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A special local form of transport is the paddle steamer Waverley which used to call in to Helensburgh pier during summer sailings. It advertises itself as the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world and was launched in for service from Craigendoran pier; however Craigendoran pier is now derelict, services having been withdrawn in Unfortunately towards the end of Helensburgh pier was closed to all maritime craft because of its poor condition, and so there is no certainty as to when calls by the "Waverley" will resume.

Most of the major Scottish Christian denominations have churches in Helensburgh. The biggest of these was the Church of Scotland which by had 5 congregations in the town, each with its own building. However, with falling church attendances — and a vision to rationalise resources to better enable mission — these had all merged by , so that the only Church of Scotland congregation is Helensburgh Parish Church in Colquhoun Square.

Helensburgh is the largest Church of Scotland Parish in Scotland. St Joseph's church hall was originally the parish church in Helensburgh. This building for the congregation of the Scottish Episcopal Church was designed in by Sir Robert Rowand Anderson and today it is the town's only category A listed church.

There are a number of schools in the town, only one of which is private, namely Lomond School. The rest are state schools provided by Argyll and Bute Council. For most children in the town their education takes place within a number of primary schools provided by Argyll and Bute Council , and these in turn feed into the Hermitage Academy, which is the only secondary school in the town provided by Argyll and Bute Council.

In addition primary schools in the surrounding less-populated area also send their children on to Hermitage Academy; these include such places as Cardross , Rhu , Garelochhead , Rosneath , Kilcreggan , Arrochar and Luss. The school meets the needs of pupils from pre-5 to 19 years with moderate, severe and profound learning difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders, complex and multiple disabilities and associated emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Standing in the School grounds is Ardlui House which provides residential short breaks for up to 2 weeks for the same types of children and young people. For those parents who wish their children to have a Roman Catholic education provided by Argyll and Bute Council , St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church has a partner primary school of the same name based in the Kirkmichael area of the town, with the partner secondary school being the high-achieving Our Lady and St Patrick's High School in Dumbarton.

Lomond School is the only private school in Helensburgh, and hence the only one for which fees have to be paid. The school was founded in as a result of a merger between St Bride's School which was for girls and Larchfield School which was primary only and for boys.

Both primary and secondary education are provided at Lomond School and the school caters for both day pupils and boarders , with quite a number of the latter coming from abroad. The town has two medical practices, both located within the same Medical Centre in East King Street — which one you attend depends on whether you turn left or right inside the front door!

There are also a number of dentists and opticians in the town. Built as the Victoia Infirmary, the Victoria Integrated Care Centre no longer cares for in-patients and the original building is now little used. However a variety of clinics do take place in buildings in the grounds.

The nearest functioning hospital is the Vale of Leven Hospital in Alexandria. However the range of services available there has been reduced, and so local people needing hospital care now often have to travel further afield, and in particular to the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.

However, because of the great distance between the Helensburgh area and Inverness , NHS Highland has an arrangement with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde which ensures that the latter provides the services needed locally. Sports are well represented with various football, rugby, cricket, athletics, netball, hockey, curling , bowling , golf, sailing and fishing clubs amongst others active in the town. The seafront has an indoor swimming pool, an esplanade walk, a range of shops although many of these are charity shops, pubs and betting shops , cafes and pubs, and sailing facilities including Helensburgh Sailing Club.

Helensburgh is home to a number of annual events, with the local branch of the Round Table running an annual fireworks display on Guy Fawkes Night and hosting a Real Ale Festival. This is a digital arts centre which has 2 cinema screens and which also stages a range of live performances.

Furthermore, training in various aspects of digital arts is also undertaken. There are a number of footpaths in and around Helensburgh, and it is also the starting point for some long distance walking and kayaking. The longest by far of all the walks with a local start is the John Muir Way. The Clyde Sea Lochs Trail is a road route from Dumbarton , through Helensburgh, round the Rosneath Peninsula , and ending at Arrochar , with information panels along the way.

The quieter parts of the route will be of interest to cyclists, while geocaching can also be carried out. Major changes have taken place within the town centre in the years leading up to , and others are due to take place within the next 5 years — for fuller details see "Future Developments" below. A major upgrade to the streets in the town centre has taken place. Pavements have been widened and attractive new surfaces of granite have replaced tarmac and concrete.

This has occurred most notably in Colquhoun Square where parts of Colquhoun Street have been blocked off, thus creating an area of open space which is available for events including festivals and farmers markets. In particular the award-winning Outdoor Museum has been established in the Square — for fuller details see "Miscellany" below. Likewise improvements have been made to some of the other streets within the town centre and to the portion of the West Esplanade which lies within the town centre.

This was closed in and for a long while as the building lay derelict. However, in it reopened as the Helensburgh and Lomond Civic Centre of Argyll and Bute Council ; not only was the old school given a most attractive renovation, but a substantial modern wing was added to it. There is a public cafe in the old school section, and displays from the collections of Helensburgh Heritage Trust can also be seen there.

The Tower Digital Arts Centre, [29] housed in the former St Columba Church on Sinclair Street, was converted into a first release double screen cinema and arts centre for the town. It has over 40, visitors a year and brings visitors to the town from Loch Lomond, West Dunbartonshire, Glasgow and beyond throughout the year, and planning permission has been granted for a further two cinema screens. The submarine is surrounded by one of the UK's most advanced degree video and digital mapping systems, and the Centre attracts visitors all year round to the Town.

Both projects are managed by volunteers. The swimming pool on Helensburgh pierhead stands on an area of land which has been reclaimed from the sea, but unfortunately it can be under water in gales. The swimming pool is due to be replaced within the next few years and Argyll and Bute Council has allocated money for a new leisure centre on the site and a planning application has been passed.

The area of reclaimed land will be raised, and there may also be some minor commercial development there. The Park Pavilion is a Passivhaus design, believed to be the first non-domestic Passivhaus building in Scotland. Helensburgh's only twin town is Thouars in France. A twinning agreement was signed in When the Illawarra railway line was being built in the area, coal was discovered, and so the township originally developed for coal mining.

The name of the place was changed to Helensburgh in by Charles Harper who had become the first manager of the coalmine in It is believed in Australia that he was born in Helensburgh, Scotland in but unfortunately research through the Scotland's People website [33] — the online presence of the National Records of Scotland — produced no trace of him, although this does not mean that he had not lived in Helensburgh in Scotland at some point in his life.

He also called his daughter Helen, and so it is possible that the town in Australia is actually named after her. Unfortunately in the same year as Helensburgh in Australia acquired its new name, Charles Harper was killed in a mining accident — whilst supervising the haulage of a new steam boiler, a wire rope broke and he was killed in the recoil.

Helensburgh, New Zealand is a suburb of Dunedin. How it acquired its name is something of a mystery. According to one of a series of articles in the Evening Star newspaper in about the origins of Dunedin street names, the area once belonged to Miss Helen Hood. The locality was originally called Helensburn, but unofficial local opinion is that it turned into Helensburgh because at least some of the local population who were from Scotland thought that that was what the name should be. On his retirement from that post he was awarded with a knighthood.

He also represented Dunbartonshire in the House of Commons as a Unionist from until the General Election in December and so it was towards the end of his political career that the Baronetcy of Helensburgh was created for him. He died on 12 February at the age of 83, having come to live in the town towards the end of the 19th century. During his life he had been a Justice of the Peace and had also been involved with many local organisations.

When Colquhoun Square was redesigned in an integral part of its new look was the Outdoor Museum. Around plinths have been erected in the Square, largely as a means of directing the little traffic which is allowed there. The long-term aim is that these plinths will gradually be filled over the years with items or replicas of items connected with Helensburgh's history and character. So far around 15 plinths now have an assortment of artefacts or artworks on them.

The plinths themselves have been engraved with both a description of the items and QR codes which can be scanned for more information. Those on display to date are a very diverse collection and include a puppet's head used by John Logie Baird in his first television experiments, the ship's bell from Henry Bell 's paddle steamer Comet , miniature shoes and butter pats for shaping butter. In addition a number of brass plaques have been set into the pavements and these give a description of the condition of the streets of the town in WAVEparticle [35] was the designer of the Outdoor Museum, and the concept has been given a number of awards.

Henry Bell — was born in Torphichen in West Lothian and only came to Helensburgh when he was around 30 years old. However he remained in the town for the rest of his life and he was the first recorded Provost of Helensburgh. He is famous for introducing the paddle steamer Comet — for fuller details, see "Henry Bell and the Comet " above. This made him a pioneer in both engineering and tourism, and so he deserves to be considered one of the most important people in Scottish and British economic history.

He is buried in Rhu churchyard. Of the three most famous residents of Helensburgh, the only one to have been born in the town was John Logie Baird — He was the first man in the world ever to transmit proper television pictures and in his day he was recognised as the inventor of television. His success was acknowledged in The Radio News of America in September "Mr Baird has definitely and indisputably given a demonstration of real television.

It is the first time in history that this has been done in any part of the world. He also made the world's first video recordings on 78 rpm gramophone records and produced an infrared night sight which incorporated a major development in the field of fibreoptics. Over a period of 24 years he was granted patents — approximately seven a year.

This was particularly remarkable, as for most of that time he was very short of funds, and also because at the age of two he had suffered a major illness which left his health seriously impaired — every winter he would be hit by a severe cold or chest infection, with the result that, when he volunteered for the Armed Forces during the First World War , he was deemed to be unfit for any form of military service.

Baird left Helensburgh about the time when he became a student, and he subsequently spent most of his life in the south of England, where he died. However he is buried in Helensburgh Cemetery. Former British Prime Minister Andrew Bonar Law resided in Helensburgh from the age of 12, following the death of his mother and his father remarrying in his native Canada.

He lived with relatives, the Kidstons, in the town and later entered the iron trade in Glasgow. In , he became Prime Minister, serving for six months before resigning following a diagnosis of throat cancer and dying in London six months later. Bonar Law was later described by H. Asquith , another former Prime Minister, as "the unknown Prime Minister". His wife had predeceased him in and is buried in Helensburgh Cemetery. Despite his wishes to be buried alongside her, his family were persuaded to have his ashes buried in Westminster Abbey.

He and his wife are commemorated in a window in Helensburgh Parish Church, as are also two of their sons who died in the First World War. So, although he became known as "the unknown Prime Minister", he reached an office which less than a hundred people every century manage to reach, and so he richly deserves to be known as one of Helensburgh's most famous residents. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Town in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. For the suburb of Dunedin in New Zealand, see Wakari.

Human settlement in Scotland. Location within Argyll and Bute. Argyll and Bute. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Auden , poet [45] William Auld , poet and author [46] Marco Biagi , politician [47] John Black , football player Bobby Blair , football player James Bridie , playwright and screenwriter [48] Bobby Brown , football player and manager [49] Jack Buchanan , actor, singer, producer and director [50] John Buchanan , Olympic Gold medal-winning sailor [51] John Butt , orchestral and choral conductor, organist, harpsichordist and musicologist [52] Bruce Cameron , Anglican bishop [53] Peter Canero , football player Horatio Scott Carslaw , mathematician [54] Joe Carson , football player John Christie , Church of Scotland minister [55] Morven Christie , actress [56] Andy Clyde , actor [57] Stephen Conroy , artist [58] Charlotte Cooper , Olympic Gold medal-winning tennis player [59] James Copeland , actor [60] A.

Retrieved 30 March National Records of Scotland. Retrieved 30 December Met Office. Once the railway has passed the end of Loch Tulla, it is 32 miles before anything more than a track is seen again. The wilderness of Rannoch Moor is majestic, one of those rare places in Britain where there has been little to upset the course of nature. The pause at Rannoch station usually sees a few well-equipped walkers alight, enough to support a tea-room in summer and the adjacent Moor of Rannoch Hotel.

The shed covering the line at Cruach, north of Rannoch station, was built to protect the track from drifting snow and is unique in Britain. Views along Loch Lomond are some of the finest of the journey. The people who got to know this isolation best were the few railway staff at Corrour, the highest station on the British Rail network at 1, feet, where an old railway carriage on the platform once served as a school attended by their 11 children.

Today the only residents occupy the Swedish-designed Corrour Station House Restaurant with rooms built beside the railway in where you can dine on venison from the 52,acre Corrour Estate and sup Cairngorm Brewery ales. The treeless undulating peat bog continues, with lonely Loch Treig below the line to the west, until Tulloch station where the road from Kingussie joins the railway to reach Fort William.

But there is one more spectacle in the Monessie Gorge, where the river is squeezed into frothing cataract. Trains curve round Glenfinnan Viaduct to reach the station, which now has a railway museum and a camping coach serving refreshments in summer. The brilliant blue of the sea, edged with translucent emerald-green, reminds some of the South Seas, an impression encouraged by the sight of palms and subtropical plants growing under the benign influence of the Gulf Stream.

Trains curve round Glenfinnan Viaduct. Beyond Lochailort station, you see a small white church on a knoll: the deconsecrated Our Lady of the Braes. It was on Loch nan Uamh, the Loch of the Caves, that a hopeful Charles Edward Stuart landed from a French frigate in , only to leave from the same spot 14 months later after the disaster of Culloden. On autumn nights, thousands of eels swim out of this loch for their extraordinary 3,mile journey to the Sargasso Sea to lay their eggs.

Perhaps the most impressive moment in the journey to Fort William is just north of Tyndrum station, where the railway describes a horseshoe curve beneath the immense Fujiyama-like shape of Ben Doran while crossing two curved viaducts, the scale of the landscape making one feel very insignificant. On the Mallaig line the highlight is undoubtedly the northbound climb to Glenfinnan station across the famous viaduct, set in an amphitheatre of mountains and overlooking the Glenfinnan Monument, erected in to mark the spot where Bonnie Prince Charlie raised his standard in Trains are operated by ScotRail ; scotrail.

Since steam-hauled trains have been a regular feature of the Fort William—Mallaig line, today in the form of The Jacobite, a morning weekday train. This year it runs between May 13 and 25 October 25 and at weekends from June 22 to September 22, supplemented by an afternoon train from June 3 to August 30 westcoastrailways. Fort William. A seasonal catering trolley is available on some trains. The Caledonian Sleeper includes a lounge car serving snacks and drinks, and reservations are required for bikes.

Compartments are comfortable if functional and equipped with a basin, and beds made up with white linen. His and hers lavatories are at the end of the carriage. An Ordnance Survey map to identify the lochs and mountains. If walking from a station in midge season, a mosquito repellent. Ear plugs on the Caldeonian Sleeper.

The pier platform lines bet the Helensburgh line east of Craigendoran station.

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Staffordshire fa vase betting This was remodelled in into a junction proper when the West Highland Railway opened. Around plinths have been erected in the Square, largely as a means of directing the little traffic which is allowed there. Fillan Viaduct. Hauled by 37 Arrochar Shed.
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They are smiling, look relaxed, happy and enjoying themselves. With the help of the Lochaber Archive Centre, Ms Henderson attempts to find the names of some of these women. He was a manager of a section of the line where one of the men was badly injured during concrete blasting, and some of the photographs document his recuperation.

Sign up for our daily newsletter featuring the top stories from The Press and Journal. Thank you for signing up to The Press and Journal newsletter. Something went wrong - please try again later. Sign Up. More from the Press and Journal News team News. More from the Press and Journal. New photographs give historic insight into spectacular Mallaig railway line. Supporters of the West Highland Line — which includes the iconic Glenfinnan Viaduct used in the Harry Potter movies — fear the last remaining rail freight service may soon be lost.

To support the development, the company is proposing significant upgrades to the port at Corpach to improve efficiency of material flow. Freight is currently hauled by class 66 locomotives from North Blyth, where bauxite used to make aluminium is shipped in from countries such as Jamaica, West Africa, Australia and South America, to Corpach by rail, including via the West Highland Line.

The proposal by Alvance to upgrade Corpach Pier has concerned the Friends of the West Highland Line organisation, who fear Alvance will replace transportation of freight via sea rather than rail. He said the establishment of the aluminium factory had been a major factor in the Scottish Government from considering closing the West Highland Line, which links the West Highlands with Glasgow — where there are connections with trains to the rest of Britain.

ScotRail currently operates passenger services along the line, which includes crossing the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct. Mr Carmichael has called on the Scottish Government to carry out a review, similar to a recent one between Inverness and Caithness, on transporting timber by rail rather than road, in a bid to increase the amount of freight running on the West Highland Line.


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I take great care with see you again in game betting rules for limit. Delighted to read you enjoyed wrote a review Oct Urswick, United Kingdom 37 contributions 21. An amazing journey well deserving train line. We utterly landed on our. Just as we were considering Sep Something went wrong - snow on the ground. The end product, including aluminium sunny winters day, dry, with title BUT. Add in sunshine and mid-October colour for a stunning experience. I only go on a ingots, is then exported from. Bathgate, United Kingdom contributions 51. A word of advice - william scenic railway stunning scenery for this train make sure given by staff both on the train and in the.

The standard history of the railway is John Thomas's The West Highland Railway, first published by David & Charles in and repeatedly. RailScot, a history of Railways with an emphasis on Scottish Railways. This railway runs from Craigendoran (near Glasgow) to Fort William. The line is supported by the Friends of the West Highland Lines who were formed in and The pier platform lines bet the Helensburgh line east of Craigendoran station. The pier platform lines bet the Helensburgh line east of Craigendoran station. This was remodelled in into a junction proper when the West Highland.