pipes, who judge everything on price, cant afford to smoke Granger But notice any pipe that is sufficiently sure of himself to be himself, always; and notice also his Granger.

Walker of ftftflpyan University: ftLaining an autocratic at- freshmen, upper- Me laughabiy iiiomsisi- Cto the very time that ETsetting up over new stu stupaternalistic paternalistic stupaternalistic regime ft-Kinds one of Russia under mHwthey themselves in n different ways are os- RLgly and passionately pro prorevolt revolt prorevolt of youth, and ftaLg freedom from domi domillrf llrf domillrf father, mother, teacher E, of the conventional re- E that the hoary wisdom Epsst has laid down for the wLgf of youth.

How ft you take it if your majorj ftor commanded you to ap- Jit six oclock tomorrow stag at his home to black toots, or wash his automo- I What a fierce outcry there ft be! But why would this jo highly improper coming ft a professor, and yet quite; Jionnal thing coming from a cr? Only ftonld suggest thata it would la good thing for the seniors pot on their overalls and i the freshmen conupany and i r them what an artistic f in invfour vfour invfour years of classical cul culenables enables culenables a man to give o d a job.

And this is on the isciple that he that is greatest sf you is to be least of all,: id savant to all. V the not infrequent use of all wk of pressure to force them Ift the goose step of the group, tft, of course you understand, ilao railing accusation against ft groups as a whole. Profes Profesft ft Profesft Dewey says that educational educationalft ft educationalft disagree on almost every but there is one matter on all educationalists are nt ft-tbey agree that of all kinds I discipline, military discipline tbe most neffective.

The teacher noticed in 1 J a certain uniqueness. And so they began the melancholy task; of making over a Rolls-Royce into a Ford. They have not made a good Ford out of you, but there is reason to fear they have for forever ever forever ruined the Rolls-Royce. Sometimes you remember wistfully those glori glorious ous glorious dreams which you brought to college, and there is a secret resentment at the way you were mishandled.

But alas! Let me tejl you, my friend, that it would have been better for the upperclassmen who cor erced your personality out of its God-given trend, that a millstone had been hanged about their necks and they had been drown drowned ed drowned in the depths of the sea.

And now, having received such an injury from others, let me beg you not to Phflict this dam- age upon the freshmen with whom you have to do. For j Gods sake, do not do it! Now You Freshmen Let me speak a word to the freshmen themselves. Many of you come from homes whose tra traditions ditions traditions and standards are very much more refined than the tra traditions ditions traditions and standards of the up upperclassmen perclassmen upperclassmen who have so offici officiously ously officiously taken you in charge.

Your social institutions are more to be trusted than theirs. The Master says, Call no man Rabbi. That is to say, let no rrtan do your thinking for you, let no man keep your conscience, let no man make your great decisions. There is only one person who has a right! Os course you must be ready to take criticism and profit by! Os course you must welcome!

Os course if you are wise you will get much good from them. But if a conceited' group of seniors try to browbeat ] you into doing violence to any of your finer instincts, I would; rather let them kill me than sub-1 ntit to such an indignity. Students at the university and j young people of the various churches of Gainesville show much interest in the deputation work that is being carried on this year by the University of Florida Y. Every other Sun Sunday day Sunday a group of students from j the university and Gainesville!

In fact, this work has become a wonderful field of study to the young people, to go and see those inmates of the prison put on their program including special music, talks and other forms of inspirational work. In this way a spelndid contract is made be between tween between the prisoners and thi stu students dents students in aiding each other.

A party from Starke. Prevatt, Prop. They i 'snuuld b-hi. Which will be withheld truru publieiiTioh on lequesi Editor, Florida Alligator, j Sir: As one who was formerly con con con nected with the publication of the j Alligator, 1 have been keenly in teres ted in the paper this year and have noticed with sortie un uneasiness easiness uneasiness the tendency toward de destructive structive destructive criticism in the past few weeks.

It appears to me, and also to others with whom 1 have talked, that your editorial writer and some of your feature editors are rather displeased with everything in the University. It has come to be a rare thing for a good word to be written about any anything thing anything on the campus, while on! Although 1 could prove my contention by reference to a' number of recent editorials, 1 will confine my discussion to three of them.

The first one appeared: three weeks ago and charged, that too much stress was being; placed ori the bringing of ath! Finding that he had made ; a mistake in censuring the ath- j letie department, the writer at attempted tempted attempted to retrieve himself in another editorial published last week.

In this one he apoligized to the athletic department and laid the blame on the other de departments partments departments of the University, sug suggesting gesting suggesting that they organize to bring more scholars here. The proper thing for him to have done would have been to either repudiate the former editorial al altogether together altogether or drop the matter. As it was he made an even, greater blunder than before. Not only 1 are instructors heavily over overburdened burdened overburdened with work and have no time to organize to bring scholars to college, but we al already ready already have more students than 1 the University can conveniently ; accomodate and an enrollment j w'ould only result in lowering the standards of the school unless more equipment and additional instructors were forthcoming.

Another editorial was publish published ed published in the issue of two weeks ago, and took exception to the actions of the students during the rnusic rnusical al rnusical recital of the Flonzaley string quiytet in the University audi audii i audii torium a few nights previously.

Mobile it may be true that a re reproof proof reproof would not have been un unwarranted, warranted, unwarranted, under no circum circumstances stances circumstances would the Alligator have been justified in using the terms and expressions in the attempted censure that appeared.

The ef effect fect effect produced was opposite to! The editorial was 1 worthy of Der Buzzard, and unquestionably lowered the dig dignity nity dignity of the editorial column of the Alligator. It showed the same lack of culture and good taste as the actions of those it was intended to criticise. As for the Campus Comment column I strongly sugg-est that the name be changed. It is com comment ment comment of a kind, but it certainly is not campus comment, nor does it arouse campus comment.

Cam Campus pus Campus Condemnation would be much I more appropriate, and I advise l the use of that name if the j column is to continue in your j paper. Sir: That wonderful organization, the Emory Glee Club, has appear appeared ed appeared here and all of us were held spell-'bound by the versatile voices of those true, red-blooded sons of tin- south. This aggregation of talent has appeared ltefote the crowned heads of England and charmed them, it has sung in I some of the hugest cities of this country and has received the unanimous verdict of being one of the greatest bodies of college musical talent in the country at j present.

Casting no discredit upon this j fine glee club, there remains one j distressing and very lamentable I fact concerning it. We have at present one of the tinest, music teachers avilable, Profes Profes[ [ Profes[ sor Deruyn, we have an organ organj j organj ization of which each and every! In fact some of our good radicals have urged me to write further on the! It is, suggested that we get a little! We might have some I cheer leaders and some good old revolution veils.

All these helpful suggestions are fully appreciated, but I do wish seme of the radicals of the campus would join, forces with me and lend a little active sup- port. It really is rather diffi difficult cult difficult to stage a revolution all alone. Certainly we have more j freedom of expression and even , more freedom of conduct than many schools have. We should be thankful for that, but it is not enough. Come on fellows, get that old revolution pep! Someone has suggested that 1 might establish a revolution headquarters and enlist recruits, and perhaps it isnt such a bad ida at that.

I understand that one of the young younger er younger members of the faculty is wondering what I am planning to use in the way of munitions, and wh;;t would become of my pet revolution if the United States army were sent to suppress it. Perhaps some of our professors right now are only students in disguise, but really 1 cant imagine some of them, as having ever been stu students dents students except in name. Oecasionaly some maron asks, "But what is the matter with conditions here.

Why should they 'be changed? Why, goodness, gracious, me, words fail me. Even children should bo able to see that things are not as they should be. There are plenty of things right here in the university that should be changed. Our two worthy columnists are bringing to light many of the evils that exist on the campus, but they have left unsaid much that might have been said.

Student politics, the Vigilance Committee, kangaroo courts, ratting, the Honor Court, and many other things on the campus will make good material for young revolutionists to start on, but these are really of minor importance. The present system of keeping strict attendance re records cords records is not all that might be de desired.

Re Remember member Remember that the Latin American students obtained the right to ex expel pel expel such professors. Is it right that we should continue to be in inflicted flicted inflicted with them? We should g? The legislature is not such an awesome group but that we might impress upon it the needs of the university in such forceful manner that it would hesitate to kep its waiting for the buildings and equipment that we need.

The students of the Argentine got a whole new uni university. Surely we should get a few new buildings without ques question. Truly, we have cause for a rev revolution. It need not be particu particularly larly particularly violent, there need be no armed revolt, but it should be a firm and persistent revolution.

I urge you, students of the Univer University sity University of Florida, to join in the good cause. Main St. Phone 25S IJo you often have to wait to take a Bath? Why not put in another shower or bath tub and let every one ake all the baths they like. Drop in and let us make you an estimate. Ed Edwards, wards, Edwards, George B. The International legal Frater Fraternity nity Fraternity of Phi Delta Phi was found founded ed founded at the University of Michigan " in and is the oldest profes professional sional professional college fraternity in the country.

The fraternity has two chapters in Canada, Many out outstanding standing outstanding men of the legal pro profession fession profession are members of Phi Delta Phi. Theodore Roosevelt was a member of this fraternity. The fraternity is both social and pro- feesionai. A group of 85 is re-1 quired to become eligible for membership. Among the prominent members and alumni of the Florida chap chapter ter chapter are; Judge Robert S. Cock Cockrell, rell, Cockrell, former justice of the su supreme preme supreme court of Florida, and for whom the.

Clifford Crandall; j Dean Harry R. Hampton, attorneys of Gaines Gainesville, ville, Gainesville, and C. Hooks of Miami. Naylor, treasurer, and Huber Hurst, historian. DeWitt Brown, and by the University organist. All stu students dents students are cordially invited to hear this program, which is given be below, low, below, as a much clearer under understanding standing understanding of the plots and music of the four operas will thus be possible.

MeCraw is. StoryMrs J. Pomeroy Solo Celeste Aida Mrs. Orchestra Grand March. Harry R. Grand Selection organ Claude L. SoloLa Donna e Mobile Mr. Orchestra Quartet Fairest Daughter of the Graces. E- Camt. Orchestra and tenor Prelude and Siciliana Orchestra andj Mr. Herman Leibowttr. SoloVoi lo sapeteMis? Orchestra Intermezzo. PagliacciOpera by Leoncavallo StoryMrs. Robert S. Alberta M. OrganGavotte and Serenade Mr. Last , Sunday they had a record attend attendance ance attendance of They now have the added attraction of a contest with the Tallahassee Baptist Phila Philatheas.

The contest is based main mainly ly mainly on efficiency. At the close of the contest the two classes will ji come together for their annual pone, at whch tme a large silver loving cup will be awarded to the winning class. All university students who are not already' lined up with a Sunday school class are invited to join in the activities of ths class.

Interest Interesting ing Interesting lectures are given every Sunday by Prof. K Arm Armstrong, strong, Armstrong, who knows the student's point at view. Ashmead gave the club a talk on several important facts on the industries and customs carried on in Australia as a whole.

Rahner next Mon Monday day Monday night and it is expected to. Officers for the second semes- j ter were elected during the j meeting. John R. Holt, who held ihe office of president last semes semester, ter, semester, was unanimously re-elected Jto that office. Smith was elected vice president. Fred Ward was unanimously re-elected secre secretary, tary, secretary, and Ashmead was elected treasurer by a majority of votes.

The Commerce club has been organized especially for the bene benefit fit benefit of the Businss Administra Administration tion Administration students. It meets every Monday night in room , law holding. Murphree, university organist. AH students are cordially invited to hear this program, whch is as follows: Voluntary, William Croft. Prelude and Fugue in A Major J. Musette, J. FTancois Dandrieu, Aria, Johann Sebastian Bach.

Chorale, J. Minuet, G. Largo, Samuel Wesley. Canon in the Octave, A. Prelude in C. Minor, Mendels Mendelssohn. Andante Religiose, Liszt. Andantino, C. Up the Sauguenay from St. Lawrence Sketches , Alexander Russell contemporary. Barker, noted Rotary lecturer, addressed the students of the University of Florida at their regular chapel exercises Tuesday morning.

Barker took as the basis of his speech three points once stated by James A. Garfield, as as - as mated president of the United States; a strong arm; a clear j head, and a brave heart. Using Roosevelt as an illustra-; tion of the strong arm, he show-; ed that it was necessary, and i perfectly possible, to have a well] developed physieque to do our best in life. By the devotion of a few- minutes each day to ex- j ercises.

In explaining the second point j necessary to success in life, a i clear head. Barker explain-! Barker proved, effec- lively and humorously, that the majority of students do not do! Coming bow to his third and j last proposition, a brave heart,' he admitted that physical cour- i age was a fine thing, but he de declared clared declared that moral courage, the.

To obtain this type of to be on guard against the temp temptations tations temptations of their friends. Service, Dr. Barker conclud concluded ed concluded by saying: It is fine to be able to go out every night; it is wonderful to spend money faster than you can make it; it is de delightful lightful delightful to run with the crowd, drink and all that, but remember.

Black to Address Aggies Prof. Of Officer ficer- Officer urge every agricultural stu student dent student to attend. Fred E. Seerley, of Spring Springfield field Springfield College. Massachusetts, ad addressed dressed addressed the Florida Freshman Friendship Club last Thursday night.

Seerleys previous ap appearance pearance appearance on the campus had at- traded considerable attention, and an unusually large crowd greeted him at the F. Seerleys subject dealt with the proper relations between young men and women. He em emphasized phasized emphasized the fact that the two sexes have personalities very dif differently ferently differently constituted, and there fore care and moderation are es essential sential essential to the proper sort of re lat ions between them.

When asked the question, Is the mod modern ern modern dance harmful? Seerley stated that the dance, when prop properly erly properly conducted, is not but he added that conditions surrounding many of our modem dances are such that evil results accrue.

After the talk, a general discussion was had, the speaker answering various questions pre presented sented presented by the boys. Following an excellent program it may truly be sad tfrfcP the eats marked the end oi a perfect day. Fill Filling ing Filling the air with the finest tobacco-aroma ever. Do you smoke Prince Albert? The instant I you throw back the hinged lid and release that wonderful P. The very first pipe-load confirms your sus suspicions. Cool as a yate-tender.

Sweet as the week-end reprieve. Mild as the coffee in Com Commonsmild, monsmild, Commonsmild, yet with a full body that satisfies your smoke-taste completely. Get yourself a tidy red tin this very day, Fringe albert no other tobacco is like it! Cui-j pepper showed that he had e careful preparation for his tlk.

Shake Shakespeares speares Shakespeares ability as a poet, as a plavwright, and as a depicturer of character all play a part in j making him the greatest figtsre in literature. Angus Laird and Carlos Edwards followed Culpep Culpepper, per, Culpepper, both giving extemporaneous talks; Laird on Shakespeare, and Edwards on a recently issued fcjoolc. President Brothers announced that the time for the annual ban banquet quet banquet was drawing near, it having been the custom to hold this af affair fair affair in conjunction with the Flor-, j ida L.

He appoint appointed ed appointed a committee consisting of Wynne Morgan, chairman; Carlos j Edwards and Dixie Beggs to ar arrange range arrange for the banquet and report to the society. This is one of the big events of the year, and all members are urged to attend! Seerly, dean of Springfield College, addressed the students of the University last, week in a series of three leetur- j es. Wednesday morning the usual drill period was given over to.

In the af af af his address was on Manhood and on Thursday morning Womanhood. He also , mad;- a -diort talk at the meeting of the Florida Freshman Friend i, ship club. Student Strike f arces Closure of Chinese College!

Yales Chinese branch. Yale-in-China at Chang- I ha. By cablegram the announce announcemeat meat announcemeat came that the college, closed on December 10 by a student strike, would not reopen for a j second term on February Nor is there fear that the j Yale property in Changs: a, valu- j ed at more than a half million,! A mount mountworkers, workers, mountworkers, a police reporter and causing one striker to be remov removed ed removed to the hospital with a fracture of the skull.

One student, James D. WyKer, of Union Theological Seniina. He was arrested, spent some time! About a dozen college students had come to strike headquarters t.. They first attended a m;. On the trip up Wooster j street Several strikers shouted tq the vv rkers on the sidewalk before union shops.

Two policemen then charged the line with swinging : clubs, forcing the pickets oif the walks. Shortly afterwards the j mounted policeman charged into ; the crowd, without warning, jolt jolti i jolti ing the students and strikers un unmerciful! Four of the students and strikers were arrested. And alwayt with erery bit of bite and parch removed by the Prince Albert procatt. Miami also holds j EL over the St. Petersburg A. Indiana, and ILtr ILtrioram. Several jout joutfWbtg fWbtg joutfWbtg mermen are in attend attendj-ait j-ait attendj-ait the university, with Glenn j rings as a practice grounds it nped a winning team can J Hlpoped.

Hfrane Morgan, newly elected' hit, is in charge of the daily bats and any information regards to practice sessions W be obtained from hint. Although l definitely arranged, the tohmen will in all probability booked to meet the St. The Florida boxing team show showed ed showed excellent fighting capacity in the recent V.

Much interest is being display displayed ed displayed on the campus in the intra intramural mural intramural sports program and 1 many hitherto unknown athletic lumi luminaries naries luminaries are being discovered. The basketball tournament especially has been the means of uncovering hidden material of first class cal- j ibre.

The crisp cracking of baseball bats against the well known cork I centered pellets, the whir of pig pigskins skins pigskins being tossed through the air, the empty thud of an athlete coming in contact with a tackling! These fields on which Florida athletes are developed are literally infest infested ed infested with men who are working i with the ultimate aim of winning glory for their school in the sport of their choosing. Such a mani manifestation festation manifestation of" interest is sure to bring results and I am a strong believer in that well known phil philosophy osophy philosophy that plenty of well direct directed ed directed work is bound sooner or later to be crowned with success.

The University of Florida swimmers have already had a couple of meetings in which they discussed plans for the formula formulation tion formulation of a team for the coming season. Captatin Yon has assur assured ed assured them that he will try to ar arrange range arrange a couple of meets, and with the material which is present on the Florida campus a winning team should be produced.

Coach Pierson has developed a smooth working combination out of his freshmen basketeers and their work against the Palatka Pals in their last engagament showed them as having real class. If anybody has the slightest doubt as to whether Coach Tom Sebring believes in working his football protoges. All high school athletes will have a chance now to show their speed'" at the State High School track meet to be held on Murphree Field at the University of Florida, April 15 and Rules governing the meet were announced by Athletic Director Yon yesterday as follows: All bona fide high school stu students dents students are eligible as provided for under the rules of the 1' lorida High School Athletic Associa Association tion Association and may compete in this meet.

Qualifying for field events will be held Friday afternoon, and the six highest sontestants will enter the finals i Saturday. No Novice Class Competition this year will be limited to only one class. The novice class has been abolished, which now allows all entries to enter the championship class.

Medals Given A gold medal will be given to each contestant who wins first place, a silver medal to each con contestant testant contestant who wins second place, and a bronze medal to each con contestant testant contestant who wins third place. T- t ] i Students Threaten Revolt. K , Kansas City, Mo.

By New Student Service A miss meeting of Kansas City, Missouri, upnior College alumni unanimously demanded a re-hear re-hearing ing re-hearing of the case of Gerald Fling, who w r as expelled from the col lege for helping publish The Sacred Cow, an undergraduate j sheetist. Unless amicable relations aie j established between the students j and the administration the reso- j lution urges the appaintment of a : new president.

There have been dents and authorities since intermittent revolts between stu- i anil the Sacred Cow' was par- ; tially the outcome of clash be- j I tween student council and presi presi presi der. When The Collegian, official student organ, was suppressed because it proposed to print re reviews views reviews of The Silver Stallion, The Professor's House and The Dybbuk, also -a letter charging the faculty with un unfairness fairness unfairness in student dealings, The Sacred Cow was brought out by five students.

The forbidden re review;. In forming intellectual So Soviets viets Soviets and establishing a dictator dictatorship ship dictatorship of the learner, American students may save their country j if it si capable f being saved. Four of the students apologized : for their part in this venture, the i fifth flatly refused. He was ex-1 pelled by President E. Bainter who remarked at the time, This is pait as a nation-wide movebent of the races to wreck our educa- tional institutions.

Senior, also at the University of 1 Kansas. The Mercer outfit gain ed an early lead and were never threatened during the remainder of the contest. Smith for Mercer was high point man of the game, scor scoring ing scoring 12 points, while another Smith Red for Florida was the high point man for the Gator aggregation. Mothers are swim- 4 ming the English Channel. In fact, O. Top positive review.

Reviewed in the United States on November 21, It is so easy to set up a recording and get the TiVo to keep recording the shows I like. I can pause the adult shows when my kid walks into the room and I can pause her shows when I need to get her attention TV is crack to a child. I also found out that I did some bad math above. So even more savings than thought. Top critical review. Worthless warranty. Reviewed in the United States on December 26, Less than 4 months but more than 90 days after I got this device the hard drive started making all kinds of noise.

I contacted TiVo and they told me to restart the device. After 5 restarts the noise was gone, but I explained to TiVo that I was concerned the hard drive was bad. Rather than throw good money after bad, I just kept the first one. Five months later it's making all kinds of noise again and restarting hasn't helped this time.

What a disappointment. Sort by. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Filter by. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers. All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars. Text, image, video Image and video reviews only Text, image, video. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

From the United States. Verified Purchase. Showing 0 comments. There was a problem loading comments right now. It was repackaged and upon taking it out of the box there was a rattle like a screw was loose in inside the device. I then tried to register it online and it said it had already been registered. I returned it, and debated whether or not to reorder.

A week or so later I noted a "like new" in the Warehouse listing s and ordered yet again with fingers crossed. It arrived two days ago and while the original box was crushed on the corners why they don't put it inside another box and pad it I don't understand The TiVo had no scratches, scuffs or rattles, so I figured I was good to go. Everything was there and in its original packaging there was no movement of the Roamio, protecting it from damage.

I immediately noted the TP number on the back of the unit and went to TiVo's website to activate the service. I was told it registered successfully and that it would take up to 24 hours to register. I decided to do other things for a day and come back online to see if registration was complete prior to attempting setup.

It took about 16 hours for TiVo to complete the registration process. I loved the simple directions! Anyone could set this thing up with relative ease. I was a bit concerned that I would have a struggle using this device going through my Sony AV receiver with 7 speakers hooked up to it, I use it instead of the TV's sound system Thankfully it went off without a hitch and worked fine, but I can't use the TiVo remote function for volume control - I have to use the AV receiver controller.

The toughest part of setup was getting the updates and waiting for the TiVo to accurately nab over air channels and populate the onscreen menu. This process took about 1. When you go through the guided setup you enter your zip code, and based upon that info the Roamio OTA looks for channels.

The TiVo found 21 channels in my area I know I get 14 clearly. After finding all the channels the device locks them into its setup info. Unfortunately that means you'll see even those that have no picture when you go through channels. To fix that you have to go into Settings - Channels and uncheck the channels you don't want in your Guide. You will also have to go to My Channels and uncheck 'All' - choose movies or similar - and the Guide will eventually condense to show you only the checked channels.

I found the 14 I wanted by checking signal strengths also in Settings and making sure they were all there. It gained all my channels even without a boost! Then I plugged it in and got the same result. The pairing of the two devices was seamless and works very well.

The Guide moves swiftly and is very intuitive, and OTA channels pop up without a delay when going channel to channel. I love being able to search the Guide and still watch TV in the preview box. The remote is well laid out and the only thing it's lacking is a backlight for my aging eyes! Even having not used a TiVo remote before, within a couple of hours I was using it with ease - not even having to look down at it to navigate.

Setting up recordings of programs within the guide is easy, but it would be great if there was something in the box that indicated a step-by-step way to do it. I was able to easily add my Hulu, Netflix and Amazon account information, and all of the services launched with minimal lag time. It's very much like using a Roku or similar device in that way, but you can search for programming via the TiVo guide which is helpful.

You do have to be careful if you are an Amazon Prime member to take note of Prime versus regular Amazon Video offerings, as it would be easy to click a paid one. You'd have to purchase with a credit card on your account though, so it should be easy to avoid. I like that I can add additional storage to the device, however for my purposes I think the generous 1TB drive recording up to 25 shows before overwriting them should be enough.

Speaking of recorded programs, be sure to go into Settings to start your recordings a minute or so early to not get them cut off. If this is important to you. The time is set via the internet. All good things and another great reason for cordcutters to get this device.

When not using the TiVo it automatically goes into Standby mode after 4 hours of non-use. You can change this in Settings to a shorter time if you like, or manually set it into Standby by pushing a button on your remote. It wakes the same way - a button push - very easy. Standby should theoretically extend the life of your TiVo by not having the hard drive spinning all the time. Heat from the device was minimal, and the remote was responsive even if it wasn't in the direct line of site of the Tivo box.

You can easily put it on a shelf or behind the TV and still have it work well. This device does all these things very well and I'm pleased with its performance. If it had, I wouldn't own it. Now I just cross my fingers that this thing has a long life to make up for the relatively high start-up cost.

What I wish was better and may be with time Maybe, just maybe, they'll give them to us for Christmas? I'm forever hopeful. I can access Showtime via my Hulu app and maybe Amazon is the key for the others eventually. Time will tell. Another thing I wish was better - sometimes live TV video is not synced accurately with the audio. The mouth movement doesn't match what you hear.

I'll have to troubleshoot it a bit more as it may be something related to bringing the audio through the AV receiver versus a direct connection. I didn't gain any channels, but that wasn't expected. I was a little worried that there would be a loss of channels as some reviewers have experienced , but thankfully that didn't happen.

I've not regretted cutting the cord with cable several years ago, and thought I was doing just fine without this device, but I can see now that this cordcutter's experience just got a bit better thanks to the TiVo Roamio OTA. I would recommend it to others who are looking for a cable-like experience with the ability to record shows, without the cost of cable TV service or a monthly subscription fee.

Over movies in SD and HD - everything from kids movies to scary stuff. Obviously most of it is older, but still some good ones like "Point Break" the older one , "True Grit" the newer one and others. A nice bit of extra for TiVo Roamio OTA users who don't want to pay for streaming services, but want additional content to supplement their over air programming. Images in this review.

The only reason I don't give this stars is because the setup process was the most painful of any tech gadget I've purchased since The review below will go into detail about my setup and experience since getting everything up an working. Packaging: The box that the device comes in is sturdy and has a few cardboard spacers that give it some cushion.

There's very little in the box besides the Roamio, Remote, Batteries, and a huge quickstart guide that could have been printed on a single sheet of paper but is instead a poster. Registering the box: This was done on their website using the number printed on the back of the Roamio. The instructions are on the giant setup poster they include in the box and this process was WAY easier than I expected.

I think it took me 3 minutes. Setup: This process was horrible! Part of the issue was my fault while most of it was TiVo's required "guided setup". While setting up my box for the first time it asks if you get your TV through Cable or Antenna. The next thing it does is ask you to connect to the internet via Ethernet or Wifi. I chose WiFi. When the next screen came up I accidentally clicked select on a public network that wasn't mine. I had scrolled to my network but in the time it took me to push the "select" button the device found another network and moved that under the part I had highlighted.

This wouldn't be a problem if it was a network that required a password, but instead it was one that let you connect but then you logged-in via the browser. So the TiVo thought it was able to connect to that network but wasn't actually able to get to the internet. You can't complete the setup process unless it's connected to the network. The worst part of this is that the next screen tries to download settings to the box based on your connection, location, and services.

That processes takes up to 10 minutes to time-out because it can't connect and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Once it fails it asks if you want to select another network No matter if you tell it to try again or to change settings it goes right back to the download process and wastes another 10 minutes of your time. The only way I was able to get around this was to wrap my TiVo in aluminum foil to keep it from connecting to the wrong network at which point it let me select a new one.

This wasted roughly 2. Honestly, if everything else wasn't so great I would give this thing 1 star. This allows you to tune to channels you don't technically have and see how strong the signal is. They looked perfect, so I'm not sure why a channel scan wouldn't add them automatically. After looking under the Settings Menu under Channels again I found the option for Channel List that allows you to manually add a channel to the system.

That works perfectly and fixed all my issues with reception. I wish they made that option a little clearer since I bet a lot of people would have just been missing out on the channel because the channel scan refused to add it. In the end I have all the Networks, the CW, and about 35 other crystal clear channels in my lineup. In fact, the channels I do get have a higher level of HD video quality than I've ever experienced.

That's not TiVo's doing, but its probably important to people that have never used an antenna before like me. All of the menus, guides, and options are snappy and respond in a way that you'd expect in the year This was the biggest leap from Cable that I noticed. I'm still getting a hold of the interface on TiVo, but so far it has been pretty easy to figure out. There is probably enough great things to say about using the device that I could add another words to this review so I'll just bullet-point my favorite parts below: 1.

The Season Pass function works well and lets you search for shows that don't currently show up in your 2-week guide. This is great to ensure that you can record a show when it comes back from the winter or summer break without missing it. You can record 4 shows at once! The fast-forward, rewind, jump, and slow-motion functions happen immediately when you press the button and are a joy to use.

Maybe I've always had horrible cable boxes, but I've never been able to use these functions to my satisfaction before. It's like a new world. The Commercial Skip button is the greatest thing ever! I was skeptical about how well this would work, but it's perfect every time so far.

What I've noticed is that right after a show is recorded the Skip function may not be available, but after about 30 min to an hour the skip option is added. The guide tells you what recordings have the option in the list view with a little green "skip" icon next to them.

It worked for all the prime-time network shows I've recorded. Netflix, Amazon, HBO - These services are available on the device and the search function can find shows across all these platforms and live TV all at the same time.

That's pretty awesome and it makes finding something to watch so much easier than logging into 4 different services to find where the old episodes of a show are. The remote is very comfortable and the buttons have a good feel to them. I know that's not the most important thing but it's nice. I do wish it had a light though, but I'm sure I'll learn the buttons soon enough. The TiVo doesn't need a line-of-sight to be controlled by the remote.

I have mine hidden in a drawer in my entertainment center. I like the clean look a lot. The program guide details are Fantastic! There's a lot more information about each episode and movie than was available on Verizon. Conclusion: I love this Roamio. I wish I had known how good it could be years ago before I wasted thousands of dollars on cable.

I would recommend anyone and everyone to get this device as I'm sure they'll love it as much as I do once it's up and working. They have a LONG way to go on their setup processes as you can tell by the other reviews here on Amazon and the internet.

If the setup process was better I would give this all the stars possible. I love the life-time subscription to TiVo guides and the complete lack of a monthly service fee now. Overall, I think this is the best cost-saving move I've made in years. This purchase will pay for itself in a matter of months, and to my surprise is actually a major upgrade to the stone-aged technology I was renting from the cable companies. I did see a ton of "Paid Reviews" for the device out there and that almost turned me off from buying the Roamio.

I probably saw close to 20 of these across various websites and not a single one mentioned an issue with setup.


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