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Say you have the perfect Tinder profile. You have the sexy shirtless photo, the sweet picture of you and your grandmother, and that one shot where your jaw looks really chiseled and presidential. She pulled up their conversation on her phone. I was confused: Both of my friends are funny, energetic talkers. But I could see that their rapport on Tinder was, in fact, mehhhh. Tinder banter is way harder than real-life flirting, but with these six tips you, too, can become a master of chit-chat. Nice try.

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Gabriel novak bitcoins

Kevin Wang breaks down the technical differences between the various consensus models, what makes a system permissionless and censorship resistant and much more. Joe Yu explains the benefits and drawbacks of the different Consensus Models, what is the BDLS protocol, why trust in a society is important and much more.

Jacques Voorhees explains how Icecap is using Ethereum-based NFTs to represent ownership of individual diamonds, a deep dive into the diamond industry, and much more. Graham Friedman, Director at Republic, explains crypto's current regulatory framework, the growth of crypto as an industry, what are No-Fungible Tokens NFTs and much more. Spencer Bogart breaks down DeFi's disruptive potential, the possibility of a Bitcoin liquidity squeeze, Blockchain Capitals Investment Framework and much more.

Kyle Samani explains why Crypto will create the largest one time shift in wealth in the history of the internet. David Waslen explains what is HedgeTrade, how they are helping people become better traders, and the future of the Derivatives Market.

Pooja Shah and I discuss Filecoin, the future of data and data storage and the importance of Data Emancipation. I had a blast talking and learning from my friend CryptoBirb, I hope you enjoy this conversation. Bram Cohen and Charlie Shrem discuss Bram's work on the 90's cryptocurrency project MojoNation, the contributions of cryptographers in Satoshi's circle including Hal Finney's pre-Bitcoin presentation, Bram's introduction to Bitcoin and his formative years in programming, his creation of BitTorrent, Proof of space and Proof of time, ASIC-resistance, mining, and the scaling debate.

Who's Buying Bitcoin? Paul Klanschek, Eric Demuth, and Charlie Shrem sit down to discuss Bitpanda's unorthodox marketing techniques, how Eric and Paul started working together, what it's like with two CEOs, and the company's growth and environment.

Jason Goldberg and Charlie Shrem discuss the roots of Pepo and OST, user experience, maximalism, tribalism, and Jason's belief in Bitcoin and Ethereum as the only layer 1's that matter. Feb 26, Gabriel Shapiro is an independent attorney who has spent the last two years focusing on the tokens and crypto.

He has published several pieces diving deep into US Securities Law, in which he shares his vision and philosophy for how Tokenized Networks should be regulated. Feb 18, Decentralized finance DeFi is continuing on its remarkable path to the broad adoption of permissionless financial services. DeFi products thus far have proven useful to early adopters with the resilience and knowhow required to navigate the often clunky user experience of Web 3.

Companies like Argent are building the interface and user experience essential for the masses, with a vision to bring a billion people into the future of finance. Itamar Lesuisse, Co-founder and CEO of Argent, joins us to discuss his vision of the future of DeFi, and the necessity to build products that enable intuitive, secure, and permissionless access to finance for anyone with a smartphone.

Feb 11, As decentralized ledgers jockey to become the chain of choice for enterprises looking to leverage blockchain technology, projects are looking to offer a solution that maximizes security, decentralization, and transaction throughput.

Kevin Wang, a Co-founder of Nervos, joins us to discuss why Proof of Work was implemented as the consensus mechanism for the network. To enable greater flexibility for application developers, Nervos created a Common Knowledge Base CKB to focus on the security of assets, enabling a complementary layer of Virtual Machines VM to scale and facilitate computation.

Kevin also discusses the active initiatives underway with the Nervos Grants Program to foster ecosystem development and encourage developers to evolve the permissionless network. Feb 4, Like previous crypto winters, those actually building the ecosystem have been working diligently to create applications with industry-changing potential.

The year may prove to be the year of Decentralized Finance DeFi , with many exciting projects re-creating financial products common to the world of traditional finance, in the open and permissionless blockchain space. Synthetic assets enable exposure to the price action of an asset without actually holding the underlying asset.

Kain Warick is the Founder of Synthetix, a company creating synthetic assets for DeFi, enabling exposure to fiat currencies, commodities gold and silver , and cryptocurrencies. They have large aspirations to create synthetic assets for many more things, including traditional equities. Synthetic equities in DeFi is a massive opportunity that demands everyone's attention.

Once traditional equities become accessible in DeFi, anyone in the world with internet access will be able to gain exposure to financi…. Jan 28, Many within the cryptofinance industry have been patiently waiting for regulatory oversight to deliver the clarity required for institutional adoption. Recent updates by the Financial Action Task Force FATF , which issues guidelines for countries and territories, attempts to apply the same rules and regulations required of traditional finance to the world of virtual currencies.

Yaya Fanusie's background as an intelligence analyst at the CIA, and research on the national security implications of cryptocurrencies, provide valuable insight into the necessity of regulation in the space to mitigate the risk of bad actors.

Jan 21, The blockchain trilemma is the generally accepted concept that it's not possible to scale public and permissionless blockchains without compromising on security, decentralization, or both. While the industry seems focused on building Layer 2 solutions to scale the transaction capacity of public networks, Algorand believes it has solved the trilemma, offering a network that scales without compromise to security or decentralization.

Silvio Micali, Algorand's Founder and Head of Research, as well as the company's CEO, Steven Kokinos, discuss the project's background, recent protocol upgrades, and how Algorand will create a great ecosystem for developers. Jan 15, Governance within any community has been a work in progress for humanity's history. The blockchain ecosystem continues to develop and offer an alternative to today's centralized powers.

With this, distributed projects and technologies will need to enact clear governance to ensure viable competition with the streamlined decision-making processes present in today's institutions. The absence of codified governance in Bitcoin may be one of its most significant traits, signaling to the world its predictability due to its inability to change drastically. New projects like Edgeware, however, hope to encode the rules of governance on-chain and ensure a transparent process for stakeholders wishing to participate.

Edgeware is a smart contract platform built on Polkadot's Substrate. Focused on developing community-owned governance tools, Edgeware is a distributed project where participants use the tools themselves to vote, delegate, and fund each other to upgrade the network. While initially de…. Jan 8, Charlie Shrem became fascinated with Bitcoin in but grew frustrated with the hassle of buying it from the leading exchange at the time, Mt.

To make the process faster and more convenient, Charlie created BitInstant in BitInstant quickly grew and by became responsible for processing a third of all Bitcoin transactions. This was with the help of Roger Ver and the Winklevoss twins, who were his seed investors, and Erik Voorhees, who led their marketing efforts.

The success of BitInstant was short-lived. In a time where Bitcoin's primary applications were price speculation and buying things on the Silk Road, Charlie spent time in prison after a lack of customer due-diligence attracted the attention of the law enforcement. Our conversation with Charlie recounts the Bitcoin industry at its beginning, his time in prison, and what he is doing now that he's able to continue his work as a Bitcoin advocate.

Dec 31, Monetary Systems in an International Context. How does this globalization affect the sovereignty of nation-states and their ability to democratically direct their own economic future? In a panel moderated by Epicenter host, Sunny Aggarwal, we explore the interpretation of monetary policy from a global context, discuss the morality of impacting other nations, and the potential for new technologies to offer alternatives in a dollar-dominated world. Dec 24, Managing crypto-assets can be an anxiety-inducing experience for a lot of people.

Although cryptocurrency wallets have made tremendous progress since the days when a full-sync of the blockchain was required, there are still significant hurdles that limit broad adoption. They discuss design, app store policies, and the evolution necessary to enable more people to send, receive, and manage their tokens confidently. The panel is moderated by Epicenter host Sebastien Couture.

Much of the digital world now operates in the cloud. A handful of companies are responsible for the massive market, and the centralization makes many people worry about censorship, privacy, and network resilience. Dec 10, Many people find that the crypto-finance space is quite difficult for non-technical people to understand and interact with the technologies. Some projects and people have made tremendous progress in creating tools and interfaces that allow a broader audience to participate, speculate, and learn.

Taylor Monahan started MyEtherWallet as a side project in , only for it to grow into one of the significant pieces of software people used to participate in the ICO boom. She has since "design-forked" the codebase and created MyCrypto, an open-source tool for generating ether wallets, handling ERC tokens, and interacting with the blockchain with a clean and intuitive design. Dec 4, We were joined by Luka Mueller, who played a key role in establishing Switzerland as a cryptocurrency center and in laying the legal groundwork for the ICO boom.

In , his law firm MME worked with the Ethereum team to set up the Ethereum Foundation and run its public fundraiser. A model that was later copied by countless other projects and led MME to work with many other leading protocols like Cosmos and Tezos. We also discussed his new project Sygnum, a cryptocurrency-focused bank.

Nearly every company that works in the cryptocurrency space has had problems with its banking partner. Legal uncertainty, lack of knowledge, or simple unwillingness to work with cryptocurrency companies has made this a frequent nightmare for companies in this emerging sector.

With a presence in both Switzerland and Singapore, Sygnum aims to fill a piece of missing infrastructure in the crypto-ecosystem: a bank that is able to receive, hold and transfer protocol tokens while offering a secure fiat gatewa…. As the crypto ecosystem continues to grow, wallets and exchanges are quickly evolving to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Viktor Radchenko, CEO and founder of Trust Wallet, joins us this week to talk about why he created a noncustodial wallet solution, what makes Trust Wallet unique, and how the acquisition by Binance has allowed his team to focus on a long term vision.

Viktor helps us understand what it means to be part of the Binance Ecosystem, and what he believes the future holds for wallets, key storage and custody. Bitmain is one of the most well known, and one of the most polarizing companies in the blockchain space. The largest ASIC manufacturer and operator of several mining pools, Bitmain is the center of many controversies and discussions around centralization in the space.

In this episode, we sit down with Nishant Sharma, Head of Community Relations, who is responsible for acting as a bridge between the Bitmain company and the many communities it interacts with through its mining and ASIC operations.

We explore the origins of Bitmain and its founders, the economics of ASIC production, its past and current relationships with different communities, and the future of the company. Nov 13, As the cryptocurrency space has grown, exchanges have become the dominant juggernauts of the industry.

One of the earliest and most reputable exchanges is Kraken. From the company's formation in , Kraken has grown to 4m users and almost 1, employees. We dove into the history of Kraken, their values and the vision that's driving them. Nov 6, The vision of a world computer on which anyone can deploy smart contracts has captured our imagination since the publication of the Ethereum whitepaper.

But while Ethereum demonstrated the viability of the concept, its shortcomings in terms of capacity and throughput prevent it from realizing the vision. Today, throughput has become a major bottleneck for widescale adoption of decentralized technologies. Many projects have set out to deliver where Ethereum 1.

Most projects, including Ethereum 2. Solana may be the only project that went the other way. Through identifying every performance bottleneck for a single blockchain and developing novel ways of removing them, they target to achieve throughput of 50, tps. We covered some of their novel ideas including proof-of-hist…. Oct 29, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world in meaningful ways. While ethics are often discussed for technologies like AI, the ethical considerations around blockchain technologies have received less focussed attention.

Oct 22, New proof systems based on a variety of cryptographic assumptions are popping up every week. And while zero-knowledge systems are known for their privacy-preserving characteristics, they have proven particularly useful for scaling blockchains through off-chain computations. Pioneered by Eli, STARKs are zero-knowledge cryptographic proofs, which are succinct, transparent, and post-quantum secure. StarkWare has demonstrated how zkSTARKs may be leveraged to provide off-chain scalability by generating proofs of computational integrity which may be verified on-chain.

Oct 15, The concept behind this world-leading social trading platform is users invest smarter by automatically copying the top traders in the community. With over 10 million users, over a trillion dollars traded on the platform just last year alone, this fascinating approach to trading is making huge waves. A decade after its original launch, eToro entered the crypto space with eToroX, their crypto exchange.

Oct 2, As we take some time to record new interviews, we're releasing content from DappCon which took place in Berlin in August. This week, you'll hear a panel moderated by Sebastien on usability and user experience in blockchain-based apps and products. Sep 24, Thankfully, the wallet space has come a long way from that era. But we still live in a world where the seed phrase is the single atomic point of failure.

Enter threshold signatures schemes TSS , a multi-party computation MPC where different parties generate a key and are all required to create a valid signature. TTS opens up exciting new possibilities like social recovery, user permissions for teams, and inheritance planning schemes. The important distinction between ZenGo and existing multi-signature wallets is that they….

Sep 18, From communications engineering to Internet protocol security, to then becoming a Professor at Boston University, she shares her journey into the world of cryptography. Beginning as a whitepaper on eclipse attacks, Arwen has grown into a platform enabling atomic swaps on centralized exchanges.

Sharon chats about Arwen's integration with KuCoin, how it compares to ShapeShift, Interledger, and Lightning, and the exciting new release of the Layer-2 atomic swaps from Ethereum into Bitcoin. Topics covered in this episode: - How Sharon became interested in blockchain technology - The meaning of an eclipse attack - Arwen's co-founder Ethan Heilman - The backbone of Arwen - The Arwen protocol and how it uses atomic swaps - How trading takes place on the exchange - Arwen vs Shapeshift and Interledger - Creating multiple orders using the same channel - Arwen vs Lightning and the use of SegWit - How th….

Sep 11, From his early beginnings at Berkley, David pioneered many of the cryptographic techniques used in secure systems and cryptocurrencies today. Blind signatures, which are used in zero-knowledge proofs, and mix networks, used in Tor heavily rely on his work. At the dawn of the Internet, David founded DigiCash, what many believe to be a direct ancestor of Bitcoin.

Today, David continues to pursue his mission to bring data privacy to all as his most recent project, Elixxir, aims to create a truly private messaging and payment app with a mass-market appeal. Sep 3, Bolt is building a new privacy-focused layer-2 payment channel network design.

Beginning with a Zcash integration, they have plans to implement on several crypto networks. We chat with Ayo about the technical design of BOLT channels, their privacy guarantees, how they complement designs like Lightning, and their synergies with the Zcash team.

Aug 27, Both active and vocal members of the Ethereum community, they are known to embody what some consider to be Ethereum Maximalism. Aug 20, This week we're joined by Daniel Shin. Today he talks about his success in that area and how that drove him to enter the cryptocurrency and blockchain space with this new project. Daniel was lead to blockchain when looking for a solution to reduce transaction fees paid by online merchants.

Not satisfied with just using an existing stable coin, he set about to make his own, which is how Terra was born. Aug 13, One notable change is that ShapeShift now requires users to create an account and perform KYC, something which very much pains Erik. Aug 7, The POA Network achieves a reduction in transaction costs by many orders of magnitude by having a set of trusted validators. All validators must be US public notaries, so their identities are known and legal recourse against them can be taken in the offchain world.

We also talk about the xDai network, which enables Dai transactions on a POA chain: Dai are transferred into a smart contract on the mainnet and then become available to be transferred at much lower cost on the POA Network. Similarly, they can be transferred out of the xDai network and become available again on the mainchain. We talk about use cases, governance, and limitations.

Jul 30, We discuss the rise of Maker DAI as an algorithmically backed stable token and get into the weeds of the new version featuring multi collateral DAI as well as the ability to natively generate interest on DAI. We also cover the current governance model and how this can be attacked.

The governance will undergo an overhall for the new version of Maker, introducing an Emergency Shutdown that can be triggered through MKR holders and promises to make the system more resilient. Jul 24, The project aims to create a better and safer environment for sex workers by removing the intermediaries who take significant commissions on their revenues.

More recently, Ameen headed a project called Moloch DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization with the goal to fund Ethereum 2. Moloch has but few simple functions: making proposals, voting on proposals, and exiting. Jul 16, Having discovered Bitcoin in , Jerry was among the first lawyers to talk about crypto in the U. In , he founded Coin Center, a leading research and advocacy center focussing on cryptocurrencies.

We also discuss Libra and the possible regulatory challenges the proposed private cash system may face. Jul 9, In this episode, we caught up with Robert Leshner, founder of the Compound protocol. Compound is a fascinating smart contract protocol, running atop Ethereum, that allows users to lend and borrow specific ERC tokens with a duration-free interest model.

The protocol acts as a central borrower and lender of user tokens and algorithmically prices the interest charged to borrowers and lenders. Compound is one of the first examples of a well-functioning lending market built using smart contracts.

Jul 4, PegaSys is the protocol engineering spoke of ConsenSys, and the team building Pantheon, a Java implementation of the Ethereum client. The Pantheon client was built from the ground up as both a mainnet, and consortium chain client. Written in Java with an Apache 2. The PegaSys team has built additional features into the Pantheon client like privacy, permissioning, and the ability to deploy chains on IBFT, a consensus algorithm better suited for consortium networks of up to 40 validators.

Working closely with other protocol teams Geth and Parity , and being a founding member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, PegaSys is also working towards Ethereum 2. Jun 26, The complex and evolving regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies has been a topic for many years. After a long period of waiting, the SEC started pursuing fraud causes in the last years. But the recent lawsuit against Kik is the first time that the SEC goes after a large, non-fraud case. We were joined by lawyer Stephen Palley to discuss the Kik case, the US regulatory landscape and recent announcement of the Libra cryptocurrency promoted by Facebook.

Jun 21, This is part two of a two part bonus series. These sessions were recorded at the first Interchain Conversations conference which took place in Berlin on June 13th and 14th, The firs part of this bonus episode features the validator panel moderated by Brian Fabian Crain, Co-founder of Chorus One. The conversation goes into the role of validators beyond staking, ways in which we can avoid too much centralization, and how validators will differentiate in a market which tends towards homogeneity.

The second part of this episode is a governance debate moderated by Sunny Aggarwal. The first topic is on plutocracy and features Jae Kwon and Rigel Rozanski. The second is about revokable governance and features Chris Goes and Jack Jampolin. Subscribe to Epicenter for new episodes every week. This is part one of a two-part bonus series. In this conversation, we discuss the topic of blockchain interoperability. We look at how different projects address interoperability and seek to form a picture of how these projects might interact in a multi-blockchain future.

We also discuss how these protocols address application comparability and speculate on how they will remain competitive. Among other things, Sebastien spoke with Jae about the recent Cosmos launch, the Interchain Foundation, and the future of the Tendermint company. Jun 18, The concept of a decentralized exchange has been a holy grail in the cryptocurrency space for many years.

Many attempts have been made, but most decentralized exchanges suffered from central points of failure, poor user experience and little liquidity. Launched during Ethereum's DevCon , Uniswap is one of the first fully decentralized exchanges and managed to become the leading DEX very fast.

We were joined by Uniswap Founder Hayden Adams to discuss Uniswap's unique model, the different participants in the protocol and the importance of decentralized exchanges for the blockchain space. Jun 11, This new consensus protocol is designed to run on home desktop PCs, filling free space on users' hard drives to create a Proof of Space-Time.

The goal of this new blockchain protocol is to solve the issues with Proof of Work and Proof of Stake, that is, energy inefficiency on the one hand, and possible centralized plutarchy of rich validators on the other. Jun 4, This curiously named project has a fascinating approach to creating a truly distributed social network.

When users meet, the system syncs their local databases using a gossip protocol and replicates the data. Encrypted data is transported from peer, to peer, to peer or friends of friends until it reaches its intended recipient. User may also optionally rely on public servers to sync data over the internet. The paper describes an off-chain decentralized synthetics exchange which leverages payment channels. The protocol relies on trusted oracles and allows participants to trade any type of liquid asset off-chain.

All that is necessary to complete a transaction is an on-chain payment channel collateralized by a single asset. Though it is still at the idea stage and has yet to be implemented, the Rainbow Network could have applications in prediction market and as a new type of decentralized exchange. A common meme in the cryptocurrency space is that it has the potential to help people in countries where only the rich and powerful access to global financial markets. Some see crypto as a tool to empower vulnerable populations in places where hyperinflation and strict capital controls make day-to-day survival a nearly impossible challenge.

Previously at Chain and Tezos, Jill has been writing about the cryptocurrency industry for several years. Recently, she co-founded the Open Money Initiative, a research organization which looks into how people use money in closed economies.

Their initial focus is on Venezuela where years of economic downturn and strict currency controls have created a humanitarian crisis wh…. May 16, The Ethereum Foundation has played a crucial role in the evolution of the blockchain ecosystem.

They pioneered the Swiss foundation structure and ran one of the first token sales. They played a key role in developing the second-most valuable blockchain network and still play a key role in funding research and steering the future of Ethereum. At the same time, it has been frequently criticized for a lack of transparency, being too slow in funding development and poor financial risk management. Executive Director Aya Miyaguchi joined us to discuss her journey into the space, the role of the Ethereum Foundation and their plans for the future.

May 8, We were joined by Mark S. Miller, Chief Scientist at Agoric. Mark is a computer scientist who has done ground-breaking work on many topics relevant to blockchain and smart contracts going back decades. We discussed his visionary Agoric papers, which explored how markets could be applied to the world of software. We also covered how his view of smart contracts, which focused on secure bilateral agreements complements and converges with blockchain.

Finally, we covered his new company Agoric and their conceptualization of higher order smart contracts. Apr 30, Not to be confused with the space agency, the North American Securities Administrators Association brings together state, provincial, and federal securities regulators in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. This relatively unknown organization helps align the financial regulation policies of over 50 agencies across North America and coordinates enforcement action in cross-border cases.

Apr 23, We're joined by Griff Green, one of the founders at Giveth. The organization, which emerged out of the ashes of the DAO, aims to create a better model for charitable work. Operating as a Dapp, Giveth aims to bring new governance models in the nonprofit space. The goal is to create better incentives for donors and charity workers, in all types of social good projects. Apr 16, At the core of the Web 2. It's the fiber which allows frontend applications to communicate with their backend counterparts, as well as the services on which they depend.

But the API model is highly constrained and inflexible. The API is divorced from the data model, which creates a number of restrictions and inefficiencies. Several Ethereum DApps maintain high-availability, centralized data indexes which sit between the client and the blockchain. Thought user experience is greatly improved, the practice means most of the ecosystem relies on centralized infrastructure.

The project aims to create a scalable marketplace of robust and high-availability blockchain data indexes. Apr 10, Human beings have a penchant for creating lists. We make lists for things like the top music artists at any given time, the best restaurants in the world, companies which people can trust, and the most wanted criminals. Lists take many forms. They can be maintained by a single authority, or curated by a crowd. But almost always, they remain in the custody of a central party.

Token Curated Lists propose a model by which a the content of lists are decentralized, and b contributors are incentivized to curate their content according to social consensus. He also contributed to the ERC20 token specification and has written about blockchain and token economics since Topics covered in this episode:…. Apr 3, The shipping container brought standardization to the way we move goods around the world.

Today, blockchains remain siloed ecosystems and interoperability is practically non-existent. A new wave of third-generation blockchain protocols aims to change this. In this new paradigm, blockchains communicate natively and value moves seamlessly from one network to another.

One of those projects is Cosmos. With its recent mainnet launch, we discuss how the network is running and address potential issues relating to governance and centralization of power. Disclaimers: — Cosmos All in Bits is a sponsor of the podcast. Mar 27, Jackson Palmer: Dogecoin — wow! Dogecoin was born from the association of two browser tabs: one was an article about the popularity of the doge meme, and the other, CoinMarketCap.

The idea quickly gained traction on Twitter, and before long, a new cryptocurrency was born. Dogecoin gained adoption as a tipping currency, the community took part fundraising for charities and other causes, perhaps most notably sending the Jamaican bobsled team to the Sochi Winter Olympics. Though he has left the project, Jackson shares the story of how he created the most popular meme cryptocurrency as a joke.

Mar 19, Although the technology and narratives have evolved, some projects continue to embrace that original vision of peer-to-peer business, where merchants and their customers interact directly, and if they so wish, anonymously. Since we last interviewed Brian in , the project has grown to become a mature decentralized marketplace where people come together to buy and sell products and services anonymously with crypto.

Its polished interface and reputation system gives users a similar experience to that of using eBay, but without fees or the risk of censorship. Mar 12, Three years ago, a mysterious txt file signed by a pseudonymous Tom Elvis Jedusor was dropped in the Bitcoin-Wizards IRC channel outlining a proposal called Mimblewimble. It proposed a novel way of combining many ideas from Bitcoin research in order to create a new blockchain protocol that will be highly scalable and increase privacy, while still using the same cryptographic assumptions as Bitcoin.

A few months later this project was picked up by another pseudonymous individual who started working on an implementation he called Grin. Grin slowly began to draw attention from the Bitcoin community and got a lot of traction. Mar 5, Amaury first got started with Bitcoin in and closely followed the Bitcoin block size debate as it progressed through the early years of Bitcoin.

Predicting the eventual failure of SegWit2x, Amaury was part of the original team that helped coordinate the Bitcoin Cash hard fork, timing it with the activation of SegWit on the main Bitcoin blockchain. We discuss with Amaury the roadmap for Bitcoin Cash, especially with regards to their approach to scalability. We cover many of the novel features the Bitcoin Cash development teams are innovating on such as Canonical Transaction Ordering and Avalanche Pre-Consensus, as well as cover some of the more juicy drama that plagued the Bitcoin Cash community in late , leading to split off of Bitcoin SV.

Feb 20, Artificial Intelligence is often misunderstood. And much like blockchain, those who fiercely stand by the technology believe it will change the world for the better. Others fear the negative repercussions it could bring it and would rather see it disappear.

Feb 13, Alexey Akhunov: Ethereum 1. Alexey has been working on an ambitious project called TurboGeth. As the name implies, it is a version of Geth which features a number of speed and performance optimizations. Alexey also leads the state rent working group of the Ethereum 1. Ethereum 1. The team hopes to bring progressive improvements to Ethereum in parallel to the development of Serenity. Feb 8, There was an expectation of LN being available quickly. Instead, development proceed more slowly in the background with different teams contributing to a standard specification.

That spec is now almost ready and last year interest and early activity on the LN increased dramatically. We were joined by Christian Decker, a core engineer at Blockstream, where he works on their LN client. We discussed the history and progression of the LN and what remains on the road to scaling Bitcoin.

Jan 30, Jameson is the CTO of Casa, a company providing key storage solutions. Previously, he was an early engineer at BitGo. However, to most people, he is perhaps known for his Twitter presence and his excellent writing. Over the years, Jameson has written extensively about Bitcoin development, cryptocurrencies, and personal operational security.

Jan 25, The concept of DAOs has been captivating to many in the crypto space for years. Since then the technology has matured and Martin and Matan argue that the time for DAOs has finally arrived. We talked about the decentralized exchange protocol DutchX. We also talked about how the two projects together created the dxDAO, which will manage the DutchX protocol, but could go onto its own path. When the podcast began in January , the entire ecosystem was made up of only Bitcoin and a handful of altcoins.

Soon after, the Ethereum white paper was published which ushered in a new era of crypto assets and decentralized applications. Since then, we have released episodes and interviewed some of the leading thinkers, entrepreneurs, and engineers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

Needless to say, we have learned a lot about the blockchain industry, but also what it takes to run a successful podcast in this space. This week, we look back on the early days of Epicenter and how the podcast has evolved over the years.

We also answer your questions in our first ever AMA. Finally, we take stock of and the trends that marked this past year. Joseph founded ConsenSys as an Ethereum development studio on the heels of the Ethereum crowd sale in The company has since grown to a distributed organization of over 1, people.

Today, the company continues to invest in growing the Ethereum ecosystem by funding projects, and through consulting services for companies and institutions. Jan 1, When token sales and ICOs took off in , most projects chose to push ahead despite large regulatory risks. One of the few that went the other direction and put compliance first was CoinList.

We were joined by CoinList President and Co-founder Andy Bromberg to discuss the history of CoinList, token sales, securities regulation and the potential of security tokens. Dec 25, Nadav Hollander: Dharma — A protocol for tokenized debt. However, in the traditional banking system processes in lending are often opaque and the barrier to entry into this market is high.

The emergence of easy to use Decentralized Finance is one of the hallmarks of To date, DeFi has brought us crypto-collateralized stable coins, decentralized exchanges, tokenized credit default swaps, trustless derivatives, and decentralized margin lending. Dharma is a decentralized protocol for credit products which connects debtors with creditors through a transparent mechanism.

The protocol itself is agnostic towards the collateral and terms used, however, the team recently introduced a crypto-collateralized margin lending application running on top of the Dharma protocol, Dharma Lever. Since the rise of digital currencies and cryptocurrencies, central banks are considering the role these new forms of money may play in our evolving digital economy.

One of the ideas studied is the notion of a central bank digital currency. While people and companies can hold central bank liabilities in the form of cash, only licensed banks have access to digital cash accounts with central banks. David was previously on the podcast to discuss his idea for Fedcoin, a central bank issued cryptocurrency. In a recent paper, he explores the impact central bank digital currencies may have on the monopolistic banking sector.

Dec 12, While trustless interactions on Ethereum are native to the protocol, trustless interactions between the Ethereum blockchain and other blockchains are difficult to implement. Interoperability protocols heavily rely on atomic swaps, which typically come with a free option problem.

Summa designs and implements cross-chain financial contracts and instruments such as swaps, options, futures, and auctions. Summa recently conducted a dutch auction spanning the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains: Ethereum NFTs were auctioned off trustlessly to bidders on the Bitcoin network.

We also discuss Riemann, a framework for deploying transaction scripts to UTXO-based chains, as well as the advantages of the predictability of transactions in UTXO-based chains and how to bring some of those advantages to Ethereum smart contracts. We enter dozens of trust relationships ever time we interact with the Web.

Browsers, ISPs, DNS providers, cloud hosting companies, all the way down to the handful of people who control certificate root keys; we rely on the integrity of these intermediaries to serve reliable, and accurate information. The concentration of power by any one of these actors threatens to compromise the very foundational principles of the Web.

The company contributes to open source cryptography libraries, some of which are used by Etherum. They recently launched an IPFS gateway and features which allow users to have strong guarantees as to the integrity of the content. Nov 27, The Ethereum vision has always been to create a world computer. But its scalability and performance limitations have meant that it has fallen far short of that vision.

Yet, work on scaling Ethereum has exploded in breadth and complexity over the past years. While confusing on the surface, underneath a coherent vision for a new Ethereum that will scale near infinitely has emerged. We were joined by Ethereum Researcher Justin Drake to discuss the Ethereum Serenity vision, its core components and the roadmap ahead. A particular focus was the beacon chain, the role of randomness and Verifiable Delay Functions.

Nov 21, Most observers of the ecosystem will probably agree that were the years of the enterprise blockchain. It was during that time that many startups catering to enterprise were founded and funded, including Monax and Stratumn where Brian and Sebastien previously worked.

For the permissioned blockchain camp, adoption would come in the form of enterprise use cases, arguing that public networks carried too much risk, and lacked needed features like privacy. While much of the hype has subsided, large companies in every sector are forming consortia and leveraging blockchain to provide better process traceability and transparency, and reduce their reliance on third parties.

When Brian was last on the show, he had recently started his role at the Linux Foundation. Now, two years later, Hyperledger has gone from a nascent project to a mature ecosystem of technologies with hundreds of members.

With dozens of network…. The difficulties of compensating content creators for their work has been a driving force of the web for decades. It gave rise to advertising-driven tech giants like Google and Facebook and contributed to the decline of industries like music and publishing. Coil aims to change this and leverage blockchain and the Interledger Protocol to build a new business model for the web. Just as the conference was wrapping up, we sat down at the Prague Congress Center for a Devcon4 recap.

Join Brian, Friederike, Sebastien, and a surprise guest host as we share our thoughts on the event, and how the Ethereum ecosystem has evolved since we last met in Cancun. Oct 31, From one of the main Ethereum clients, to Polkadot to Substrate; Parity has become exceptional at developing successful open-source blockchain projects. Their latest effort Substrate provides a framework to easily create custom blockchains. Building on cutting-edge technologies like Web Assembly, Substrate also offers automated on-chain upgrades.

We talked about the early Ethereum days, how Parity got started, Substrate, Polkadot and his views on on-chain governance. Oct 24, While most companies providing enterprise solutions focus primarily on permissioned systems, Kadena is building both a public network protocol and private blockchain infrastructure. Their Chainweb protocol will soon launch as a public network and smart contract platform.

The company claims their novel approach to proof of work offers enormous gains on transaction throughput, even at scale, while benefiting from the same security as Bitcoin. Alongside Chainwebs, Kadena is building a permissioned protocol more suited for enterprise applications in insurance and finance. Oct 17, Building open source software is a collaborative process which relies on good faith and willingness of volunteers.

While most of the software we use daily relies heavily on open-source libraries, incentive models are broken. Repo maintainers are eager to see their projects evolve, but have little leverage to encourage developers to contribue. And projects contributors create enormous value by dedicating their time and expertise while getting little in return. Both open and closed-source projects utilize bountied to source engineering talent.

Combined with blockchain technologies, there is a potential to create efficient, two-sided markets which align incentives for all participants. The Ethereum-based platform leverages the open source community to incentivize and monetize work, remunerating developers for pull requests made to projects.

Gitcoin was itself built using Gitcoin and is today facilitating bug bounty payments f…. Oct 11, CoinFund is one of the earliest crypto-funds to have taken shape, forming in early Oct 5, The Tezos whitepaper, published in , anticipated several areas that would become major issues for blockchain networks. Especially around governance and smart contract security, Tezos proposed original solutions. Recently, the Tezos network launched as the first of a wave of innovative next-generation blockchain networks.

We were joined by Tezos co-founders Arthur and Kathleen Breitman to discuss the history of the project, how the network functions today and how it could develop going forward. Sep 26, Public blockchains produce enormous amounts of data. In theory, anyone can access the raw contents of transaction and blocks.

In practice, however, querying blockchains can prove to be a daunting task. The difficulty lies in the fact that blockchains are particular types of distributed databases and thus carry several limitations. Most, if not all, blockchains lack the most basic SQL querying capabilities supported by nearly every off-the-shelf database system. Take Bitcoin as an example. Its API lacks even the most basic calls which would allow a user to query any address and receive the balance.

In order to achieve this, block explorers and alike have developed sophisticated middleware infrastructure that parses the blockchain, normalizes the data, and stores it in a database, where it can be queried. In the best of cases, companies offer API calls for only a limited set of operations. Google hopes to change this by freeing blockchain datasets.

Sep 19, Angela C. The expectation has become widespread that blockchains will end up underpinning major societal infrastructures. The narrative in the blockchain space is that networks are decentralized and trustless and thus regulation should not apply to networks directly.

Legal scholar Angela C. Walch has been questioning terms like decentralization and trustlessness and argues that blockchains shift the need for trust rather than remove it. Her controversial ideas include that key developers of open-source project should be treated as fiduciaries and held accountable for the consequences of their work.

She is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School and has been doing academic work on legal issues surrounding public blockchains since Sep 13, Legendary scientist and cryptography pioneer Ralph Merkle joined us to discuss his recent paper on DAOs. Sep 5, The rise of populism and increasing inequality have led to widespread questioning of democracy and capitalism. Radical Markets explores how restructuring property rights and voting systems could lead to more efficient markets and a more just society.

Glen joined us to discuss the book and why the blockchain space is a fertile testbed to explore these radical new ideas. Aug 30, Dispute resolution is the process by which contracting parties settle disagreements. Whether in the form of litigation, arbitration, or other means of mediation, every contract defines a dispute resolution mechanism and jurisdiction. Smart contracts are unique in this sense.

Unlike traditional contracts, they are rigid and deterministic. Written in computer code, nuances in human language and vagueness of terms do not exist in this realm. There are no judges, no jury, just calculated execution. The DOA hack and other similar events have prompted observers of the space to express the need for smart contract dispute resolution. But could the arbitration process be integrated into the smart contract and on the blockchain? Aug 22, Ryan was the first person to join Olaf Carlson Wee in managing this fund.

He built multiple companies in the wind energy industry prior to making a switch to the cryptocurrencies. In this episode, we go behind the scenes of the Polychain success story. We get details on what crypto hedge funds are, how Polychain got started, reasons for its breakout success, its approach to blockchain investments and the current challenges of running a crypto hedge fund.

If you want to understand how some of the leading minds allocate capital at a large scale in the c…. Aug 15, Until now, proposals to improve blockchain scalability have addressed the problem in one of two ways. One seeks to increase efficiency by optimizing the blockchain or improving the consensus algorithm.

The other comes in the forms of layer-2 solutions such as payment channels or side chains. Improving the speed at which blocks propagate through the network is the layer-0 problem few people consider when thinking about scaling. Fundamentally, network bottlenecks are what prevent blockchains from increasing their transaction throughput. Raising the block size or reducing the time between blocks has devastating effects on usability as the probability of a fork increases.

At a certain point, the blockchain simply breaks as forks occur faster than blocks can propagate to all validators. Remarkably, the web figured out how to scale decades ago with the invention of Content Distributions Networks,…. Aug 10, Since he started blogging as Two Bit Idiot in , Ryan Selkis has been both industry insider and industry critic. Consistently calling out excesses and abuses, but also maintaining his sights on the long-term potential. He recently founded Messari, a project that aims to bring more transparency and fairness to the industry.

Messari has narrowed in on siloed, inaccurate and incomplete data as a key factor that allows insiders to profit at the expense of the public. We talked about the various ways in which Messari tackles that problem, ranging from a community-led effort to gather project data to the ambitious goal of a token-curated registry of stand-up projects. Aug 2, Privacy and scalability are arguably the most challenging issues blockchains face. Scalable privacy-preserving state machines are inherently difficult.

While cryptocurrencies like Zcash have proven trustworthy for simple transactions, privacy in smart contract platforms is an entirely different animal. Inputs are broken into pieces and distributed to network nodes which perform computations on a segment of the full data.

Once returned to the Ethreum chain, data is reassembled and may be decrypted to reveal the result. Leveraging secure multi-party computation and Trusted Execution Environments TEE , Enigma prevents a malicious actor from gaining access to the input data and the computation results. Martin first learned about Ethereum in and was immediately drawn into the possibilities opened by having a contracting virtual machines on a blockchain.

While the EVM was impressive, Martin saw the possibility for greater usability and efficiency by using the new WebAssembly standards being created, and so led a team at the Ethereum Foundation in the creation of a new blockchain virtual machine, called eWASM. Jul 17, The Ethereum hard fork left us with two distinct Ethereum chains.

While the main Ethereum chain dwarfs Ethereum Classic in terms of market cap, ETC has sustained its position as a significant actor in the broader blockchain ecosystem. Similarly to other industry organizations, The Cooperative invests in core development of the ETC blockchain, community building, marketing, and brand awareness. Jul 12, One of the key scalability challenges with public cryptocurrency blockchains is that their size grows linearly with the number of transactions.

The number of full nodes is a key measure of decentralization, and difficulty becoming a full node translates into future centralization. O 1 Labs is a pioneering company that uses zkSNARK technology in order to construct a cryptocurrency blockchain, called Coda, that solves the blockchain size scalability bottleneck.

New nodes joining the Coda network will be able to trustlessly boot up in under a minute by verifying cryptographic proofs that attest to the validity of the current chain. This technology has great pot…. In the years since, the DCI has evolved into a vibrant center of cutting edge research on some of the most difficult challenges around blockchain technology.

Jun 27, It was through chance encounters in this space that Leger was born in the basement of 35 rue du Caire, where the company also operated a Bitcoin exchange desk and a handful of crypto miners. We discuss the meteoric rise of Ledger from a ten-person team to now nearly people across three continents.

This fascinating discussion is a master class in product development, scaling at lightning speed, and staying true to your vision when everyone is pushing you to change course. Pamela Morgan: Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning. Lawyer Pamela Morgan has been helping people and organizations build solutions to safely store their cryptoassets and has recently turned her attention to inheritance planning.

Though we have often explored the legal issues surrounding blockchains and cryptocurrencies on Epicenter, never have we discussed the topic of inheritance. Jun 12, In the past few years, we witnessed the development of multiple smart contract languages — Solidity, Viper, Michelson, Scilla etc.

These languages need to enable developers to write correct, predictable behavior smart contract code. Each language development effort therefore ends up spending resources into building formal verification toolsets, compilers, debuggers and other developer tools. The K framework is mathematic logic and language that enables language developers to formally define all programming languages; such as C, Solidity and JavaScript. Once a language is formally specified in the K framework, the framework automatically outputs a range of formal verification toolsets, compilers, debuggers and other developer tools for it.

Updates to the language can be made directly in K. This technology has massive…. Jun 6, Creating the languages and software tools to enable ordinary developers to write safe contracts has become an intense research endeavor in the cryptocurrency space.

Scilla is a Turing incomplete intermediate level language; inspired from the paradigms of functional programming and formal verification; that makes it easy for smart contract developers to automatically prove statements about smart contract behavior. For example, Scilla could allow a future multi-signature smart contract author to mathematically prove that funds in that contract would always be retrievable by certain addresses and never get stuck like the Parity incident.

The ability to mathematically prove such safety properties of the smart contract has the potential to be an enabling inve…. May 31, As a society, we have organized as tribes, hierarchies, and markets to accomplish the most impressive of achievements. Human cooperation and collective organization are present at nearly every significant milestone in the history of human civilization. As we move towards an increasingly connected and automated society and economy, there will become a need for decentralized infrastructure which enables companies and markets to make fast decisions at scale.

DAOstack is building a toolset to allow decentralized governance and building self-organizing collectives at scale. May 24, Aragon Founder Luis Cuende joined us to discuss their work on building tools for decentralized governance.

We covered the origins of his deep drive, why this is a crucial fight for humanity and the tools that Aragon has built.


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Gabriel novak bitcoin stock. TOP 5 Cryptocurrency Trading Bots - Crypto Trading Bot Review Marc Zwygart 4. Founders tokens will be vested for 12 months after. Gabriel Novak, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina - UFSC (Federal University of Santa Studies Blockchains, Bitcoin, and People and Technology. change namecoin to bitcoin exchange» These gabriel be novak only two Fort Bend Tue, 23 Jan The goal of gabriel program is gabriel recover lost.