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Say you have the perfect Tinder profile. You have the sexy shirtless photo, the sweet picture of you and your grandmother, and that one shot where your jaw looks really chiseled and presidential. She pulled up their conversation on her phone. I was confused: Both of my friends are funny, energetic talkers. But I could see that their rapport on Tinder was, in fact, mehhhh. Tinder banter is way harder than real-life flirting, but with these six tips you, too, can become a master of chit-chat. Nice try.

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Rather, whenever necessity compels one to reprove or rebuke another, we ought to proceed with godly discernment and caution. First of all, let us consider whether the other fault is such, as we ourselves have never had, or whether it is one that we have overcome. Then, if we have never had such a fault, let us remember that we are human and could have had it. But if we have had it and are rid of it now, let us remember our common frailty, in order that mercy, not hatred, may lead us to the giving of correction and admonition.

In this way, whether the admonition occasions the amendment, or the worsening of the one for whose sake we are offering it, for the result cannot be foreseen , we ourselves shall be made safe through singleness of eye. But if on reflection we find that we ourselves have the same fault as the one we are about to reprove, let us neither correct nor rebuke that one.

Rather, let us bemoan the fault ourselves and induce that person to a similar concern, without asking him to submit to our correction. Keep us in Your commandments and strengthen us by the prayers of St John Fisher, Your Martyr, that we may live by a holy conscience and never flinch from the protection of truth. Patronages — Diocese of Rochester, Catholic students at Cambridge. John the Baptist on 24 June and of attracting too much public sympathy, King Henry commuted the sentence to that of beheading, to be accomplished before 23 June, the Vigil of the feast of the Nativity of St John the Baptist.

He was executed on Tower Hill on 22 June John Fisher was born in Beverley, Yorkshire, in , the eldest son of Robert Fisher, a modestly prosperous merchant of Beverley and Agnes, his wife. He was one of four children. His father died when John was eight. His mother remarried and had five more children by her second husband, William White.

Fisher seems to have had close contacts with his extended family all his life. He was educated at Cambridge, from which he received his Master of Arts degree in John received a Papal dispensation to enter the Priesthood despite being under canonical age. He was Ordained into the Priesthood on 17 December — the same year that he was elected a fellow of his college.

He occupied the vicarage of Northallerton, , then he became Proctor of Cambridge University. As a Catholic priest, Erasmus was an important figure in classical scholarship who wrote in a pure Latin style. Rochester was then the poorest Diocese in England and usually seen as a first step on an ecclesiastical career. Nonetheless, Fisher stayed there, presumably by his own choice, for the remaining 31 years of his life. At the same time, like any English Bishop of his day, Fisher had certain state duties.

In particular, he maintained a passionate interest in the University of Cambridge. Re-elected annually for 10 years, Fisher ultimately received a lifetime appointment. As a preacher his reputation was so great, that Fisher was appointed to preach the funeral oration for King Henry VII and the Lady Margaret, both of whom died in , the texts being extant. Despite his fame and eloquence, it was not long before Fisher came into conflict with the new King, his former pupil. In Fisher was nominated as one of the English representatives at the Fifth Council of the Lateran, then sitting, but his journey to Rome was postponed, and finally abandoned.

Unlike the other Bishops of the realm, St John refused to take the oath of succession which acknowledged the issue of Henry and Anne as the legitimate heir to the throne and he was imprisoned in the tower in April I have given you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do. Do you now, Father, give me glory at your side. He met death with a calm dignified courage which profoundly impressed those present.

There was no funeral prayer. A stern and austere man, Fisher was known to place a human skull on the altar during Mass and on the table during meals. What is more, let anyone laugh and taunt if he so wishes. Thus, I should give thanks unceasingly to God, who has frequently forgiven my folly and my negligence, in more than one instance and has never been angry with me, who am placed as His helper, though I did not easily assent to what had been revealed to me, as the Spirit was urging.

And I was not quick to recognise the grace that was then in me, I now know, that I should have done so earlier. I wish only, that you too, would make greater and better efforts. Guide our ways and direct our hearts, live in us and walk before us. May the intercession of St Aloysius Gonzaga help us to fully utilise the many gifts our Almighty God has bestowed on us as we journey home. Born as Raoul in Angoumois, France and died on 21 June of natural causes.

He is remembered as a skillful diplomat and a proponent of ecclesiastical reform. Also known as Raoul, Radulph, Radulf or Rudolf. He was named after his father, the count of Turenne died and he had four brothers and two sisters. Making Christ his only inheritance, he took the Monastic habit in at Solignac and was made Archbishop of Bourges in He founded seven Monasteries and was indefatigable in reforming his flock increasing their knowledge of the faith and teaching them to practise it in their lives.

For the direction of his clergy he compiled a book of Canons under the title of Pastoral Instructions. His family provided the land for the foundation and he, himiself, Consecrated the new community under the Benedictine rule in He granted the Monks the right of free election of their Abbot and pronounced excommunication on any governing authority, who molested them in the future.

He even procured royal protection for them. Ralph also helped found the Convent at Cahors, where his sister, Immena, was installed as the first Abbess. They were beheaded in Taw, Egypt, date unknown. St John is often portrayed as an abbot driving the devil away with a rod.

St John was born around the year in Matera, in the region of the Basilicata in Italy, to a noble family. He made many enemies by his upright life and was eventually imprisoned. He was rescued from prison by Grimoald, Prince of Bari, who ordered him to give an account of his theology to prove his orthodoxy. He preached under Grimoald in Bari. Subsequently he founded the Abbey of Pulsano after the invitation of Our Lady and Saint Michael the Archangel who had both appeared to him.

His life was marked by numerous angelic visions but also by ferocious attacks from the devil. Here are three citations taken from his hagiography in which the Saint guards his followers from attacks of the devil:. The demon, eager for that soul, cast him into a ravine, where a venerable monk appeared to the poor thing, admonished him and advised him to go to Pulsano to get salutary advice.

Saved by a miracle from the precipice, he went there and was amazed to recognise in our Abbot, the Monk who had appeared to him down in the ravine. He took off his garments and clothed himself with a habit and lived in the Order humbly and holy and died in that way. The monks around his bed were in tears waiting for his death, when he was enraptured in ecstasy.

Upon returning, he recounted that it seemed to him that he was dead and was caught by two horrible devils that wanted to drag him into hell. At that point Saint John Matera appeared and with a haughty scowl he attempted to snatch away their prey. They attacked and flung themselves on him the Saint with a resolute air confronted them, the demons, given their arrogance, tried to show, while thumbing through their wicked book, that the monk deserved eternal punishment. The Priest, upon the revelation of the failings committed by him, was left perplexed.

Then there appeared the Holy Virgin who noticed the servant of God, chased away the demons, liberated the wretched man and disappeared. The Priest, meanwhile, warned the friar to admonish his two companions to repent of their sins, if they did not want to come to a bad end. Of the two, one confessed humbly all his guilt and was preserved in goodness, the other rejected and finished badly. A group of soldiers appeared who threw themselves upon them. But they were not soldiers but demons.

All of sudden they backed off, since Saint John Matera rushed to their aid. Imagine how they surrounded him. But the sweet Father, comforting them with gentle cautions, disappeared. The monks were astounded. One of them returned to the Monastery the next day to tell what had happened.

The man of God with his arms raised thanked the Lord and reaffirmed that it was not for his merits but for the merits of their obedience that the Lord performed such a miracle. St John died in Foggia in In his relics were translated to Matera Cathedral and then in were enshrined in a new sarcophagus.

St Cyriacus St Paul. Their ashes were thrown into the sea and no relics remain. Looking forward to never-ending communion, St Gertrude ended her earthly life on 17 November or , at the age of about In the seventh Exercise, that of preparation for death, St Gertrude wrote:. Beside You I am not afraid of anything! I snuggle up against You and, like the lost sheep, hear the beating of Your Heart. Jesus, yet again I am Yours, Yours forever.

With You, I am truly great, without You, nothing but a weak reed. Upheld by You, I am a pillar! Her feast is today, 19 June — the date of her solemn profession — rather than the date of her death. She was the oldest of seven. When her mother died in the family moved to Niederbreitbach, in the hope of improving their financial situation. Since no social services for the poor existed then, the family was left to fend for itself. Margaretha worked as a day labourer, gathered and sold herbs and was skilled in handicrafts.

The needs of the people, especially orphans and the sick were one of her major concerns, motivated as she was by strong faith in God she felt called to serve the poor, the sick and the helpless. They lived parsimoniously, trusting God for their daily sustenance while serving the poor and sick of the community. In addition to working as a day labourer, Margaretha took in orphans and taught home economics in some of the nearby schools. In , Margaretha was joined by two women who also felt called to serve the poor and sick.

In , the local pastor invited them and the orphans to move to premises in Hausen. These premises proved totally uninhabitable. In the Spring of they were at last able to begin building their first house on Waldbreitbach Chapel Mountain. It was to be their residence and a home where they could care for the sick. During this time, Mother Rosa also built an orphanage and a hospital. She took the name of Maria Rosa. Her Congregation increased rapidly.

By there were Sisters serving in 22 mission homes. It was also in that year, that she ended her term as Superior General. The Congregation thrived and when Mother Rosa died on 25 March there were Sisters and 72 mission houses serving the sick and the poor, now spread as far as the Americas and in many countries of Europe. Mother Rosa died on 25 March Her order received the decree of praise of Pope Pius X on 12 December — after her death — and later received the full papal approval of Pope Pius XI on 30 April The decree on her writings was approved on 21 November and was placed under the care of theologians so that the latter, could investigate her written works, in order to ensure that each of them adhered to Church doctrine and did not contradict or oppose it.

Following this the diocesan process received ratification from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in The miracle needed for her Beatification was investigated from until in Trier and involved the healing of Monica Schneider in the evenings of 5 and 6 September The C.

It did not receive the approval of the Pontiff until Elisabeth lived during a time when women were viewed as the weaker sex, both mentally and physically. Unless a woman were to join a convent or a religious movement, she would be expected to marry and to bear children.

Elisabeth became, not only a local celebrity as a result of her visions but, gained popularity throughout other parts of Germany, as well as in France and England. This enabled Elisabeth to have her own voice, to be known as an individual and to be sought after in an effort to acquire heavenly advice by high order men, including Bishops and Abbots. For men of such high order to call upon Elisabeth, a mere woman, is extremely significant given the time period in which Elisabeth lived.

Elisabeth was born about , of an obscure noble family named Hartwig. At the age of 12 she was given to the nuns for education in the St Florin double abbey founded a few years earlier. She made her profession as a Benedictine in In she became Abbess of the nuns under the supervision of Abbot Hildelin. Her hagiography describes her as given to works of piety from her youth, much afflicted with bodily and mental suffering, a zealous observer of the Rule of Saint Benedict and of the regulation of her convent and devoted to practices of mortification.

In the years to Elisabeth suffered recurrent disease, anxiety and depression as a result of her strict asceticism. St Hildegard von Bingen Doctor of the Church admonished Elisabeth in letters to be prudent in the ascetic life. At Pentecost in , she first had spiritual experiences of a visionary nature, which she and the nuns and monks understood as the authentic message of God.

Christ, the Virgin Mary, an angel, or the special Saint of the day would appear to her and instruct her; or she would see quite realistic representations of the Passion, Resurrection and Ascension, or other scenes of the Old and New Testaments. It is extremely remarkable that she was not buried in the Monastery cemetery or in the Chapel of the nuns but in a prominent place in the Abbey Church itself.

This was unusual and testifies to absolute acceptance of her mystical life, writings and deep veneration. There has never been a formal Canonisation process pre-congregation but every year on the day after her death, that is, on 19 June her memory is celebrated in the Monastery and surrounding towns. What Elisabeth saw and heard she put down on wax tablets.

Her Abbot, Hildelin, told her to relate these things to her brother Eckbert, then a cleric at Saint Cassius in Bonn, who acted as an editor. At first she hesitated fearing lest she be deceived or be looked upon as a deceiver but she obeyed. The works are published in English in a Collected Works edition.

Born in Aquitaine in modern France. Their relics transferred to places in the Eifel region of western Germany at some point prior to They were canonised on 12 August by Pope Pius X cultus confirmation. Martyrs of Ravenna — 4 saints: A group of four Christians martyred together. We have no details but their names — Crispin, Cruciatus, Emilius and Felix. They were martyred in Ravenna, Italy, date unknown.

We have no details but their names — Cyriacus, Paul and Thomas. In Rome, Italy, date unknown. Martyrs — Hypatius, Leontius and Theodulus. They were Greek born and they died c at Tripoli, Phoenicia in modern Lebanon. Patronages — the blind, bards, musician, invoked against eye problems and disease, invoked to cure sick horses. His mother entrusted him to the care of his uncle, Urzel, a Monk, who had opened a school in Plouvein.

He later moved the Monastery to Lanhorneau. He is honoured as one of the Patron Saints of the blind. It is related that he had a domesticated wolf as a pet. The dog guiding him having been devoured by a wolf, the hermit ordered the wild animal to take the role of his dog. He was joined by disciples and refused any Ordination or earthly honour, accepting only to be consecrated as an Exorcist.

He died in and was buried at Lanhouarneau, Brittany, France. Today there is a town in honour of him. The Apparitions occurred in a wooded area near Dolina, Grafenstein, Carinthia, Austria on the 17, 18 and 19 June to three young shepherdesses. They were beheaded at Apollonia, Macedonia. Martyrs of Aquileia — 4 saints: Four Christian martyrs memorialised together. No details about them have survived, not even if they died together — Ciria, Maria, Musca and Valerian.

Instead of negotiating, Julian imprisoned them, ordered them to make a sacrifice to pagan idols and when they refused, had them executed. Their names were Manuel, Sabel and Ismael. They were beheaded in in Chalcedon part of modern Istanbul, Turkey and their bodies burned and no relics survive.

For being openly Christian they were imprisoned, tortured, mutilated and executed. Martyrs — Egidio, John, Louis and Paul. They were martyred in Fez, Morocco. Martyrs of Rome — saints: A group of Christians martyred in the persecutions of Diocletian. In c in Rome, Italy. They were buried on the old Via Salaria in Rome. Martyrs of Venafro — 3 saints: Three Christian lay people, two of them imperial Roman soldiers, who were converts to Christianity and were martyred together in the persecutions of Maximian and Diocletian — Daria, Marcian and Nicander.

They were beheaded c. By a basilica had been built over their graves which were re-discovered in They are patrons of Venafro, Italy. And still, she is a holy religious who must be very pleasing to God. Not wishing to give into the natural antipathy I was experiencing, I told myself that charity must not consist in feelings but in works, then I set myself to doing for this Sister, what I would do for the person, whom I loved the most.

Each time I met her I prayed to God for her, offering Him all her virtues and merits. As she was absolutely unaware of my feelings for her, never did she suspect the motives for my conduct and she remained convinced that her character was very pleasing to me. Help us to love as You do, so that we may become like You. Bl Donizetti Tavares de Lima, you who spread your charity far and wide, pray for us.

He was one of eight brothers. His father worked in law and his mother worked as a professor. In he commenced his ecclesial studies where he soon became the organist at the institute where he studied and later started to teach music to the seminarians. In he moved to a college to further his education but later returned to teach music to seminarians. In he commenced a law course and in his philosophical and theological formation in preparation for the priesthood.

He began work in the San Gaetano Parish and then spent time in the Campinas Diocese where he served as an auxiallary Priest. This staunch advocacy for the poor led to the rich and his other detractors to accuse him of being a communist. He arrived in the town on 12 June and was inaugurated at the parish with his first Mass there on 13 June. It was there, that he oversaw the establishment of the Saint Vincent de Paul Sanatorium for the abandoned and for elderly people who lived alone.

The first miracle attributed to him occurred in — torrential rain threatened a procession of a statue of Our Lady of Aparecida but the storm subsided and was quieted when Fr Donizetti led the procession himself. As soon as he saw the Archbishop, he told him:. They were walking to the side altars of the Cathedral, screaming loudly. When they reached the altar of St Anthony, the image of the holy Friar of Lisbon looked with authority to the devil and his minions, then they left the place fast.

Archbishop, for goodness sake, do not let them overthrow the altars of the Cathedral! At that moment, the Archbishop told him that it was just a dream, a nightmare and no one would remove the altars but Fr Donizetti told again:. This was not just a dream, nor a nightmare! The darkness will fall over this world! A few years later, after the introduction of the New Mass, Fr Agmar Marques remembered this fact and he avoided the removal of the altars of Saint Sebastian Cathedral.

At that momen,t Fr Donizetti looked for a time at the picture, smiled and said to an acolyte that they both should pray a lot for the Pope and for the Church. Leave the picture there! Soon I will meet him! So I would argue that after meeting a certain baseline of regional representation, the UPA should do what it can to host as strong a field as possible. The next step is to determine a minimum level of regional representation. I think most would agree that one team per region is mandatory, although it seems clear that some further structure is necessary since few people would want a field where nine teams are from a single region.

It would probably also be a good idea to have a more general geographical balance for example, the open division could conceivably have only two schools from west of the Mississippi this year, which is almost certainly a bad thing. Finally, you'd probably want to cap the number of teams from each region at three or four. Given 16 teams and eight regions, the obvious number of wildcards to have is eight.

There is the possibility of rotating 'non-wildcard' bids from region to region, but the inherent randomness of this seems counterproductive if the goal is to improve the quality of the teams. It is argued that bids should be somewhat proportional to the number of teams in a given region.

However, given that regional representation is taken care of elsewhere, it is not at all clear that size wildcards contribute anything meaningful to nationals, although they certainly provide an administrative incentive that contributes to the quality of the series and arguably to the growth of the sport. They certainly do not necessarily yield a stronger field, and the idea that they promote fairness is questionable, at best. I'm glad we got to go, but I'm not convinced it was the best thing for the tournament or the UPA.

This is what is currently used to select the strength wildcards. Its deficiencies are well known-final rankings at nationals are not determined perfectly, and teams change a lot from year to year, so last year's strength might not inform this year's. The first is a real problem that is a result of cramming a team championship tournament into three days; it's not going to go away unless we reduce the number of teams or increase the number of days. The concern that consolation results are of questionable value because teams lose focus and seniors don't have much stake in a wildcard game is legitimate, but not completely convincing.

That team strength varies from year to year is unquestionably true, but regions tend to vary in strength less than individual teams. In other words, how the second team from a particular region finishes at nationals.

Changes from the previous version of the eligibility rules are outlined in boldface type. Note: The changes to Section ll. Therefore, the first group of UPA members to whom this new rule could apply would be those who graduated from high school in Students qualifying under a and b above are not eligible for subsequent College Nationals Series competitions before graduating with the degree to which this "light load" status was applied.

Graduate students engaged in research, teaching, or thesis production qualify under this rule. Programs that cuhninate in only the awarding of a certificate are not considered "degree-seeking! Correspondence courses and those taken through a "Continuing Education" program, may not be used to fulfill the above requirements. Students seeking a second bachelor's degree must have full-time status to be eligible. The above registration requirements must be applicable throughout the entire spring semester at a school on a semester system, or throughout either the entire fall or winter quarter, plus the following spring quarter at a school on a quarter system.

Not more than five 5 years must have elapsed between the player's initial membership in a national Ultimate governing body or initial participation in a national Ultimate championship series, and June 1st of the current year. This excludes juniors participation. Prologue: The intent of these rules is to keep the College Series just that- a college series.

The heart of these rules can be summed up in two parts: to have schools represented by teams whose players are all current, legitimate students, and to limit the players in the College Series to less than five 5 years of post-high school Ultimate experience. The half-time requirement is waived for students who are BOTH: a. Each player's eligibility must apply at the same college or university or the same UPA approved scholastic consortium.

If the school has multiple branches or locations, all players must be attending the same branch or location. Each team must have a designated Spokesperson who will be responsible for the integrity, completeness, and timeliness of the team 's Roster. The Roster must meet all of the following requirements: I. It must be BOTH signed and sealed by the registrar of the school. It must contain the name of the school and branch or location, if applicable.

It must contain the team Spokesperson's mailing address, phone number, e-mail address and signature. This penalty is applicable to any and all players on the violating team at the discretion of the UPA, and may include UPA events after the graduation of violating players. Clarifications These rules are designed to be as fair as possible for all of the wide range of schools and players participating in the Series.

The team Spokesperson or the player in question may submit an inquiry to the College Eligibility Committee via its online form on the college web site. The Form will be reviewed by the Eligibility Committee, and responses emailed. Amazingly, people still cite these rankings as evidence of regional superiority.

Let's be real. While the Top 25 is a great tool for hyping teams, tournaments and the division, there are structural limitations in college Ultimate that greatly inhibit its accuracy. Scores often aren't reported; most teams don't travel more than a couple hundred miles all year; teams that do travel often take weak squads; many of the major interregional tournaments occur while there is still snow on the ground in parts of the country; pre-series tournaments don't enforce UPA eligibility rules; etc, etc, ad nauseum.

If there is one thing everyone should agree on, it's that the. Each player must be a UPA member in good standing at all times during the Series. Each player must produce a picture ID upon demand of the tournament director or UPA official in charge of a Series event. Top 25 rankings should not be used to determine wildcards. An interesting idea, but it suffers from many of the same problems as the rankings, since a lot of teams struggle to travel and southern teams definitely enjoy an advantage in early season tournaments.

Also, since the tournaments would not be run by the UPA, host teams would have incredible power in determining who gets to compete for the wildcards. I actual! Although the logistics would still be a little trickywho's on the committee? It's one thing to fail to qualify for nationals because of a strange wildcard algorithm, but it's another thing. The final option is, of course, no wildcards, which is the cause currently being championed by a number of players and RSD posters, and is what prompted me to write on this topic.

Given the philosophy set out above, however, the elimination of wildcards is definitely a sub-optimal solution, since it does nothing to improve the strength of the teams at the tournament. It should only be used if all other options are so flawed as to be worse. And while that's definitely true for some of the ideas, it's not so cut and dried with the others.

The current system has its problems, but it has probably done a better job than it's been given credit for. And who knows how the system might work if size wildcards were eliminated since they often work in opposition to the strength wildcards? A selection. I don't know for sure what the best choice for the UPA is. It depends in part on whether the purpose of college nationals is as I suggested above. There are also a number of administrative considerations that I did not go into in this essay.

Like it or not, such considerations have a tangible effect on the quality of the series, so they should be taken into account. But whatever the answer is, the issue is undoubtedly quite complicated- far too complicated to be summed up in the pithy slogans found on RSD. The UPA board will almost certainly address this issue at the annual meeting in January. If you have a strong opinion or ideas about what the UPA should do, they are the people to contact. But let's try to put aside regional interests and figure out what's best for the sport.

We enjoyed a great series thanks to the thousands of hours of work by the sectional and regional coordinators, their counterparts in the other divisions, tournament hosts and numerous others. I'd like to single out one volunteer to thank individually, but my appreciation extends to all of those who made contributions to the series. David Samuels has volunteered for the UPA many times.

He was a Rocky Mountain open sectional coordinator, and he was doing media work at the Club Championships when I first. This year's Tune-Up was held on September The first southwest sectionals were scheduled for the following weekend and two more on the subsequent weekend.

It had only recently become clear that the southwest open regional coordinator was going to be unable to fulfill his duties. At Tune-Up, I asked David if he would be willing to help us out once more. At that late date, David Samuels stepped up as interim regional coordinator and oversaw three successful sectionals and then regionals. Thanks again, David. As successful as the series was, we can make it better.

We will try to retain. Those that do stay on will have one more year of experience next fall and the knowledge learned from our collective mistakes. And mistakes there were, at all levels. There were problems with tournament formats, problems with communications between coordinators, problems with coordinators being unfamiliar with our procedures, and unfortunately, problems with some of the UPA policies and procedures.

Especially problematic is the methodology for determining the final regionals bid s among the sections. Additionally, the UPA needs more specific seeding guidelines. Captains and teams can disagree all they want about how they should be seeded, but our asso-. This is especially true in this era of parity in open Ultimate. Two examples of parity: 1 for the third year in a row, no open team has gone undefeated at nationals, and 2 neither of the two teams that were in the championship finals won their sectionals.

Thanks to everyone and please get in touch with ideas and comments about the season, including things that went right and things that we can improve together. I definitely have mixed emotions about stepping down. I am sad that I will no longer be working with the other volunteers and staff at the UPA to promote the cause of women's Ultimate.

On the flip side, I am glad that I will be able to play "organizerfree" Ultimate again. No longer will I be asked to clarify the lOth edition rules during a game. Thank goodness, 'cause I don't know them yet either. I have Alan Hoyle of Ring of Fire's cell number on speed dial in case of emergency. Prior to my new career, I was able to balance my duties as national women's director with the joys of playing Ultimate on a nationals qualifying women's team.

This year I wasn't able to do everything, and I ended up trying to juggle all three without focusing properly on one. I am relieved to be able to devote more time to my new demanding career in the corporate world AND to being just a player. As a spectator, I was able to enjoy one of the best women's games I have ever seen-the women's finals. In order to earn their spot in the finals, Fury. Fury and coach Bob Palleres came up with a great strategy against Godiva-a four-person cup.

Godiva plays conservatively, and this style of play has earned them more UPA Championship titles than any other team. Fury's four-person cup performed as expected, forcing Godiva to throw an average of at least 30 passes per point, which also encouraged Godiva to make unforced and uncharacteristic errors.

The game was time capped at 2. As the cap went on after the point was scored, the game was to be played to If memory serves me correctly, Godiva scored first to make it Fury answers back, Godiva scores, Game point. The four-person cup gets put on again. It's getting pretty dark outside. Godiva works it all the way down the field. The Fury deep-deep player reads this pass like a book, snags it out of the air, and passes it to a teammate up field But there is a Godiva player injured on the play.

She's okay, but takes an injury sub after a couple of minutes. The disc comes back to Fury. Unfortunately, Fury turfs the fust throw on Godiva's goal line. Godiva picks it up and scores in two passes. Game over; Godiva wins Thank to the finalists for an exciting display of quality Ultimate. Although Godiva has won more than any other team in the history of women's Ultimate, this game is evidence that other teams are catching up.

The final could have been won by either team. Women's Ultimate just keeps getting better and better. If all of us continue to get involved by running clinics, coaching juniors, volunteering, etc. Congratulations to. Due to the strong finish from all three teams from the northwest region, this region will be granted both strength wildcard bids for nationals. Big thanks. Until then, I look forward to my "lame duck" directorship where I will try to introduce new uniform regulations which require numbers on all sports bras and will appoint all of my friends to important UPA positions before I leave My eyes were unable to focus correctly, so they strayed from the pages of my book to the back of the seat in front of me.

Rather than fight it, I closed my book and studied the pattern of the seat in front of me. In my condition-low on sleep but high on the incredible event I had just attended-the weave of the fabric took on significance. I picked out a few threads running through the weave that were a different color than the others.

Tracing them with my finger, I thought about how the fabric would look with just those threads. It would be more a net than a fabric. The UPA started out like that. The organization was originally just a few threads, loosely woven, designed to hold a new sport.

In the early years, lots of things slipped through the net. As the sport and the organization grew, new threads were added. Instead of becoming larger, the net became thicker, more tightly woven. Thinking about the state of the UPA today, I can mentally trace some long, strong cords running the length of our fabric.

In Sarasota I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Kurth, our new director of media and communications. Stephanie is already adding value to our fabric , even though she's only been on the job a few short weeks. Then there are the regional and sectional coordinators. Without their threads , the holes in our organization would be large. In the mixed division, we couldn't run the fall series without tons of work from people like Chuck Brunson in the southwest and Ben Tapper in the northeast.

I also appreciate the fine filaments. In Sarasota, Eric Hassenzahl, a player on Seattle's Shazam, approached me about potential ways to overhaul the strength wildcard system. Instead of sitting back and whining about the way things were currently done, here was a player willing to get to work on the problem, to weave himself into the organization in a small but meaningful way.

Perhaps Eric's contribution will turn out to be a highlight in our fabric this year. I am proud to be a part of such a beautiful, richly woven tapestry. It's full of variety and style, and it will continue to grow stronger and tighter over time.

You know, I sat down at my computer intending to fill this column with a bunch of statistics about our mixed championship series, about how many teams and players we had, how many players were new UPA members, results from all the different regional and sectional events, and then close with a recap of the finals in Sarasota. But then when I actually started typing , all that stuff about the fabric of the UPA was what came out.

I'll leave it at that though. There's great coverage of the final event elsewhere in this issue, and the rest of the facts and figures can wait for the next newsletter, when we 're all doing our year-end reports for the annual board meeting in J anuary. Congratulations to Donner Party on becoming the UPA mixed champions, and thanks to Hang Time for giving us such a great final game. It was overall our best mixed season yet. It has been a few issues of this fine fish-wrap since last I wrote.

In the meantime, there was a little tournament in Sarasota, Florida where we crowned a new UPA champion. Going into nationals, we knew there would be a new champion because two-time defending UPA and reigning world champion Keg Workers of America failed to qualify out of regionals. But what a surprise the eventual champ turned out to be!

No, we must offer our congratulations to the new UPA masters division. Masters is retro-chic Ultimate. The third "last shot" turned out to be the charm for this raging gaggle of elder statesmen from the mid-Atlantic 's City of Brotherly Love. Combining speed and athleticism, endurance and grit, and quite a bit of good ol' Ultimate skills you know, catching and throwing , the boys from Philly were the class of the masters division at nationals-the only team to go undefeated en route to their first championship ever.

Congratulations are also in order to the other masters teams that competed in nationals. After a little rancor concerning the seedings and pools, the teams came to Sarasota and played with exceptional spirit and heart. Anyone who was lucky enough to be a spectator of a masters game at nationals was treated to high level play that never crossed over into "win at all costs.

Perhaps for the first time in my tenure as NMD, the division truly met its potential of providing exceptional competition in an atmosphere that was fun and friendly in the nature of a family reunion. The "antiwildcard" system again provided incentive for growth in the division, both in terms of total teams and total players.

New teams were formed for the fall championship series, veteran players "graduated" from the open division, and even a few rookie rec-leaguers began playing masters as their introduction to the competitive side of the sport. In , a strength anti-wildcard was introduced into the regional bid allocation regime in an attempt to remedy perceived inequities from years past.

Next year, this will be tweaked a bit in a further attempt to fine tune the system, to achieve a better balance of encouraging growth in the division, to ensure that the highest caliber teams advance to nationals, and to make sure that all regions are properly represented. This may sound like something you've heard or read before, and it sort of is. We tried and now we're going to try again. Everyone thinks their theory of "how" as in "this is how it should be" is the best until it is tested by being put into practice in the Real World, where we discover that all "hows" are not created equal.

At that point, the egoless administrator assesses and revises in order to better meet his or her goals. That is what we're doing in the masters division. It ain't broke, but it ain't perfect yet either, so we' re trying to fix it without reinventing the wheel. The basic structure will remain the same for next year with a few minor improvements in how we the UPA's tireless staff and volunteers do things. But the rest is up to you, the players. If you want a better masters division, step up and get involved.

Volunteer to be a masters regional coordinator; there are sure to be vacancies. Host a masters tournament. Host a masters division in an existing tournament. On the other hand, "more". I have walked this road, and it is not well traveled. Part of the reason for this is that the masters division is populated by players with many distractions in their lives other than Ultimate, like jobs, spouses and children.

My previous efforts to increase the number of masters events were met with enthusiastic verbiage but little action. It may be that masters players prefer playing open in the "offseason" non-fall championship series events , often with shells of their masters teams fortified with youngsters playing defense , saving the pure masters experience for the series. If this is so, it would be a fine role for the division, and certainly not an argument for its elimination or contraction.

However, it is extremely important to the long term success of Ultimate that this role is defined, perhaps as a place for the sport's veteran superstars to continue playing and staying involved in the competitive side of Ultimate. If these folks are only showcased once a year during the series, then that is better than not at all.

Much better. There will always be nay-sayers who argue that a division that exists solely during the fall championship series is no division at all. Of course,. All that that tells us is that the masters division is unique among the club divisions. Ultimate should be the exception to our me-first-now society with cookie-cutter culture that gives you only a "choice" of Wal-Mart, Starbuck's or McDonald's.

We should celebrate the otherness of the masters division. Its season is different; its fall championship series is different; its players are different; even its culture within the sub-culture of Ultimate is different. As the club division dog is led by its college division tail see lOth edition rules , players can look to the masters division for a taste of old school Ultimate played with passion, skill and spirit, and played under modern rules.

So if you like the game of Ultimate, thank a masters player. Your opportunity to say "you're welcome" will come sooner than you think. Peter A. To appreciate the development of Ultimate in South Africa and the purpose of this relationship, it is necessary to consider the current situation in the country. During this time the black population was grossly exploited, and white and black people were rigidly segregated-a system known to the world as apartheid. The legacy of apartheid is an exceptionally unequal society.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Cape Town. Here, an affluent, mobile minority lives in one of the most beautiful settings in the world-huddled at the base of Table Mountain with the fudian Ocean on one side and the Atlantic on the other. Yet the vast majority of Cape Town's inhabitants live in relative squalor in the townships that sprawl on the outskirts of the city, known as the Cape Flats. Here a black population struggles to make ends meet, and comrnu-. Although apartheid has been dismantled, any visitor to areas like Cape Town will be faced with its enduring legacy.

Despite its troubled past, South Africa is a place with a great deal of optimism and potential. The transition to democracy stressed forgiveness and the need for a truly non-racial future, a concept that is now celebrated as the Rainbow nation. This partnership between the Condors and South African Ultimate is aimed at making a real contribution to breaking down barriers, providing unique opportunities to disadvantaged children and promoting our beloved sport.

It is a proposal that requires vision and commitment, yet it has the potential to significantly benefit all those involved. SAFDA has recently lodged an application to register formally as a non-profit organization and is now run by a dedicated group of volunteers. The aim of this initiative is to bring Ultimate to the Cape Flats and in doing so, to help strengthen impoverished communities.

We believe that Ultimate, particularly due to the emphasis on Spirit and self regulation, is perfectly suited. The company concerned bought into the idea of self-refereeing, and they also liked the fact that Ultimate was an alternative team sport that was cheap and easy to play. With the hard work of certain key people, the Ultimate scene in the townships grew quickly.

Discs were distributed, the rules explained, training organized and eventually a junior league was established. While in the short term the development program was a resounding success, the momentum proved difficult to sustain. This group, many of whom have now been playing for five years, are seen as the future generation of a non-racial Ultimate scene-players who will in time develop the sport themselves in their own communities.

In addition, the dev-team is included in all local competitions, and they are rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with. There is no substitute to seeing elite-level Ultimate from the sidelines. Bearing in mind this situation, a longstanding dream of SAFDA is to be able to send a truly mixed team to a world championship, hopefully by While the prosperous future of Ultimate is of key concern, realizing this aim will of course provide an amazing experience for many kids who have not travelled outside Cape Town, let alone got on a plane, allowing them to experience new cultures and make friends from overseas.

No doubt it will also prove to be an immensely rewarding experience for those who can accompany and compete with the devplayers. The Condors contribution to this effort will consist primarily of the transfer of knowledge to the players of South Africa, with a special emphasis on the development players. The Condors also have access to a number of resources that are unavailable to the South Africans, primarily the access to many tournaments and potential sponsorship resources.

Initial efforts in this relationship began. This was. Initial efforts in this relationship began with the travel of one Condor member to Cape Town where he participated in pick up games. With respect to sponsorship , Condors representatives got in contact with Discraft, who has generously donated discs to be given to the development players and used in fundrais-.

Finally, it is hoped that some of the leaders of the Ultimate movement in South Africa will be able to visit the United States for training and tournament play with the Condors this spring. This experience will undoubtedly prove valuable for transfer of information as well as exposing the South Africans to play at elite levels of American Ultimate.

It is hoped that this partnership will help Ultimate grow in South Africa and spread the sport to people who would not normally be exposed to it. Additionally, the development program provides a wonderful opportunity for a tremendously disadvantaged segment of the population. The Condors hope that this will serve to add to the legacy of the success of the team as well as be a keystone of our outreach efforts. At this time efforts in advancing this relationship have just begun.

Any comments, suggestions or offers to help can be directed to Greg Husak husak geog. Let's go! Alex Masulis, who was sitting beside me, pulled on his cleats and said, "Man, if you would have told me yesterday that we'd be playing the Condors today, I'd have been like, ' Sweet! As disorienting as it was to see the Condors and Sub Zero warming up to play each other in the backdoor semis, already out of contention, it was exciting as well. Possibly, it's the harbinger of a new era.

More likely, it's the result of an unusually long season for the top teams. Either way, it brought serious drama to a division that needed some shaking up. From the first round, it was anybody's tournament. The top teams were not looking like top teams, and the lower seeds gained confidence and energy to fill the gap. The Condors and DoG were the exceptions here, cruising to easy opening victories. Furious George and Sub Zero, meanwhile, had to overcome first-half deficits in order to knock off their firstround opponents.

Boss Hogg and New York, respectively, were not ready to come out and lose to somebody because they were rumored to be good, and they fought to the end, losing those games by scores of and Johnny Bravo, Electric Pig and Sockeye also started out cold, struggling against the bottom seeds from their respective pools. Though each of these higher-seeded teams pulled out victories, it was becoming clear that the distance between the top eight seeds and the bottom eight was not as large as it has been in years past.

That said, however, the first day saw only two serious upsets. While Chain Lightning, the thirteen-seed, did indeed beat twelfthseeded New York, and Pike beat the higherseeded PBR Streetgang, these were not significant changes of fortune. It could be argued that Sockeye's pounding of Sub Zero was equally insignificant, given that it only reordered one of the next day 's power pools; but this game was the first real test for both teams and each of the combatants would carry the outcome with them for the remainder of the tournament.

The lower half of the seedings is often far less accurate than the higher one, and those bottom-half upsets are, paradoxically, expected. But Sub Zero was supposed to beat Sockeye. Not badly, but they were supposed to win. Sockeye had radically different ideas. All game long, they looked great on both sides of the disc, committing few turnovers and then getting them back when they did.

They were ruthless in punishing Sub Zero's mistakes and jubilant in celebration. They played this game like champions. Sub Zero, meanwhile, looked hesitant and uncertain, espe-. When was the last time anyone saw this kind of upheaval in the open division! It was that kind of tournament. Before lunchtime on Saturday, two of the top four seeds had been eliminated. Gone were the days when you just waited until Saturday afternoon to watch the serious Ultimate, when Jam, Furious, Condors and DoG would square off in the semis.

In this year's nationals, first of all, Jam was notably absent. The top four seeds soon found themselves facing each other in the quarterfinals while on the other side of the bracket a five-seed and an eight-seed stared each other down in the semifinals. And it was the eight-seed that made it through to the finals.

When was the last time anyone saw this kind of upheaval in the open division? In a good summation of the feelings following this particular upset, Sub Zero's Dave Boardman said to me, "Don't write anything about this game. Nothing happened here. Electric Pig had won Tuneup in Chicago a few months prior to nationals and had played very well at worlds in August. They came into nationals rightful! After having a tough first-round game, however, they found themselves in actual danger in the second.

Boss Hogg had taken Furious George to the wire and carried that confidence into their game with the heavily favored Pig. It was close all game Death or Glory vs. Furious long, but at the end, Pig let down and it was Boss Hogg who took it away, winning Pig's situation was looking dire until Chicago's Machine turned around and upset Hogg in the following round. All Pig had to do, at that point, was beat Furious George to qualify automatically for the second day 's power pools.

And they were leading when the Machine vs. Hogg game ended, but they couldn't hold on. Machine, in a huge coup, came out on top of the resulting three-way tie for second place and qualified instead. Electric Pig, certainly one of the country's top teams, was now looking down a hard road if they even wanted to make quarterfinals. But that was it. So far, seven of the eight teams who were supposed to be in the top pools for Friday had made it there.

It was in those power pools, however, that the real turmoil began. The first pool featured a prime match up between a Sockeye team on the rise and a Condors team who was looking to maintain. In a real battle, Sockeye out-toughed the Condors at the end of the game and took over Santa Barbara's seed. Sockeye also demolished Raleigh 's Ring of Fire by playing a literally flawless offense and taking advantage of Ring's second-half errors. Sub Zero, who had already lost to Sockeye, lost an unsurprising game to the Condors by the somewhat surprising margin of The only game they needed to win on this day was the last one.

If they beat Ring of Fire, they'd qualify for quarters automatically and have a morning game against Johnny Bravo to look forward to. Ring kept the game tight all the way up to the end, however, and in the last two points snatched it away from the stunned Minnesotans. One extraordinary goal-lineD, one tragic goal-line drop and two easy passes later, Ring was celebrating in the end zone before Sub Zero could quite process what had happened.

In the. Sub Zero's prize: a quarters showdown with Furious George on Saturday morning. The other pool saw even more upheaval. In the very first round, Johnny Bravo faced Furious George. Boulder has a mediocre history when playing higher-seeded teams, and odds-makers were surely betting on the Canadians. The game was close, as it was expected to be, but towards the end it became clear that Johnny Bravo had the deeper team.

Furious' Mike Grant, who had been their go-to guy all tournament and who had played more than his fair share of points in this game, was exhausted. He doublejumped on what ordinarily would have been an easy D, and Johnny Bravo went up An overthrown Furious huck on the next point, and Bravo puts in the winning score. Coming off of this big win, however, Bravo very nearly lost their next game to Machine.

Instead, a late-game run saved the day and Bravo escaped, Furious, meanwhile, having dropped the game to Bravo and looking tired to say the least, turned around and beat DoG in the second round. DoG had rolled over Machine in the first round and was possibly a little bit complacent. One little Boston letdown coming out of halftime, and Furious built a three-point lead from which DoG never recovered.

In this game, Furious finally looked like a top team, having struggled in every previous game they played, no matter the outcome. And with this multiple-point margin of victory they managed to take the power pool, no less. Electric Pig, it must be said, did not battle back into the quarters picture.

The first day's draining losses apparently demoralized the team so badly that they continued to play well below their ability, dropping games to Pike and PBR Streetgang. The games weren' t close. All this commotion and parity makes things hard to keep up with. It fell out that on Saturday morning the Condors, DoG, Sub Zero and Furious George-the top four seeds-had to play each other in quarters instead of semis. Chain Lightning, who had a big day on Friday, had battled their way into quarters and was facing Sockeye on the other.

Much more shocking than Sub Zero's meeting Santa Barbara in the backdoor semifinals on Saturday afternoon was DoG's drawing Santa Barbara in quarterfinals that morning. This, after all, was supposed to be the finals. Both teams, facing elimination, played like it was the finals , too.

DoG, however, got a few early breaks and never let the Condors back in the game. They Death or Glory vs. Furious George. Photo by Rick Collins. The Sub Zero vs. Furious George match up Chain fought the Fish hard but fell in was almost predetermined.

Sub Zero, ever the end Sockeye was left with since losing to Sockeye on the first day, had much less momentum than they wanted been struggling to find consistency, much less as they waited for semis. Furious George, on the other hand, Ring of Fire was seeded to make it had finally found their to quarters, but everyone knew that stride against DoG and brought that game they were lucky to be playing Johnny Bravo instead of Furious George.

Ring, after all, is a young, highly Furious rolled, They have speed, athletiChain Lightning vs. The other side tude, but they have no real veteran leadership-and that, as conventional of the bracket was wisdom goes, is why they haven' t yet supposed to provide made it past quarters.

Johnny Bravo, all the drama, but Sockeye came out looking for its part, probably liked the match like an entirely different team. Their defense up with Ring better than Sub Zero. Kevin ership. And more importantly, Bravo Monahan had taken an elbow to the eye pushed DoG to a finish and then against the Condors and was not at full beat Furious in this tournament.

Ring strength. Midway through the Chain Light-. But Ring, in Ring fashion, was not intimidated. They came out fired up and playing strong Ultimate, though it was Bravo who got the first-half break. At , Ring began its comeback and tied the game at 11 's.

From this point on, it was high intensity. Calls were coming from all over the field and arguments lasted several minutes there were no observers. Two key Johnny Bravo D's were called back and these calls are still being argued on RSD , but at double game point, , Bravo received the pull to win and promptly threw it right into Chris Hinkle's hands.

A few throws later, Ray Parrish comes down with a huge grab in the end zone, and Ring is the one heading to semis. Ring of Fire had now scrapped out two consecutive come-from-behind victories against favored opponents. The fans had had a good time with Ring's unlikely run, but Sockeye, their next favored opponent, was the story of the season, having played inspired Ultimate en route to being the last.

Plus, Sockeye had taken Ring apart just one day earlier. Ring 's run was going to end here. But these were very different teams: Ring was soaring after their last two victories, while Sockeye was banged up and tired after a tough quarters victory. The momentum was in Ring's favor, and Ring knows how to use momentum. They played their Furious George celebrates best-and flashiestUltimate of the tournament as they ran past and jumped over Sockeye. They didn't even have to come from behind. Sockeye's offense was nowhere near flawless in this game, and Ring capitalized on their chances.

Ring walked into the finals with a win. After the game, Sockeye's Lou Burrus shrugged and said, "You can't run a car without gas. Furious beat DoG in the previous day's showdown, but neither team real! The teams traded early breaks in the first half, and DoG started out the second half up And this is where it gets Rick Collins. This was the type of game that makes its description nearly impossible.

Nothing exceptional appeared to be happening on the field because every player on each team was playing exceptional Ultimate. Throws were on target, headed to receivers running at full speed; defenders were exactly where they should be, running equally hard and laying out for almost every throw. It was just about perfect. The only thing, in fact, that prevented the second half from actually being perfect was one turnover by DoG-the half's only turnover, if that wasn't clear-that led to a Furious score.

That would decide the game: Furious emerges victorious, The game had a grand total of five turnovers and at least fifteen breathtaking plays; after that performance, if for no other reason, Furious had to be the favorite heading into the finals. But following such a phenomenal Saturday, the finals on Sunday were bound to be something of a letdown.

It was certainly an exciting game. Furious, heavily favored, looked complacent as they started out. After Furious scored on the game's first possession, Ring promptly answered with a three-point run. Even after Furious stopped the bleeding, they didn't look good. Ring's offense, perhaps suffering some jitters, would give Furious a tum, and Furious would give it right back. With Ring looking confident and leading , things start to go wrong for them.

The first of these is fairly innocuous: Ring pulls and gets scored on. But then Furious' defense finally arrives. On the next point, a tough mark forces a Rob bye Brooks turf; Furious converts. On the point after that, the defense forces a high-count huck that falls incomplete; Furious converts. Facing a revitalized Monkey, Ring begins to crumble. A poor throw and an overruled foul call lead to another Furious possession and score. To close the half, it's an unforced drop that gives.

Furious the disc. They take half on a run by the score of It's not a big lead, but the last five points have taken their toll on Ring 's fire. Furious would extend the run to seven points in the second half before they started turning the disc over again. The teams traded points down the stretch, Furious got one more break and then took home the title by the score of The only disappointing thing about the final as a whole, especially given the greatness of the DoG vs.

Furious semifinal, was the fact that the teams combined to commit 38 turnovers. Nerves governed this game, and for those seven points in the middle, Furious played perfect, jitter-free Ultimate. After it's all done, why didn't the Condors make it three in a row? Why did Electric Pig finish fifteenth instead of sixth or higher?

Why did Sockeye run out of energy? And what did Ring of Fire have that these traditionally superior teams lacked? The answer, I heard from several members of these traditionally superior teams, was worlds. The top seven seeds at this tournament had all gone to worlds, and players from these teams complained of the burnout associated with playing, in effect, two consecutive seasons.

Other factors certainly played into the result of this tournament, not the least of which was Ring's ascendancy-after all, Furious George played in worlds and won here; DoG and Sockeye both made semis at the end of these two seasons. But it is interesting that only two of the top four seeds made semis, a significant departure from the predictability of nationals past. And what's going to happen next year? I doubt the Condors are going to begin thinking of themselves as a quarterfinal team, and I doubt DoG will forget that one point that kept them out of finals.

A few certainties: Jam is still out there, Ring of Fire is for real, and the field is wide open. Games become important at different points in the tournament, whether for crossover matches, for placement brackets, or to establish quarterfinal opponents.

After working so hard to get to the show, all games seem critical, but with the powerful women 's club dynasties dominating the top tier, there is an expected outcome in some matches. Here is what each team faced as the tourney progressed. Here they beat Clutch but lost to Lady Condors and went to the bracket. Their first match had them dropping to Pounce and then to Clutch to take 16th. In the playoff, Clutch was beat by regional rival Bait and then revenged their earlier loss to Buttercup by taking their first win and 15th.

Bait 15 dropped to Riot and Backhoe, going to day two carrying a close loss to Safari They met Pounce and Fuse in the next round, and after losing to Fuse, took their first win against Pounce in a close battle Playing for 13th, Bait met Clutch first in the bracket, and they squeaked out another win For 13th they again met Pounce, and this time Pounce was the victor in a final close battle Bait finished 14th.

Losing to Fury and Schwa, Pounce 14 came out of their Thursday pool with a loss to Fuse as well and started day two against Safari and Bait. They lost both games by two points each and went winless into the Here they knocked off Buttercup, and then won their rematch against Bait to take 13th. There they beat Clutch but dropped a close game to Lady Condors In the bracket they were beat by Fuse, and in the game lost to Safari, taking 12th.

On opening day Safari 10 needed to overthrow Backhoe or Riot to gain the top eight, but didn' t. They had a tight game against Bait, and they persevered to win accidentally reported with an inverse result on the web write-up. Day two had them knocking off Pounce in a close match , however Safari couldn't overcome Fuse. Backhoe 7 won the game they needed to on day one against Safari to stay up top, and were reseeded Friday with a loss to Riot.

Day two , they dropped to the other northwest squads Fury and. Schwa, moving them to a crossover game. Backhoe lost to Lady Condors in a backdoor game and ended up in the slot. They replayed Safari who they again beat, then dropped to Fuse to take lOth. Fuse 11 couldn't stand up to Fury or Schwa opening day and went into their second pool with a win over Pounce.

After taking down Bait to start Friday, Fuse's backdoor opportunity to make the top eight meant beating Safari, which they just managed Against Nemesis in the crossover game, they staggered to halftime down as Nemesis proved too much for them. The first big game for Rare Air 5 was a battle against Ozone on day one.

Tied at 11 's, Rare Air capitalized on Ozone errors, winning the game and their pool. On Friday they lost to Lady Godiva and then met Nemesis. With another game even at 11 's, Nemesis scored to take their first lead of the half, but Rare Air turned it up at this point and. Their quarterfinal match with Riot was an even race. After trading three-point runs to start, neither team held a twopoint lead throughout. Rare Air took half , but up in a game to 13, Riot fought back and knocked Rare Air out of contention After this disappointment, Rare Air met Nemesis again in placement and lost this time, Their slide was completed when Schwa won the game ; Rare Air finished 8th.

After coming out of Fury 's pool in second place, Schwa 6 met Riot on day two. Riot took half , but Schwa came out strong and brought the score to Schwa. Riot battled back with four unanswered points , Riot and again Schwa rallied, scoring the final two points for the win. They handled Backhoe with ease to finish day two. Schwa had a fiery start in their quarter against Ozone, coming out with a dominating lead.

Ozone found their own spark at this point and made a three point. Schwa called time and scored immediately after, but another Ozone streak tied it. Schwa took one more and Ozone finished it Disconsolate, Schwa didn't even want to play their placement match and lost badly to Lady Condors. In the game, they faced Rare Air, who they beat to take 7th. Simply put, Nemesis 9 played an exceptional three days. In a lengthy contest on the first morning, Nemesis unseeded the Lady Condors and took their spot in the top eight, advancing into day two with a loss to Lady Godiva.

Their next major match up was against Rare Air, and Nemesis stayed in it until late, but Rare Air finished it Against Ozone, Nemesis took half , but Ozone was nearly unstoppable after that and vanquished Nemesis into the crossover against Fuse. Nemesis was relentless in their drive for the championship bracket, beating Fuse They met Fury in the quarterfinal and after being down at half, struggled back to Fury started running up the score after this, and Nemesis was downed The placement had them meeting Rare Air again, and this time they pulled out the win The 5th place game was a rematch against Lady Condors , and the vengeful Condors won it, giving Nemesis 6th.

Starting off in a pool with Godiva and Nemesis, two losses and Lady Condors 8 found themselves moved to the lower draw. They beat Buttercup and just squeaked out a. ANote on Tournament format Let's begin with a quick recap of the championship format. Teams start in a pool of four, and play three games on day one. For day two, the top pair of teams from each of the four pools advance into the top two pools; the bottom pair in each pool go into the lower two pools.

The teams reseed over in pairs, and carry the record against the one team that reseeded with them into the day two pool. In other words, whatever happens on day one follows you into the day two pool. On day two, you play two games against the teams you haven't met yet, and then the pools are ranked.

The bottom team in each of the top two pools plays against the top team in each of the bottom two pools in the crossover games. This is the last chance to make quarters for the lower pools. After this, it is a straight elimination: three brackets, , , and Got it? Backhoe was tight with them to half , but the Lady Condors capped off their drive back to the top eight with a win. In the quarters they met up with Lady Godiva again, who easily pushed them into the bracket.

Lady Condors played and eliminated Schwa, and then met Nemesis again, getting retribution with a win and taking 5th place. Although making semis, Riot 2 was not an overpowering force on the field. They won their opening pool, taking a Backhoe win into day two. Schwa was their first test on Friday and after a long match couldn't finish against them Schwa. Immediately Riot met the other northwest squad, Fury. Riot went down by an early break; the score was Fury at half.

Converting a couple Fury turnovers,. Riot tied it at 9's and then 10's. Riot went up , but Fury brought it back to 13's, game to Riot turned the disc over a couple times and Fury hucked for the win; Riot avoided the crossover only because of their earlier win against Backhoe. Rare Air met them in the quarter, and it was Riot's third double game point game in a row.

They pulled this one out to continue in the championship bracket. In their semifinal match with Fury, both teams had three-point runs before settling down at half, Fury. The game was physically demanding , with layouts all over and a couple collisions. At Fury, the strain of a long tournament was showing on Riot; Fury went up by two and then three. Riot started to see their final berth slipping. Lady Godiva's first true test came in their final against fury, and they came out with the victory.

Ozone 4 began the tourney dropping seed to Rare Air, crossing into a pool with Godiva and Nemesis. Lady Godiva worked Ozone over in the first game on day two, making a win against Nemesis essential to avoid the crossover.

Nemesis won the first half , but Ozone steeled their resolve at this point and finished the game with an run. In the playoffs they met Schwa again, a rematch of last year's UPA quarters. After being down , Ozone's defense pulled them back in and their offense didn't miss; they finished off Schwa to advance. Meeting Lady Godiva again, they started okay, but unforced turnovers were converted by Godiva into a lead. Ozone seemed to accept their semis berth as success enough at this point and got blown out Fury 3 was up against northwest rival Schwa in their opening pool, but they came out of Thursday unscathed.

On day two they rolled over Backhoe and then took down Riot by one point to continue unbeaten. Their quarterfinal against Nemesis was a more formidable fight than the score indicated.


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