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Say you have the perfect Tinder profile. You have the sexy shirtless photo, the sweet picture of you and your grandmother, and that one shot where your jaw looks really chiseled and presidential. She pulled up their conversation on her phone. I was confused: Both of my friends are funny, energetic talkers. But I could see that their rapport on Tinder was, in fact, mehhhh. Tinder banter is way harder than real-life flirting, but with these six tips you, too, can become a master of chit-chat. Nice try.

Lay88 betting websites

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All you need to about football staking plans, so you make the best betting stake decisions with less risk.

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Lay88 betting websites Bf Bot Manager More information. Site Monitor. Date: February You can bring up a previous days results by selecting the date from the drop down box. Why you should identify motivation as a foundation of your next favourite vs underdog wager - Updated: 05 June betting strategy. The first bet loses.

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Target Profit Staking Plan back only This staking plan is very simple and useful. The stake is calculated by dividing the target profit by the selections odds. You can also choose to recover the loss from any losers by ticking the recover loss option. This plan will add one unit after one loss. If you are betting 10 units, then the next bet only after a losing bet would be 20 units.

A stake of 10 would need a bank of Dutching Staking Plan back only Example based on stake: Selection 1. The book is the total percentage You select how many selections i. The selections can be done manually or by using multiple favourite s option. So if you had 3 selections to Dutch and set the min and max bets to 3, then all 3 bets have 27 Chapter 10 Staking Plans:. A bit like a fill or kill option. You can also choose to use recovery which will recover the previous loss on the next bet.

You can also select to stop or reset the stake once the no. That is what this stake is about. Look up the decimal probability values and you will see that these odds equate to decimal values of Add these figures up and we get Thus our profit margin is less This is our profit margin. So multiply the profit required by fair bet percentage and divide by the profit margin, in this case profit required x fair bet percentage Now, we know that the respective decimal probabilities were So you can limit the total odds of the group of selections you bet on.

In the above example the max book would be Set the initial stake, in this case 1. Then on every losing bet the stake increases by the amount you set. In this case 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x etc. Similar in nature to the Fibonacci stake but you choose the way in which the stake increases.

The stake would be 1, 2, 3, 4 etc, when you get a winning bet the stake resets to initial stake. If you reach the end of the sequence it will keep going on the last multiplier until a win. Accumulator Stake back only This is a very powerful staking system.

You can basically roll up the win for a bet and place the lot on the next bet, as many times as you wish. Of course for it to win you still need winners. But it gives you the opportunity to take the other side of all those people laying the favourite or 3rd fav. How many times do you see those lose 3 or more times in a row?

The number of bets set will determine the number of consecutive bets where the stake and winnings will be put onto the next bet. So the cumulative odds is the number of bets times the min odds set in the odds range. So if min odds are 5. Adjust last bet will do the following. The last bet stake will depend on the actual odds of the selections. So if the selections odds are actually 5. So if odds of last selection are 6. Example: Here we have min odds set to 3. We were selecting traps 1 and 3 on the greyhounds using the multiple trap strategy.

This is where you select the ordered favourite to bet on. By selecting a race with the left hand tick box and one of the drop down options you can either bet on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or up to 24th favourite in a race automatically. So if you select 1 then only that favourite will be selected. Bet on 3rd and 4th fav.

This is extremely powerful stuff! Example below on the greyhounds. Chapter 11 Favourite Drop down Box Here you can add multiple scenarios that use logical statements. You may have selected 1st fav in the favourite box, but you also want to know 2nd and 3rd fav are less than 10 before placing a bet. Very powerful scenarios. You can add these to the favourite box selections or you own individual selections.

Remember to click apply to activate them. To delete a row, just highlight it with the mouse and hit delete on your keyboard. So you cannot bet on the selection if it was the favourite for instance, or only bet on it if it was the 2nd favourite. This also works with strategies on the greyhounds and horses.

The export button allows you to save the days results in a csv or xls excel compatible format. Automatically the day s action will be saved by date. You can bring up a previous days results by selecting the date from the drop down box. If you reload races or restart you will overwrite any results that have been previously logged. If you want to keep previous results from within the day then simply save them by exporting them.

To change any modes you must reload the races. When the simulation tick box is checked the software will do pretty much everything as normal except a bet won t actually be placed. The results in this instance are not as reliable in simulation mode as they are in live mode. You can always check the result yourself using results for horses or for the greyhounds. Also fast results here: Dear Betfair Software Vendor, We are writing to you as a Vendor who offers a simulation mode as part of their software offering.

We ask that you make your customers aware that the simulation mode makes real requests for live Betfair data. This is important from a Data Request charge and an efficiency point-of-view. It should be made clear that the functionality like any feature of the software is offered as a tool to aid bet placement and not intended for long term data analysis. If customers wish to test strategies, they should instead use the Historical Data services made available via or rather than relying on the live system.

This is a much more efficient way for Betfair to provide such data. The bot will auto save the current settings when the program is closed. The settings are saved in text files. Each morning you have to press the Load Races button for the new days races to be loaded. The software creates some files in the bot directory like log. These files have to be left untouched as they are critical for the bot s functionality. But all the previous logs, results and settings will be lost!

You could simply move them to another folder for backup. We have now added more functionality which tells you why a bet wasn t placed or if the bot stopped. If the bot has stopped due to a filter like Max Losers then the label will turn red and the bot status will turn to Stopped.

Hover your mouse over the coloured squares or the prices column and you will see the reason a bet want placed or the matched bets for multiple runners. Load Races You can reload races from the menu. Remember to save your strategy if you upgrade the bot too so you can just reload it. Extra Scenarios You can edit your extra scenarios or setup new scenarios.

Good for tipsters who have customers that need the same selections. When importing you must have the correct race meetings already loaded. Schedule Schedule automatically how the bot behaves. Reload races at a specified time - loads the days races automatically at a specified time. Select all races after reload - ticks all the race selection boxes automatically after reload Chapter 20 Actions Menu Time Zone You can change your time zone to display races in your local time or the time of the country the race is being held in.

Create Debugging Package This creates a zipped package of files which you can send to support for debugging purposes. You should send this along with a screenshot to show any error that may appear in the bot. When Minimised Hide to Tray This will minimise the icon to the system tray, near the clock at the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Open Application Data Directory This will open the directory where the data and log files are stored. It may be useful if you need to send a log file or a debug file to support. You can access the manual and support pages on the website from here. The strategies option is a new development to apply basic strategies. We have started by adding a few strategies that are in fact very powerful.

All the usual filters and staking can be applied like odds range limits etc. Just select the races you want the strategy to apply to. Strategies will work on both dogs and horses. Chapter 21 Help Menu When a strategy is selected the favourite selection box will be greyed out. So you can bet on say trap 3, 6, 4 then repeat again 3, 6, 4. The example shows a trap sequence of 5,1,3,4 which will repeat, as you can see quite powerful.

You can use this with the usual available staking plans, Very cool! So if in the last race trap 5 won, then the next bet will be put on trap 5. There is also an option to wait for two winning traps in a row, so if we had two trap 5 winners in a row the bet would be placed on trap 5 again. This is usually used when placing lay bets. The first trap to bet on is just for starting the bets off so we can get the first winning trap.

The last trap used is taken from the last race bet on or the last race ticked. Use with normal staking plans. In the example trap 5 is set by ticking the box numbered 5. On each race, trap 5 will be selected and a bet placed. You can select any trap or multiple traps like 2 and 5 at the same time. All Trap Selection This will simply place a bet on all traps available. For laying if a loss occurs then the amount of the loss is added to the stake on the trap that last won or created the loss.

It s a test strategy with recovery built. For backing it will simply place a bet on all traps. Chapter 22 Strategies Option So if the odds were set to between 4. The actual favourite may be at 3. It is possible to run multiple bots on the same Betfair account or multiple Betfair accounts. Be aware of possible data charges from Betfair as per the link in the bot. To run another copy of the bot simply click the Betbotpro desktop icon again. There is now an instance manager which controls the number of instances you want to run.

The second time run the program from the shortcut it will create a new instance of the program automatically. You can then rename this instance to whatever you like such as greyhound1 or horse strategy 2 etc. Once an instance has been opened the instance is locked and cannot be used until that bot is closed. The last instance opened will also be remembered for next time you login. This makes running sevaral bots very easy and is a huge improvement on the past.

Instance Manager You can manage the instances you create using the instance manager. Just click on the Instance manager button next to the login button. The drop down also shows the instances you have available. If you uninstall the program the instances are not removed. So you can uninstall and re-install a new version perhaps and you settings and strategies will be saved.

For the best discussions on strategies please see the member s forums accessible via the member s area. Usually the best strategies are the simplest. If you keep your greed under control it s quite easy to make a day with 2 stakes. Don t get too carried away and try and make small amounts regularly. You can always increase stakes later on when your strategy proves to be profitable. There are plenty of tipsters for dogs and horses losing or winning their races.

You can test their selections in simulation mode and use them if you wish or simply design your own strategy. If the dog with the slowest time is below certain odds then it could be a good lay bet. I m sure you can think of many more ideas you can test.

Greyhound example Lay random traps in between odds of say 3 and 9. Use small profit targets to start with depending on your stakes i. The day below I was testing with below min 2 stakes. On this occasion the recovery stake was used.

You can also try liability staking and fixed staking if you re not keen on recovery which can be more risky. You can also only bet on favourites less than say 3. Many of these lose and it can be fairly easy to grab your profit for the day without losing a lot when the favourite does win. Strategies are endless. Horse racing example One strategy that is quite successful is to check with the days racing on Betfair. Only consider races with 8 or more runners, although it does work with less.

Make sure there are at least 4 horses under odds of The lower the odds are the better. Bet on the next horse if the odds are 11 or higher. I tend to use fixed liability with this but recovery can be used as losers are rare.

Such as lay the third favourite between odds of 5. An example of this is below: Chapter 24 To Be Successful This document and all the contents are. No part of this may be reproduced in any form without prior written consent. Bot controls Wallet controls Bf Bot Manager. AutoTrading Fox Manual All rights reserved. No parts of this work may be reproduced in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or information.

Gambling is inherently risky. You should carefully consider whether engaging in any kind of gambling is suitable for you in light of your financial condition. User Guide Bet Mover Introduction Bet Mover has a very specific purpose: To find bets, based on qualification rules, around the movement in odds of horses on the Betfair betting exchange. A system comprises. The right has been asserted in accordance with the copyright, designs and patents act You may share or give it away as long as the contents, links and disclaimers stay exactly.

It has been developed specially for TheBetPlan customers. There are two versions available for Betfair and Betdaq. We hope that you are going to find using it both enjoyable and profitable, and that you are going to appreciate. A runner s in-running performance is solely based on the price difference between its BSP Betfair Starting.

Follow these easy step by step instructions and you will This Version of the ebook is for all countries other than the USA. If you need the. Midas Method Betting Bot 3. System Requirements. If you like a flutter on the horses or any other sport then I would strongly recommend Betfair to place those bets. I find it amazing the number of people still using high street bookmakers which offer.

User Manual Version: 2. Betfair do not take. By purchasing this ebook you now have access to a very simple, yet highly profitable system to make TAX FREE profits with horse racing. Strike Rate!! Introduction Firstly, congratulations of becoming an owner of this fantastic selection system. You ll find it difficult to find a system that can produce so many winners at such low liability. B Total Outlay: If you don t stipulate your preferred Total. Steps to use the bot Strategy This bot.

How to place lay bets using The Bet Engine just before the off. Paul Beaumont The picture above is the opening screen of TBE and, as we are dealing with horseracing markets, then that box has to be ticked. Equotion Working with Equotion Working with Equotion This how to guide has been pulled together to help new users get the most out of the Equotion system.

Part of this is to make sure that you understand. User Guide Ver 3. The leverage created by trading on margin can work against. Thank you very much for purchasing my guide on Automated Betting Software, I sincerely hope that you enjoy exploring the strategies and discovering what betting bots can do. I also hope that the guide.

NET 2. To make your experience of using RewardBet with your LuxBet account more enjoyable, the following guide answers a number. Ladder control Grid control Ladder control Ladder control is used for placing Back or. ABC Roster version 2. This document cannot be redistributed. Welcome to the Social Accelerator setup guide. This guide covers 2 ways to setup SA. Most likely, you will want to use the easy setup wizard. In that case, you. Hello and welcome to Trading 4 Profits.

So you want to create an Email a Friend action This help file will take you through all the steps on how to create a simple and effective email a friend action. It doesn t cover the advanced features;. Contents 1. Read this first! Introduction to this Guide User Guide System Architecture Overview Hosting Users Guide eofficemgr technology support for small business Celebrating a decade of providing innovative cloud computing services to small business.

Table of Contents Overview Introduction to BetTornado! General Information! Basic Layout! Quick Navigation The Menu! Disclaimer Please make sure you read this disclaimer all the way through and contact us if there is anything you don't understand before you use the contents of this guide.

We always recommend that you. Driver Updater Manual Keep your drivers up-to-date! Improve your system performance and stability by keeping your drivers updated. Automatically find, update and fix the drivers on your computer and turn. Unleash the Power of e-learning Version 1. SecuraLive Ultimate Security. Click Run to install when promoted, or alternatively,. It is not intended to encourage.

Contents Betfair - The basics How To Avoid Bookmaker Restrictions Some very useful tips for serious sports investor who uses Racing Profit Booster Daily Dealing with bookmaker restrictions is unfortunately part and parcel of professional. Getting Started.. What is new or different in AppScan Enterprise v9.

This guide is intended to provide a quick overview of installing the software and. The program or any portion thereof may not be reproduced. First Time On-Campus Remote Desktop Connection ipad Edition General: This guide is a step-by-step guide for configuring and using an ipad to remotely connect to a work computer from on campus.

This guide. Brought to you by: www. Aircraft Booking System Version 1. Get it wrong and it can. Site Monitor Version 5. Getting Started with Vision 6 Version 6. All Rights Reserved. Portions used under license from third parties. Please send any comments to: Netop. Xythos on Demand is not your ordinary online storage or file sharing web site. Instead, it is an enterprise-class document. Tuact Corp. Please read this instruction before setup your VenomXTM.

Introduction Venom. Introduction Welcome to Ultimatcher3! Ultimatcher started as a basic spreadsheet to help me calculate the stakes required when bet matching, dutching and arbing bookies. Over time I added much more functionality,. The Screenshot of the Software is displayed as below and other Screenshots displayed in this Software Tutorial can help.

In order to restore your hard drive back to the original factory settings you will need to do the following: 1 Press the start button and in the search area type Recovery 2 From the search results, launch. How do I reset my password if I forgot it? What s New with Salesforce for Outlook? Rates and speeds vary by market. Number of users and network. Microsoft Security Essentials Installation and Configuration Guide This installation guide is for users who are intending to download the software from Microsoft s web site.

If you are not intending on. The Award Winning Contact Manager that helps you keep your contacts organized and at your fingertips! It's perfect if you just want to. Page 4 Importing. Information about the. All rights reserved.

If this documentation includes advice or information relating to any matter. The problem with backup software Cobian9 Backup Program - Amanita Due to the quixotic nature of Windows computers, viruses and possibility of hardware failure many programs are available for backing up.

BounceBack Ultimate System Requirements 2. BounceBack Pre-Installation 3. How To Install The. Log in Registration. Search for. Size: px. Start display at page:. Bruno Russell 4 years ago Views:. View more. Similar documents. Bf Bot Manager More information. No parts of this work may be reproduced in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or information More information. More information. A system comprises More information. You may share or give it away as long as the contents, links and disclaimers stay exactly More information.

Please note that although you can install the bot on any number of computers your subscription only covers you for use in a single Betfair account. We hope that you are going to find using it both enjoyable and profitable, and that you are going to appreciate More information. A runner s in-running performance is solely based on the price difference between its BSP Betfair Starting More information.

If you need the More information. System Requirements More information. You literally just decide how much your standard stake is going to be, and bet that every single time. How you select that stake is up to you. There are more sophisticated plans out there, which are likely to produce much better results.

This is similar to simple fixed wager staking, but you do adjust your stake as you go along. Specifically, you alter your stake to the changing size of your account. In short, you just stake your entire account on each bet. Obviously the upside is that you increase your capital incredibly quickly. The downside is that if you lose just one bet which you inevitably will , then you lose absolutely everything.

Needless to say, I would not recommend you try this. How do you put this to work? So, those are the three most common fixed staking plans. With the martingale plan, every time you lose a bet, you double the next stake you take. This plan is all about loss recovery. The clear risk with this plan is that you could easily go on a losing streak — which happens to all of us — that wipes you out.

It is — as you can probably guess — based on the Fibonacci sequence. In general, though, you will always go forwards along the sequence when you lose a bet, and go backwards when you win a bet. If you win a bet , then you move back. Some Fibonacci plans have you going back to the start of the whole sequence, others say you should go back two steps.

The odds are 2. The Kelly Criterion t provides an easy way of working out how much you should stake on any bet, automatically helping you to minimise risk. The drawbacks of individual staking plans obviously depend on that particular plan.

In general, however, there are still some common drawbacks. Secondly, there will be some admin involved here. How much again depends on which plan you choose. Whichever you choose, it is also imperative that you record your bets in spreadsheets. If you want to try out a couple of different plans, this will help you decide which is best. The stake is actually more important. To this end, a good staking plan should — at the very least — help you stay afloat for longer.

The responsibility for that remains with you. If you want a fixed staking plan, which carries little maintenance with it, try out the Percent of Betting Bank method. The Fibonacci plan is a solid option, representing a nice cross between fixed and variable stakes betting. Finally, the proportional betting plan is probably the best overall way to go, if you have the time and commitment for it. Whichever plan you select, make sure that you execute it correctly, record your results, and stick with it for a solid amount of time.

Good Luck! Tags: betting zone. What does each way mean in football betting? The meaning of SP betting odds in all sports; from football to horse racing. Punters using half-time bets have more options to beat the bookies - Updated: 21 April betting strategy. Scalping your way to betting exchange profits - Updated: 15 April betfair. Mug betting is widespread and usually unprofitable, but this is not always true - Updated: 09 April betting strategy.

Converting odds to probabilities - Updated: 30 March odds , bookmakers. Betting is not the same everywhere, so choose the best experience for your pocket and your personal enjoyment - Updated: 29 June Bookmakers , betfair. Get more betting opportunities with multiple bookmaker or betting exchange accounts - Updated: 27 June Bookmakers , betfair. Your local betting shop might be better for you than your betting app?

Know how to identify if that next bookmaker bonus will help you or hinder you? Understand how a Patent Bet can help you to gain returns even when you lose - Updated: 21 June Bookmakers , odds. Is it realistic for you to cold trade betting exchanges? How to choose where to place your next bookmaker bet - Updated: 10 June Bookmakers.

Why you should identify motivation as a foundation of your next favourite vs underdog wager - Updated: 05 June betting strategy. Using long-term soccer information and performance data for success rate improvements - Updated: 28 May betting zone. Get professional trading skills, so you can get the most out of betting exchanges and earn profits - Updated: 26 May betfair.

Every soccer punter needing an edge should understand hedging? How to leverage your sports betting with reliable data and deep analysis - Updated: 14 May trends. Learn why you should ignore bankrupt punters with no track record? How to make better betting choices by removing common betting mistakes - Updated: 12 May betting zone. Try something a little different and take your betting to the next level using more advanced betting techniques - Updated: 11 May betting strategy.

Top 3 soccer betting trends. How to bet on football using low risk tips. What bookies dont want you to know. Stop losing money and win football bets every time with 13 secret betting tips and tricks. Win more bets with the best free soccer predictions days a year. Do you trust your football tipster. The unique predictions, tips and betting data are based on deep statistical analysis and long-term computer modelling, which provides soccer predictions, FREE Tips and VIP Tips based on numerous data points inside and outside of football.

Although, all data and advice on iwinsoccerbets is thoroughly researched and modelled with algorithms, databases and statistics; there is no guarantee of monetary profit. Gambling is an uncertain activity and past performance cannot be an accurate indicator of future profits. The advice, data, information, predictions and betting tips are provided for entertainment, informational and recreational purposes only.

Therefore, iwinsoccerbets does not assume any liability of any kind, financial or otherwise. Partner services or companies or connected parties also do not assume liability of any kind, financial or otherwise. This website provides informational content, which is designed for betting services.

This is a website designed for people over 18, who reside within countries that permit online gambling. Finally, gambling is supposed to be a recreational activity. Please only risk what you can afford to lose.