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Box betting tips

Even with judges, it is possible to have a fight ruled a draw. If two or more judges score the fight as a draw, it will be declared as such. Or if Judge 1 has the blue corner winning, Judge 2 has the red corner winning, and Judge 3 has it scored a draw, the match will be ruled a split draw. In all these scenarios, moneyline bets will be void and wagers will be returned. If one fighter is disqualified, then his opponent will be deemed the winner. The two boxers will each be listed with their potential payout next to their name.

The rounds total in Mayweather vs. McGregor, which is scheduled for 12 rounds, is at 9. If the event goes into the 10th round, the over bettors will win. If the match ends before the 10th round, the under bettors will win. Importantly, when the total rounds are set as a half number, it does not mean that the match has to go halfway through that round in order to reach the over.

As soon as the next round starts, in this case, the 10th round, the over bettors are winners, even if the match ends ten seconds into the 10th round. For the former, you can generally get decent payouts which reflect the low chance of predicting the exact round correctly. You can also bet on the rare occurrence of a draw.

Any moneyline, round or method of victory bet can be parlayed into an event from another. You can place single bets on both of those outcomes at one sportsbook; you cannot tie them together in a parlay. Find answers to common questions bettors like you have when researching which sportsbook to join. For boxing betting, you make lots of different types of wagers. These include moneyline, round betting, method of victory, and parlays.

The best bet is always the one that is the most fun. It is as simple as that. Also, when in doubt, go with a safe bet. Yes, there are many prop bets in boxing. For example, you can often bet who will land the first hit.

In round betting, you bet on which round you think the match will end. Boxing Betting Sites We teach you the different methods of betting on Boxing fights Boxing betting is a different experience compared to betting team sports in major leagues. Boxing December 18, Trent Reinsmith. Boxing December 16, Boxing November 23, Boxing November 22, View All Boxing Picks. Read Review. Bet Now. Over 50 years of experience.

We've been featured in:. Frequently Asked Questions Find answers to common questions bettors like you have when researching which sportsbook to join. What types of bets are available for boxing? Where can I find boxing betting picks? We offer free picks right here on this page. What is the best boxing bet? Are there boxing proposition bets? What is round betting? Bet Now Read Review. Great mobile betting.

Best for non-US bettors. Best for beginners. In many cases, this will also include a draw option. The total in boxing is based on the number of rounds a fight goes, rather than punches landed or judge scoring. Boxing matches normally consist of a set amount of three-minute rounds.

A typical boxing match has between rounds. The above two markets will be available for just about every fight, but there is a lot more available at most sportsbooks. Bettors can wager on a knockout or a winner by decision to decide. The number of rounds a fight will go is another option as a proposition bet. Then there is the ability to live bet the fight live as it happens.

For high profile fights, the number of betting options can easily reach markets or more. Almost all of these markets are props. Bettors can find some hidden value in these markets but should be careful with the high bookmaker margins sometimes associated with these bets, particularly on big-name fights. The bookies are eager to take action on blockbuster fights. Odds will be available on betting sites in some cases before the fights are officially announced. Once they are made official, pretty much every sportsbook on the web will at least have match odds and totals on the number of rounds.

We shall discuss various boxing betting strategies you can use when deciding on whom you might bet in the boxing match, having your strategy in place might help you exponentially increase your bankroll. The sportsbooks often take a hugely disproportionate amount of action on favorites compared to the underdogs, particularly in high-profile matches.

The odds in boxing are almost always going to favor taking an underdog when one fighter has a substantial advantage over the other. Bettors simply prefer to bet favorites more than underdogs, in all sports which inflates the odds for the favorite even more. Boxing typically has substantially lower limits than most other sports, particularly when it comes to football and basketball wagering.

At Mybookie. At Bovada. Your breakeven percentage on a bet is We highlight this when it comes to boxing because of the massive difference in pricing between the underdog and the favorite. Keep in mind, all of the best fighters over the years had to upset a prominent opponent to reach prominence. Upsets happen in boxing, even though from the outside, it looks like a few guys are dominating the sport. Line shopping is vital when it comes to boxing. Big-ticket fights, such as Pay-Per-Views and other high profile matches will have similar odds across multiple sites.

While we still recommend line shopping for larger events thoroughly, but where it truly comes in handy is betting lesser-known fights.

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