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Say you have the perfect Tinder profile. You have the sexy shirtless photo, the sweet picture of you and your grandmother, and that one shot where your jaw looks really chiseled and presidential. She pulled up their conversation on her phone. I was confused: Both of my friends are funny, energetic talkers. But I could see that their rapport on Tinder was, in fact, mehhhh. Tinder banter is way harder than real-life flirting, but with these six tips you, too, can become a master of chit-chat. Nice try.

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Groove monster mod 1-3 2-4 betting system

An area that I specialise in and have worked thousands of hours on is an area called Environmental Psychology. The more control you have over your environment, the better your chances are of making your goals become realities. I am not really a fan of doughnuts slight fib but as she buys them in the weekly shop I inadvertently eat them all.

If I was trying to lose weight and ate a pack of doughnuts every week would this help? Another example for the readers. Every family is different but this simple rule works for us. Do you understand what I mean? So to get more specific, I want. The key environments we will touch on today and some points I have for you are shown below and categorised by home, workplace and training venue:. If you are driving does it take long with traffic and also is there enough car parking available?

If you like Olympic lifts then you need a gym that you can do that type of training in. Is your environment helping you or working against you? Have another great weekend everyone and as always please get in contact and touch base with me to discuss things further or join our private Facebook group. Change should be embraced and enjoy that change with similar, like-minded people. Could you host a dinner in the dark?

The week is designed to promote the importance of eye health and the need for regular sight tests for all. Supporters are asked to challenge their senses and raise funds by hosting a dinner party with a difference, whether it be a blindfolded breakfast, a lights-out lunch, pitch black picnic, challenging cheese and wine tasting or dinner in the dark.

Fight for Sight funds pioneering eye research into conditions such as; age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, corneal disease, and rare eye conditions. T is a shocking fact that deaf people are more likely to suffer ill health than other people, simply because it is harder for them to use the health services that many of us take for granted. An unfortunate number of patients have a fear of the dentist. But imagine going to the dentist and having no warning when treatment is about to begin, not getting full explanations of what to expect during treatment and being more sensitive than most to the vibration of a handpiece.

This is a reality for many deaf and hard-of-hearing patients. We at Healthwatch Wokingham Borough have made a commitment to better understand the experience of those with disabilities and sensory needs in accessing health and social care locally. This study has shown that Deaf people in Wokingham Borough are disadvantaged when trying to access primary care. Issues of access for Deaf patients are entirely avoidable by ensuring communication.

One way of transforming communication with a deaf patient would be to set up a quick response unit at the reception desk. This could be a webcam or Skype system on a computer, linking to a live interpretation service. To read our report go to our website www.

Nicola Strudley is manager for Healthwatch Wokingham Borough. Opinions are her own. A rear aspect study also leads to the garden. The kitchen is dual aspect and. There are spaces for free standing appliances and there is even a wrought iron turning staircase leading to a sun room. A breakfast room leads from the kitchen.

The sun room can be accessed from one of the double bedrooms — it also leads to a sun terrace. There is. There is also a secondary pond with waterfall. A few minutes walk are town centre restaurants and local amenities and, of course, Waitrose. Susan and Martin Cleaver have welcomed a recent move new offices strengthening thehave continuing relationship Susan and Martin Cleaver have welcomed a recenttoSusan move and Martin Cleaver welcomed a recent in We manage a up number of properties in Cleaver Property Management has been set to new offices strengthening the continuing relationship toWokingham.

We manage a number of properties in town Wokingham. Property Management independent, specialist. Susan and MartintoCleaver This service is provided Residentshave welcomed a recent move a Cleaver family run business, Management most of our clients have come to us byspecialist personal p Cleaver Property Management is an independent, specialist property Property is an independent, Associations, Flat Management Companies, to new offices strengthening the continuing relationship recommendation due to the outstanding personal service our local team managing and residential letting agent, operating for over 20 years.

We manage a number of properties in of highly trained experts provide. Offering management services for freehold and loc recommendation due to the outstanding personal service our local recommendation teamnumerous property due to the outstanding personal service our leasehold residential properties — we support; Residents Associations, of highly trained experts provide.

Offering numerous property management services for freehold property management for freeho a Offering family run numerous business, of our clients have come toservices us by personal toand multi tenantedmost properties A FOUR bedroom spacious family Double doors lead through to a a covered pagoda leads to the large For more information to book a personalpersonal please contact us Assoc leasehold residential properties Residents Associations, leasehold residential properties —appointment we support; Residents home has just gone on to the market spacious L-shaped lounge.

Companies, Landlords and Freeholders. The immaculately presented a potential purchase for any keen Mike Townend, director of Martin Offering numerous property management services for freehold and wide variety of properties throughout home is situated off Nine Mile Ride in stargazers. The size Telephone: or Email: info cleaverproperty. Secure entry gates lead to off road garage.

For more information and to book a personal appointment please contact us rear garden. A breakfast bar in theManagement, bathroom. A courtyard area, complete with martinco. Property Management Services for Wokingham and beyond. Village living for a modern lifestyle Located in the charming village of Binfield, this exclusive collection of five refurbished apartments and 13 new homes, offers a highly versatile living environment.

Which city in Nevada was built to house workers building the Hoover Dam? In which Dickens novel does Sergeant Buzfuz appear? Irish Senator Eamonn Coghlan was a noted sportsman in which field during the s and early s? Which monarch did Elton John dress up as to celebrate his 50th birthday in ? What type of product is sold online by the website moonpig. Each number in our Cross Code grid represents a different letter of the alphabet. You have three letters in the control grid to start you off.

Enter them in the appropriate squares in the main grid, then use your knowledge of words to work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you get the letters, fill in other squares with the same number in the main grid and control grid. Check off the alphabetical list of letters as you identify them.

Spell out a letter word or phrase by moving from one chamber to another within the pyramid. You may only enter each of the chambers once and may only proceed T through openings in the walls. The I first letter may appear in any chamber. How many words of four letters or more can you make from this Nonagram?

Each word must use the central letter, and each letter may be used only once. At least one word using all nine letters can be found. Guidelines: 31 Good; 37 Very Good; 43 Excellent. Any word found in the Concise Oxford Dictionary Tenth Edition is eligible with the following exceptions: proper nouns; plural nouns, pronouns and possessives; third person singular verbs; hyphenated words; contractions and abbreviations; vulgar slang words; variant spellings of the same word where another variant is also eligible.

Using all 16 letters of the phrase above, form four words each of four letters which will fit in the grid to form a magic square in which the words can be read both horizontally and vertically. Here are two miniature fivesquare crosswords using the same grid — but the letters have been mixed up. You have to work out which letters belong to which crossword. Place the four signs add, subtract, multiply, divide one in each circle so that the total of each across and down line is the same.

Perform the first calculation in each line first and ignore the mathematical law which says you should always perform division and multiplication before addition and subtraction. All puzzles on this page are supplied by Sirius Media Services. To try more of our puzzles interactively online go to www. Which town on the edge of the Cotswolds claims to be the most complete Regency town in England? The Heathrow Express links the airport with which London mainline terminus?

Endlessly stuck before school was plastered 8 6. Where to find an inscription to the doctor 4 8. Trip to old city 4 9. Chanting one name and getting fit 8 Young bird with bounce? Display that must go on, they say 4 Feathers in confrontation with 11 Across 4 Substitute another sword in quarrel 8,5 Sons I can change for the metrical analysis of verse 8 Guide leader has another wound 4 State without a harbour?

Type of poverty that reduces one to small particles 8. DOWN 2. The alternative Penny included was a village 6 3. Grain, his variety from south-west England 7 4. Due to have nothing on the side 5 5. Abandoned, having crashlanded 7 6. In the grotto Nicholas found some medicine 5 7. Six men moved cheeky girls 6 Attractive when in front 7 Cheated in error, journalist concluded 7 Former officer commanding alien missile 6 Included indeed is one famous inventor 6 Premonition that invader would arrive before church 5 Boredom experienced in Paris 5.

Graze 6 4. Stuck 6 8. Guests anag. Card game 6 Legend 5 Open-topped car 6 Stableman 6 Receive wages 4 You arch. Synthetic 4 Yacht station 6. Places of interest 6 2. Slightly indecent 6 3. Like better 6 5. Anew 6 6. Centre 6. Central US state 6 Streamer 6. Total: 9. Minxes; 12 Winning; 14 Wronged; 15 Exocet; 16 Edison; 18 Hunch; acetal; alas; alate; atlas; calm; calmest; camel; castle; celt; clam; 19 Ennui.

Down — Bathe; Colic; Nasal. Down — Clerk; Inert; Aptly. Showcasing everything from prints to pottery with jewellery and glasswork too, there is a wide range of disciplines to explore and buy. And with the creators on hand to explain their inspirations, there has never been a better time to get on the trail.

Elaine Izod creates pastel paintings and stitched images on painted canvases. Peter Izod makes pen, pencil and wash drawings, along with watercolour and acrylic landscapes. Chris Parry is a figurative artist who captures the moment in paintings and other works. Facilities: Toilets and free parking. Nichola Pitt is a ceramic artist who has appeared on Arts Trails before and makes hand-thrown, contemporary ceramics.

Facilities: Toilets, demonstrations, refreshments and free parking. There are four artists exhibiting at the popular day centre for the elderly: Sofie Eddolis pictured , a silversmith originally from the Netherlands but now lives in Berkshire, running The Silver Fairy.

Beverly Bartlett, a jeweller who personally designs and makes elegant jewellery at her own workshop. Sam Knight, an illustrator of several books and a printmaker. Painter and etcher Paul Woolley pictured will present works inspired by recent travels. I enjoy Arts trails for many reasons, apart from positive feedback and sales and it is great to meet so many like-minded artists!

As I am now semi-retired, there is more time available to pursue this subject and have consequently joined the print course at South Hill Park. John Nicholls pictured is a sculptor, interested in the curves, form and texture. His work combines artistic expression with the artisan task of working in stone.

Gemma Cumming is a Fine Art graduate whose art looks at failed perfection, anticipation and tourism in her subversive postcards. Joy Frey has been printmaking at South Hill Park for five years, and is now working with lino and monoprint, creating imagery of landscapes and coastal form. Catherine Hadler is a returning contributor to the Arts Trail. She is a painter and photographer who will be exhibiting her abstract art. Facilities: Disabled access, toilets and demonstrations.

Dana Kidson is a contemporary jeweller, whose work is inspired by nature, geometry, antiquity and gemstones. Christine Morgan is an artist and a sculptor who creates paintings and sculpture using paper, glass and clay to show the texture and colour of her art. Steve Gordon previously taught Art and Design for 36 years in schools and trained as a fine artist. He retired in and is now investigating various printmaking techniques, taking inspiration from drawings and photographs. Imogen Waller is a metalsmith and enameller, who specialises in silver and enamel jewellery.

Jane Bonney uses contemporary mixed media and stitched textiles to create her pieces of art. Carol Newman uses the colour and texture of fabric and thread to interpret her own illustrations. Cathy MacLennan was born in Zimbabwe before moving to England when she was eight. Suzanne Needham pictured is a ceramic artist who creates handmade decorative bowls and boxes, as well as sculptures of the female form.

Sarah Abell is a ceramic artist who is opening up her studio to display her handmade ceramics, such as her glazed pots. Nicola Kantorowicz is an abstract stained glass artist who is an elected Fellow of The British Society of Master Glass painters, who creates art in stained glass.

Bob Newman makes unique jewellery made from his own designs in silver and gold. Kerto Koppel-Catlin originates from Estonia, where she moved from in Michelle Clay is a jeweller who has had that fascination since childhood. Her study of Geology at university gave rise to her using semi-precious stones in the silver jewellery she makes, as can be seen above.

Helen Ormerod has been making pots for more than 20 years in her studio in Crowthorne. Inspired by natural organic shapes, her pottery incorporates these shapes in her sculptures. Dawn Quigley is a glass artist who has opened up her studio for the Arts Trail. She makes fused glass gifts, as well as creating and repairing stained glass. Facilities: Disabled access, demonstrations, refreshments and free parking.

Weekdays 3pm Saturdays 10am-3pm. Details: maidenerleghschool. Exhibition of art: explore hidden Reading with Artikinesis. Intil Saturday, October 1. Details: Bats and a Brew: bat talk and walk, hot drink and cake. Details: erleghelfins gmail. All abilities welcome. Local history surgery: drop-in advice with a local expert.

Story telling session for adults with learning disabilities. Comedy night. Loddon Vale Model. Railway Club autumn show. Details: or www,lvmrc. Mum2Mum market: nearly new baby and toddler items. Details: www. Church walk around four miles, with optional pub lunch. Come dressed for weather. Creative card making event for adults. With Rachel Freegard. Shinfield Baptist Church presents Paul Bell live in concert.

Tickets: Dean Friedman. Swallowfield Velo Club open day. Booking essential. Sunny Saturdays presents: Rock Academy 11am1pm. Teen writing group for ages Wokingham Writers Group for adults. Norreys and Wescott Neighbourhood Action. Basingstoke — Anvil www. The Magic of Mowtown. Brussels Philharmonic. Fri Basingstoke Variety Show. Sat 1.

Sun 2. Basingstoke — Haymarket www. The Rattler. An Audience with Ian Lavender. Thurs-Sat 1. Seann Walsh. Bracknell — South Hill Park www. Until Sat. Amit Yahav. The Comedy Cellar. Blues and Burlesque. Wilde Sundays. Creative Control.

All venues are open from All welcome, equipment provided. General market. Details: or www. Craft and chat. Band Night. Mission: Improvable 3 Year Anniversary Show. Time Palace. MonOct 1. One Man Star Wars Trilogy. Thurs Boogie Music Inferno. Simon Mayor and Hilary James. Kaleidoscope of Fashion. Paul Sinha. Creative Control Band Night. The Carer. The Legend of Tarzan. ROH: Norma Live. My Nazi Legacy. Cymbeline Live. Camberley — Theatre www. Russell Howard Work In Progress.

Mon, Tues. The Tempest. Camberley Comedy Club. Boot sale. Sellers 9am, buyers 10am. Buyers admission by donation. Refreshments available. Details: hpsa hawkedon. West Forest Sinfonia: Orchestral Concert. Benefice Tea Service for children of all ages. Farley Singers Concert: English music night. Free entry.

In aid of Macmillan Cancer Care and the church. Dr Faustus presented by Theatrical Niche. Sat Oct 1. Eddie The Eagle PG. Love and Friendship U. The Man Who Knew Infinity 12a. Finding Dory U. The Jungle Book U. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 12a. Golden Years 12a. Learning To Drive Mustang Me Before You 12a. Where To Invade Next.

Tale of Tales The Nice Guys Henley — Kenton www. Car boot sale. Monthly games afternoon from 2pm: play favourite board games etc. Board Games Cafe: games, chat, coffee and cake. Rhymetime for babies. Rhymetime for ages 18 month to 3 years. Knit Stitch and Natter.

Dropin for knitting, sewing and a chat. Storytime: rhymes and stories for ages Family history drop-in. UK Online: Help and support with computers and the internet for beginners. Crafts and Laughs. Book group. Rich Hall. Leo Green Presents: Sounds of the 50s. Round The Horne. Talents of Britain. Dead Over Dinner. Family Fun Day. Maidenhead — Norden Farm www. Caerphilly Male Group Voices Concert. RSC Live: Cymbeline. The Heath String Quartet. Debra Stephenson: Night of Voices.

ROH Live: Norma. Showtime Unplugged. The Lindisfarne Story. Valley of Love. David Brent: Life on the Road. Sat 1, Sun 2. Newbury — The Corn Exchange www. Michael Buble: Tour Stop Royal Opera. Coffee morning. Knit Wits: knit or crochet club. Rhymetime for Babies. Colouring For Adults. Play Reading Group. Rhymetime for under fives. Archaeology Finds Surgery.

National Careers Service. Advice sessions to help you with career planning, CVs and interviews. House Live: Norma. Luke Brown: Youth Curtain Raiser. Shooting With Light. RSC Encore: Cymbeline. Live and Lyrical. Jongleurs Comedy Club. The Apollo Big Band. Until Thurs. Hell of High Water Newbury — The Watermill www.

Until Oct Reading — The Hexagon www. Reading Operatic Presents: Sister Act. Wed-Sat 1. Reminiscence Club: discuss days gone by. The First Editions book group. Annual Charity Dance and curry night in aid of Alzheimers Society. Entry by ticket only. Harvest Quiz. Reading — Progress Theatre www. Christian Brewer Quintet. Sonning — The Mill www. The Glenn Miller Orchestra.

West End Meets Broadway. Blithe Spirit. Thurs November Windsor — Royal www. Billy Fury Half Way to Paradise. Salsa Party night. Under 15s free. Meg and Mog Storytime - Meg and Mog Stories and rhymes for parents and children to enjoy together, For children aged 5 and under. Winnersh Library Gaming Club for teens. Whiteknights Indoor Bowls Club open day. From 9am. Includes country market. Woking — New Victoria www.

Rehearsal For Murder. Mon-Sat 1. Wokingham — The Whitty Theatre www. Wokingham — Theatre www. Oct It was a top night: The room boomed with brilliance, the bass stack was as tall as bass player James and the atmosphere was as electric. Gemma and Clare lit up the stage with a stunning vocal performance with precision harmonies, their hard work clearly paying off. Then there was the man of the hour, the time keeper and utility man Aaron.

He is outstanding and a future great prospect in whatever he chooses to do in music. Together, the band seem to just have this goofy connection that is so charming — and when they step on stage they explode. We are totally looking forward to Saturday, October 22, when Gemma and Clare will be returning. Joining them for a cracking bill will be the outstanding singer and songwriter Emma Jane Kennedy. They will be bringing along their friend Alex for a three-piece at our girls night.

Here, the teenager shares her musical journey. I also have played two years running at Bracknell ale and wine festival. I have also done a few singing competitions. I entered Teenstar in , and got through to the regional finals, and in I entered Open Mic UK and got through to the area finals one step away from the grand finals!

I played three tracks live on air. I have a real passion for music, and always have done since I was a little girl. I was told by a teacher at my school that I was never going to be good enough to sing when I was 13, and ever since then I have been proving him wrong. I have been doing gigs around the local area since I was I did my very first gig at the Cellar Bar at South Hill Park in Bracknell, which is why it holds such a special place in my heart.

How to beat Str8ts — Like Sudoku, no single number can repeat in any row or column. A straight is a set of numbers with no gaps but can be in any order, eg [4,2,3,5]. Clues in black cells remove that number as an option in that row and column, and are not part of any straight.

Glance at the solution to The solutions will be published here in the next issue. I guess you could say I aspire to be something like that. I was very proud of this event and wanted to do it again this year to make it better and better than before. Doors open at 7pm, and the first act is on shortly after. Rumour has it also that we will have a well-loved TV personality on the scene. So come and join us. To complete Sudoku, fill the board by entering numbers 1 to 9 such that each row, column and 3x3 box contains every number uniquely.

For many strategies, hints and tips, visit www. Luther Vandross. Hands Off Gretel. Details: facebook. The SkaSouls. GU15 3EQ. The Firm. Gary Roman: Legends. Listed Garage with Pied Piper. High Grade Dub Roots. TWI Friday. Sixties Gold. Tim Valentine. King Loud. Open Mic Night. Ultimate Party Nights. Frisky Fridays. UK Dukes of Rock.

The Abject Band. The Bite. The Cobbles. Meat Diva. Murphy James. Mod Review. Saturday Sessions. West end Meets Broadway. Who Are You?. The Gas Trick Band. The Jason Hendrix Experience. Essential Saturday. Sam Jones. Singers Night. Readirock Revolution. Open mic and jam night. Live music. Jazz afternoon with Pauly Zarb. Lulo Reinhardt and Andre Krengel Quartet. Open mic. Karaoke Night.

Berkshire Jazz Jam. Details: sub Beverley Craven. Fawlty Towers Experience. Ash Lee. Lee The Chilli Fighters. Dire Straits UK. The Danny Lee Band. Wardour Street. Red Aztek. Vince Freeman. Creme Freche. The New Ambassadors. Syn City Rockers. The Cherries. Funky Hammond Fever 45s. Orange Goblin plus Electric Citizen and Poseidon. Open mic night. Fat Men In The Bathtub. Phill Aaron. Jazz at the Wheelies. Readifolk: Richard Grainger.

Just email your wording to advertising wokinghampaper. Please note, we can only accept these adverts by email. You can pay a little and include your company logo, a box or convert it into a bigger advert — for more details email advertising wokinghampaper. Please note: offer is limited to one advert per company. We will place your advert only when there is spa ce. For upgrade prices, please contact us.

For multiple inserts or vacancies there will be a charge. We reserve the right to decline an advert. Height 74cm, length cm, width cm. Buyer to dismantle and collection. South Hurst area. Very good condition. Buyer to collect. We provide all aspects of internal and external painting and decorating, domestic and commercial, plus artexing, coving and tiling.

Also general building and allied work. Free estimates and advice Mobile: Phone: Email: trevor quality-decorators. Having a clear out? Why not turn your treasure into cash with our free adverts? Sell your items without any fee with the aid of this coupon. Two bedroom ground floor holiday apartment sleeps 4 plus sofa bed. Peaceful location situated a short walk to local amenities and beaches. Facilities — shared communal pools with gardens, air conditioning, open plan lounge with dining area, fully equipped kitchen, free live English TV, Wi-Fi and private terraces.

All payments secured by PayPal. For booking enquiries please contact - email: lasfuentes mail. Structured approach, track record. Based in Wokingham. Tel: Mobile: Email: davidelgood1 gmail. See our reviews at www. Annual report? A discrete and discerning service. Call Phil Now On Sales opening hours Finance is subject to approval with Hyundai finance. Other finance offers are available but cannot be used in conjunction with this offer.

Subject to availability. Offer is subject to status, terms and conditions. Applicants must be 18 years or over. Offer applies to private individuals. For further details please contact your nearest branch. Offer ends September 30th This promotion is available on the above models and is available on Eden Vauxhall stock only.

Finance is subject to status, terms and conditions apply. Applicant must be 18 years or over. Excess mileage will be charged on the n the above vehicles. These offers supersede any other offer and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. For further details, please contact your local Eden branch. Contact the sports desk: sport wokinghampaper. Local darts heroes conquer the World — again! And the team is confident they have broken their own Guinness World Record after hitting exactly 1, bullseyes over the weekend.

Taking it in turns over a hour period the dartsmen, roared on by a encouraging crowd at the Winnersh branch of the Royals British Legion on Sunday, spent 20 minutes a time at the board in pairs. Here, they would need to average 25 bullseyes, usually worth 50 points, or better if they were to topple their record-breaking target.

From this, Joe Lacey emerged as the star performer, hitting the bull times. The attempt also had to be filmed on two separate video cameras. Almost completely volunteer funded, it provides toys and learning equipment to children between the ages of 0 and seven. Novices, where nothing separated the two rivals after seven ends. The contest continued to follow the same pattern throughout, but it was. Rudd who had the accuracy needed to take the match, , and the title. The final score was Alan Symondson, meanwhile, was involved in two of the closest contests produced at the finals weekend.

So we don't miss out on all the fun we have got a team workout bonanza. The battle for class dominance is once again upon us. This Saturday we see the 5am, 6am, 9. All funds will go to Sarah's trip to Qatar but we are also throwing in a breakie wrap for everyone as a thank you. Be there at 5. Reminder that there are no classes this Saturday due to the running of Class Wars.

Kick off is 6am so be there at 5. Who will reign supreme this year and retain bragging rights for the next 12 months?? Only a few days until Saturday's Class Wars and there are just a couple of things to remember.. Sign on to a team roster 2. Wear your team colours 5am - White 6am - Red 9.

You will also receive a breakie wrap thanks to Tribe Cafe. Bring your 'A' game! Record lowest score. The year has just over a month to go and there will be lots of people heading away for holidays so before that happens we are going to sneak in some testing this week to benchmark our progress. Don't forget this weekend is Class Wars too!!

Kick off will be 6am so come in your team colours ready to roll. Share reps anyhow but complete in order. Next weekend Saturday November 30th is our Annual Class Wars and we can't wait for this year in the new box. The defending champs, Strick's 9. Joint winners from last year, B-Brown's 5am, are again the team to beat as they yet again stack themselves with numbers in an effort to buy another premiership. The afternoon crew have bolstered their ranks this year and under the tutelage of the wily old fox, Andrew Ross will be the ones to watch.

The 6am team, led by their fearless leader Brycey, are once again long shots to make any impact in this years championship and expect them to live up to their nickname of The Anchor, by finishing at the bottom! One thing is for sure if you have never experienced a Class Wars you are in for a treat.

It is highly competitive with big stakes on the line but it is a really fun couple of hours where the bulk of the CFTSV community get together to hang out. So make sure you get your name on a roster!! You will also get a breakie wrap after Class Wars is completed which has been kindly donated by Sal and The Tribe Cafe team.

Commit yourself to completing the calories under the tight cap and deal with what is to come after that. The cap on the bike effort applies at both ends of the workout and carries a 10 burpee penalty if you are not successful so take the challenge up and get under that cap! This Friday Night is our Friday Night Lights Finale and we are having a party to celebrate the outstanding efforts of all our competing athletes. Come one, come all and support the crew as they push through We have a live DJ in the house so the music will be cranking and the atmosphere electric as we also watch on with bated breath to see Baydo continue his amazing performances and perhaps clinch back to back National Championships!!

Our Thunder Barbell Weightlifting competition is this Saturday! Support our crew of lifters from 9am! This Saturday we host our very first Olympic Weightlifting competition. We are still running our normal CrossFit timetable but we will have a number of our fabulous members competing in the competition and would love to see as many folks as possible stick around and watch the guys and gals throw some weight around.

A big shout out to Head Coach Bryce who has programmed and coached his band of loyal lifters over the last couple of months and seen some awesome progress. When athlete 1 and 2 get back they swap with 2 and 3 go out on the run. Continue until all 20 total rounds are complete.

Reminder there are no classes tonight due to the running of Friday Night Lights. Friday Night Lights is back on again this week so that means no afternoon classes again. If you are competing make sure you sign yourself into a heat and be there around 5pm for the workout brief. The Tribe Cafe will be pumping and the action will be hot so come down and support our athletes for Can't move forward until person in front completes movement.

Well done to all our competitors from Friday Night Lights and thank you to the fantastic support received from friends and family! Today is either redo or first crack.. Just a reminder that this coming Monday 7th October is a Public Holiday and we will be running classes at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm.

Monday evening also marks the beginning of our expanded Fitness program with a 6pm class. Following that we will have Fitness classes on Tuesday at 6pm, Wednesday at 5am and 6pm, Thursday at 6pm and Friday at 5am so there are heaps of opportunities to get your cardio on and step things up! We have just released the details of our latest 6WPA challenge "The Summer Shred" with an info and testing day to be held on Saturday 19th October at 8. This does not include your regular CrossFit or Fitness membership.

You can register online or at the front desk with one of the coaches! Lastly, for the next 6 weeks Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4pm Everyone is still more than welcome to utilise open gym for their extras but just a heads up the platform area and little rig will be crazy with kids so best option is the main gym floor. Thanks for your understanding and support!! Run m 30 T2B 21 Back squats His Troop was conducting a routine patrol approximately 23 km north of Forward Operating Base Delhi when he was killed by a contact explosion.

The Open countdown continues and with what was our biggest and best Twins ever we hope you all have the competition bug just a little. Open rego is live now so head to games. What a fantastic weekend the Tropic Thunder Twins event was! In all we had teams register across the 2 days and compete in a number of super competitive divisions. Thank you to all the competitors for helping make the weekend such a great experience and creating a magic atmosphere.

To our massive team of volunteers, The Red Army, we can't thank you enough for your role in the weekend. Put simply, there was no weekend without you guys so please no how lucky we know we are to have a community like the one we have!

Thanks to our sponsors Again Faster, Fit Aid and Gorilla Health for providing some of our prizes for this years event. We put that weekend behind us and now draw our focus on to the CrossFit Open which is now only 3 and a half weeks away. Friday Night lights is going to be massive this year in the new box and we can't wait for it to arrive. Just like the weekend, the Open is a great opportunity to benchmark your training, assess your weaknesses and challenge your mates. If you have any questions about the Open see one of the coaches to get some more information.

CrossFit Townsville's presence in the Open is always one of the biggest in the country and after all we do have the reigning national champion so let's continue that tradition and get around it again. You can register for the Open at games. The competition season is upon us.. Twins is this weekend and the Open 2.

For the next month leading into the Open we will be revisiting some tasty workouts from previous years to start to build the engine and resilience required to tackle these tests. Look out for Friday Night Lights in October where all our Open participants shake down with one another to test their fitness. The Open begins October 10th and will run as it was earlier in the year where we will put out heats and you guys nominate into them.

Register at games. With our annual Tropic Thunder Twins competition taking place this weekend we will not be running Saturday morning classes or Sunday Yoga. We apologise for the inconvenience but encourage you to come down this weekend if nothing else but to get a feed at The Tribe Cafe:. These great people have come on board to support our event in the way of prizes across all our divisions and we are very grateful for your support!

Speaking of great people.. So if you are not competing and would like to be involved let one of the coaches know or throw your name up on the board! Sally has done an amazing job of the set up and all your coffee and food will be right at your fingertips. We are very proud to have such a professional team providing the CFTSV community this outstanding service :. Mark the December 14th down in your diaries and don't miss this awesome night.

The venue will again be at Brothers Leagues Club and tickets will be available from stickytickets. Move to the bike together and share m and that is 1 round. We are super proud of this kid and his progress!! Keep up the good work Jarrod! Second in the National U20's.. If a pair finishes before the 15 min cap they will rest and everyone will move together at the 18 min mark.

Alternating DB snatch Thank you to everyone that turned out Saturday for our B-Brown photo. I know Baydo was overwhelmed with the support and feels very special knowing we all have his back! Baydo will be back in Townsville Wednesday and will be back taking class Thursday so we can't wait to see him then.

Our boy Baydo is in the thick of the action this weekend at the CrossFit Games. As a special tribute we want you to wear your B-Brown shirt for Saturday's class and we will be looking to take a huge group photo we can send to him. Don't worry if you don't own a B-Brown shirt as we want everyone in the pic. To make it easier to include more folks in the photo we are only going to run two classes - 5.

To follow Baydo's progress over the weekend make sure you check out the live feed on the Games site. Don't forget this Saturday is 'Tribute to Baydo' Day and we are only running 2 classes - 5. We want you guys to come in your favourite B-Brown shirt as some of us now have multiple , rip the workout to shreds and then we are going to send a big photo of both classes as a good luck momento! If you don't own a Baydo shirt don't worry, of course we want you in the photo as well!! But let's send him into battle knowing how proud we all of what he has achieved already!

Challenge today is to get intensity on the machine but keep to the stroke rate!! Only a couple of days until Baydo hits the floor for his debut appearance at the CrossFit Games! This Saturday we would like to pay tribute to Baydo and his achievements one more time by doing our workout this Saturday with everyone wearing some sort of Baydo supporter T-shirt.

We are only going to run two classes again 5. What a fantastic weekend we had at the Townsville Allstars Alliance event. Congratulations to our many teams that competed throughout the weekend with a special mention to Rossi, Nickers, Naree, Griff, Nic and Tommy who took second in the Intermediate division and to Riki, Bryce, Shane, Ellen, Mary and Tash who took out the Advanced competition.

Big shout out to the Allstars Army.. Can't tell you how much I love you guys and how much I appreciated you time and effort over the weekend!! With over 50 teams registered it is going to be a huge weekend so if you are not competing make sure you come down and support one of our many teams having a crack. We have a wonderful team of CFTSV men and women that have put their hands up to assist in the running of the event over the weekend. To you guys thank you and stay tuned for more info through the week which will include times you will be needed etc..

Unfortunately with the event running from very early Saturday through to Sunday afternoon there will be no Saturday CrossFit classes or Yoga on Sunday. Apologies for any inconvenience. Run m rest 40 seconds Run m rest 30 seconds Run m rest 20 seconds Run m.

A number of people have volunteered their time to give us a hand over the weekend to keep things running smoothly. If you are one of those wonderful people please add your name to the whiteboard so we can touch base and let you times you will be required.

We will not be running Saturday classes over that weekend so be sure to put that into your diaries as well :. Run m each then 30 Synchro Thrusters Baydo has settled in well over in the States and is getting plenty of air time while he is hanging out with Katrin and Ben.

Here is another great video put together by the CompTrain crew. When they get back in they will each perform 3 rounds of 12 Wall balls and 6 Burpees. Only 1 partner at a time will work and athlete must complete full round before next athlete begins. Once all 3 athletes have completed their 3 rounds the team moves to the barbell to complete 30 Clean and jerks at the first weight. Once completed the team will head back on a m to repeat the first part. When they get back to the barbell the weight of the Clean and jerk will increase.

Continue in this fashion for the 30 mins. Score is total Clean and jerks. Of course by now you are all aware that Baydo took out the Open and earned himself National Champion honours and in the process booked his ticket for a shot at the ultimate test in the sport of CrossFit, The CrossFit Games. The support he has received from you everyone at CrossFit Townsville has blown him away and I know he will be forever grateful for everyone that has chipped in.

The Games is not until the end of July though so in the meantime Baydo will be heading to the East coast of the States where he will eat, sleep and live training for the next 6 weeks. He will be keeping us posted of his endeavours with a Vlog that will come through our Facebook page so stay tuned for that. Baydo, we wish you all the best mate and words can't describe how proud we are. Everyone has seen how hard you have worked but I know what everyone sees only scratches the surface of what you have and continue to put yourself through to be in the position you are in.

The 3. All the best to the Pig who heads to Wollongong this weekend to tackle the best CrossFitters in the country at the Down Under Championship. We will keep you updated with his progress throughout the weekend! After a season off recovering after his debut CrossFit Games appearance in , Llewy has worked himself to a standstill to be back in the type of shape that has him as the fittest man of his age in Australia. We continue to be inspired by you mate and are very proud of your achievements!

Don't forget this Monday is a Public Holiday and we will be running with classes at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm. We have been in the new facility for 4 weeks now and what a whirlwind 4 weeks it has been. Everyone is enjoying the new space and equipment and it has certainly lit the fire within for a number of people. With a bigger space and more equipment comes a little more expense and moving forward we have a planned pricing increase to take effect as of July 1st This is something we haven't done in more than 6 years so we are little overdue and more importantly we have the coaching expertise, space and equipment to justify it.

To further add value though we are now including our Fitness classes as part of your membership as well as super flexible open gym times and Yoga on Sunday mornings. We are also doing away with any cost of suspending memberships, you need only give us some notice to put it on hold. Our couples and student discounts will still apply. Come July 1st if you currently have a membership on direct debit it will be automatically adjusted to the new pricing. We appreciate your support and understanding with this and if anyone has any issues Dan will be more than happy to discuss it further.

We know Anzac Day is a massive day for all our Defence personnel so we wanted to make sure you guys didn't miss out and we are putting on the Aussie Hero workout 'Langley'. This is our way of showing our appreciation for what you and the rest of the ADF past and present do for our great country.

It is odd how suffering through a crazy workout is how we say thank you but it is a great way to get some perspective on life and that 30 or 40 mins of hurt is nothing compared to the ultimate price paid by our heroes. Anzac Day is a very special occasion for many people and particularly so here at CrossFit Townsville where we have many great men and women who serve our country as part of the Australian Defence Force. We know Anzac Day is a big day for all our Defence personnel and they might not get to the box so we are backing up with another Aussie hero 'Langley' on Saturday in what we are going to call our 'Defence Appreciation Day'.

Reminder that Saturday we will be honouring another Aussie Hero and giving our awesome band of Defence men and women who may have missed our Anzac Day WOD the opportunity to come in and bust out a tough workout. Eat plenty of chocolate but be ready to rumble on Easter Monday. Just a heads up that we expect the 4pm to be a very big class but we would ideally like to spread our numbers across the 3 classes so consider the 5 or 6pm option :.

Classes for Good Friday are on at 5am, 6am, 7am and 9. If you are going away for Easter we hope you and your family have a fantastic weekend. Drive carefully, be safe and we will see you next week! Just a reminder that this weekend is the Easter long weekend. Don't panic though.. Good Friday April 19th - 5am, 6am, 7am, 9.

We hope you have a great Easter and we look forward to seeing you in the gym if you are not going away! This week we are back to our Monday Run Day and it will also be our first Run Day out of the new box so we just have a couple of things to bring to attention to ensure everything goes nice and smoothly..

Firstly, with regards to parking we ask if on a Monday you could refrain from parking on the road in front of the gym and instead you seek parking in either the front or back carparks. We know our classes are busy so there are not always spaces in either car park so the road is the only option and if you are going to do that please try and make sure you do it in front of the vacant block next to our building.

Just a reminder if we could please leave the opposite side of the road vacant so the folks from the businesses across that way have space to park their cars :. Secondly, just a big reminder to stay safe and tight to the curb whenever we have a running day. We are lucky that Parkside Drive is a very wide and quiet street so there is less traffic than on our old track but it pays to stay switched on at all times. Signing in has been great this week and we look forward to it continuing to be on point.

Remember our coaches want to spend time coaching you and helping you progress and having to race around trying to figure out who forgot to sign in takes time away from us doing that. Thank you again for a magnificent opening week and we look forward to hooking in even harder this week!! Row 2k switch out every m Synchro Wall balls Bike erg 4k switch out every m Synchro Burpees.

What a day yesterday!! Our opening day was the biggest day we have ever had. Thank you for coming out to support us, we appreciate it! It's no joke folks.. But first some reflective thoughts.. We moved into the High Range Drive facility March after running most of our early sessions in the car park of our previous building.

The members around in those early days will remember a very narrow but adequate space for the keen to tackle this 'fad' known as CrossFit. We knew we weren't playing with some new toy though and quickly word spread, our classes grew and it wasn't long before we were looking for an upgrade. Thankfully that came and we were able to secure an extra square metres and with that we were able to step things up. Things continued to flourish and thanks to my great mate and CrossFit mentor Brett Fforde we were able to establish a community of hard working, disciplined and motivated athletes.

Even more than this though is the way our community since day dot has supported one another across every endeavour. So fast forward all the way to the beginning of this year and things just exploded. This year we have not only seen record numbers in our CrossFit classes but growth across all our programs has been phenomenal and we knew it was time for us to repay the unbelievable faith you have shown in us by taking things to another level. A month ago we signed a lease to go into the old Pitstop building and and to say there hasn't been some small reservations, doubts and uncertainty would be lying.

Add to that the intimidating thought of moving 10 years worth of equipment into a new establishment. Enter you.. We came up with the plan to do a moving workout and I knew how great our people are so I thought we would get a decent turnout and fair bit of gear moved in the hour and then it was going to be a good, old slog to get the rest of the equipment across to the new place. How wrong I was Then not only was the gear moved but the efficiency with how things were done was just downright astonishing!!

I sat back at one stage and just watched as person after person brought in gear dumped it off and looked for the next job to do and thought, how the hell did we get so lucky to find these incredible people. Just a reminder that this Saturday will be our last session at the High Range Drive address and we will only be running the 1 class.

We are looking for a massive turnout with the goal to move around 10 kg of equipment in an hour. The bonus is you will get your very first sneak peek of the new place too It will be a sad day to say good bye to the old girl as she has been very, very good to us and has filled us with so many special memories. But it is onwards and upwards and we know you are all going to love our new facility. Kick off for the 'Last Stand' is 6am and we hope we see you all there ready to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in!!

This week's Saturday workout is our very last session at High Range Drive with our impending move to the Parkside Drive facility. There is nothing fancy about what we are going to do.. We are only running one class, 6am, so we are hoping for a massive turnout to help us in this arduous task. The bonus is you will get your first glimpse of our new facility that we will be operating from as of Monday 1st April.

Make sure you sign in and let's go out with a bang by smashing our biggest class record of 80 to pieces! Anyone keen to hang around after is very welcome as we have the rest of our gear to move. If you have a ute bring it along as it will be greatly appreciated :. There was plenty of speculation around what would be programmed given the fact we tested pulling strength last week with Bar muscle-ups but true to their 'F-You World' attitude HQ has kept with tradition by giving us a Fran style couplet.

Only difference on this one is the volume is more than double Fran which makes this workout a test of stamina and strategy. Whether you are re-doing or not please give consideration to your hands as we need them this weekend for our Saturday moving WOD haha. But seriously manage the volume with some smarts and some thought around not ruining your training week because you are being stubborn.

Thanks to all that attended our Friday Night Lights.. It's because of you guys that our FNL is like no other with its electric atmosphere and cauldron like feel. The good news is that there are plenty of other opportunities for you to explore your competitive side with the Allstar Alliance Online Pairs next on the agenda followed in July by the Allstar Alliance Townsville event which will this year be held in our very own facility.

Then there is Twins in September and finally the Open again in its new place in October. Partners continue swapping until Wall balls are completed. We go into the last workout of the February Open with our main man B-Brown still doing his thing up in the very top half of the leaderboard - and we don't need to remind you all of what is at stake!

So this Friday Night Lights is a special one and we need you all to be there to not only help B-Brown but to get behind each and every one of our athletes competing in this years Open. Another Friday Night Lights saw another round of epic performances. If you don't have strict handstand push-ups yet you will surely be inspired after this workout to work on them and get them in the kit bag.

If you have strict handstand push-ups this workout is all about having awareness of your capabilities and using that to maximise your performance. We saw plenty of people go out too big here and pay the ultimate price with some very fatigued and tired shoulder in the back end. Rep management is hugely important in this one to make sure you keep chipping away at those reps. Can't wait to see everyone have a crack at this one on Re-do Monday :. Friday Night Lights is on again as we head to hump week of the Open.

We need to tidy some things up as far as our registering for heats goes so know that there will only be 7 spots per time slot for both men and women. Wednesday is our Bring A Friend Day and your chance to share our great program and community with someone that hasn't been to CrossFit Townsville before. We have a sign up sheet at the front desk so be sure to add your friends name and what class you intend to bring them along to.

The workout we have planned is a partner workout so it's the perfect opportunity for them to experience the hard working and super encouraging culture we have developed at CFTSV. If they like what we do be sure to inform them that our next Fundamentals course begins Monday 11th March. Week 2 of the Open sees a repeat from where our capacity to cycle the barbell is tested. Limiting factor for a lot of athletes will be the load and in particular the load at block 3 - We need to have this in mind as we strategise in the first blocks and not go out too hard.

Breaking the T2B from the get go is a great tip as this workout is not won here or at the Double unders. How tough you can be on the barbell, in particular during the block of 85kg cleans for men and Like last week don't forget what Friday night taught you and use that to beat your score. Swap rower after every 50 Deadlifts, every 40 Front squats, and every 30 Shoulder to overhead.

Don't forget to sign into a heat via the app. Again we only have 7 spots available per heat as we have no idea what the workout will be but there are 5 waiting list spots. In the event the workout is something we can facilitate more than 7 males and 7 females we will add in people on the wait list. Please also remember that the heat times are just a guide.

If there is a 7 minute AMRAP programmed we will move through much quicker and if you aren't there your place will be taken by someone else. Our first Friday Night Lights was a big success with an awesome line up of folks registering to give Wall balls and Calories in a 15 minute AMRAP was a challenging way to begin the Open but it was met with fierce determination by all athletes. In all we have a tick over athletes registered this year which is just phenomenal considering with so much on and what everyone has endured in the last month we haven't really given the Open much attention.

What it highlights for us is that people want to road test their training and the Open is the perfect vehicle for that. Guaranteed the Open is going to find your weaknesses and give you the right tonic to push your training to another level moving forward. With Go out too hot on the erg and you risk blowing the legs up on the Wall balls. Go out cold and you will lose time that is very hard to get back as the workout progresses. If you did do If you are doing the Open remember you need to be judged by someone else doing the Open.

If you are not doing the Open you will still get to have a taste of what it is all about but with a limited number of ergos we cannot guarantee you will get to row. You will of course be given an alternative which will be the bike :. Reminder there is no Friday afternoon class this week or for the next 5 weeks as we move into the CrossFit Open season..

If you have registered for the Open your first chance for a crack at If possible we want you there for the duration as the only people eligible to judge our Open athletes are our other Open athletes. This will be a fantastic 5 weeks as we watch our CFTSV community test their boundaries and if you want in on the action sign up at games. What a whirlwind start to it has been!

Our numbers continue to blow us away despite the hardships of the last few weeks and to all those affected by the floods we hope you are getting back on your feet quickly. It was very inspiring seeing our CFTSV community getting out and about to help folks who had been less fortunate. A very, very long time personal training client of ours that doesn't do CrossFit with us, couldn't believe the assistance he received despite not knowing any of the people helping out.

We were very lucky at the box and didn't have any water through but you may have noticed our handicap toilet received some damage. Unfortunately that means our shower has been out of action too and we apologise for any inconvenience this may be creating for people. All I will say is hang in there as we are hopeful that it will be fixed quickly and furthermore to that with any luck we are hoping to make an exciting announcement in the next couple of weeks that will change the game totally!!! The competitive season is well and truly underway with both Jordan and Bayden competing in the Australian CrossFit Championships where Baydo finished an incredible 2nd and Jordan 11th.

Then thanks to the wonderful efforts of our community, Jordan also headed to Cape Town to compete in the Fittest in Cape Town. The type of numbers she is on the way to could see Sarah earn herself a spot in the Olympic squad!!! We are so proud of you Sarah and what you have achieved so far and can't wait to see what's next!! Pictured Rik, Cal, Elanze, Sam is our crew that headed to Atherton to compete in the Red Dirt Teams comp this weekend just gone and at the time of writing they were more than holding their own.

Well done to those guys for making the effort to get up there and throwdown!! Then of course the madness of the Open begins this Friday night! What does that mean?? Well for starters we won't have a Friday night class for the next 5 weeks. Apologies for the inconvenience here guys, especially as we have had some whooping numbers to our Friday night classes but I encourage you to sign up for the Open and test yourself against the rest of the CrossFit community in an event that never ceases to amaze.

So instead of Friday night classes we have Friday Night Lights. This is where anyone registered for the Open can sign up for a heat and have their crack at whatever is programmed each week. We are only allowing athletes registered in the Open to compete on Friday nights so I encourage you to jump onto the games.

Later this week heats will be available via our app so stay tuned for that. Welcome to our first group of Fundamentals that have already come through their course and entered into main classes. A big welcome also to all our new members that have started with us and we hope your year has started strongly. Our next Fundamentals course begins March 11th and keep your ears out for a Bring a Friend Day just before that.. We have made some adjustments to our CrossFit Kids schedule and in doing so we have cracked record numbers especially in our Teens group.

During the KB swing set the breath must be held. If you miss a set restart back at the beginning. We are not too worried about how many rounds are completed.. Classes today for the Australia Day Public Holiday are 4pm, 5pm and 6pm. Classes will be capped and there is no guarantee you will be able to slide in on the day so please sign in :.

P1 does m run, 16 KB swings, 16 Pull-ups, 16 Front squats then tags P2 who does the round of 14 reps. Continue in this fashion for 2 rounds. Next athlete begins when athlete in front completes Power cleans. The first two workouts have looked juicy but this last one is a Pig special!

Don't forget to register prior to Saturday to help give us an idea on numbers and heat allocations. Breakfast is being sponsored by one of our legendary members Troy Standley who is a local real estate agent with a massive man crush on the Pig and wanted to help out.

Thank you champion!! Just a reminder this Saturday we don't have normal classes and instead we have our PIG Throwdown which is our fundraiser for Jordan who is off to Cape Town in a couple of weeks to compete in the Fittest in Cape Town CrossFit sanctional. The PIG Throwdown will be 3 workouts and we have 3 levels to accomodate all abilities. All you need to do is jump on to the app and register in whatever level you feel most comfortable.

We will kick off at 6. Thank you for your continued support!! This is a great opportunity to test our current numbers in the Squat, Press and Dead and set some goals to work towards. We are limited by time in this session so come prepared with a plan and spend some time mobilising prior to ensure you are ready to roll.

You will get 3 true attempts at each lift where your first lift is a lift you know you can get, your second lift equal to or close to a PR and your third lift hopefully setting a new PR. Hopefully you have had a little time to digest workout number Let's take a look at workout 2 for Saturday's Pig Throwdown and the picture to the side is what we are all likely to look like..

Don't forget to sign in to a class on the app with the level that best suits your ability. Talk to the coaches if you are unsure. There will be a base level, an intermediate level and an advanced level. This is an opportunity to have some fun and test yourself with 3 short and spicy workouts.

To be involved jump online and sign in to one of the Saturday classes beginner, intermediate or advanced. We would like to be able to lock down heats Friday arvo so the sooner you can sign in to one of those options the better. Workout 1 has been listed below in each category. Read through carefully to decide what level will best suit your ability. If you are still unsure come and see one of the coaches and we will steer you in the right direction. Workout 2 will be released tomorrow and Workout 3 on Thursday.

We thank you once again for your amazing support and look forward to seeing you on Saturday! The New Year has well and truly kicked off and it's time for us get some data points on our fitness. So this week we will give you guys the opportunity to check in with your running conditioning with a 1 mile test, your max strength with the 'CrossFit Total' and your capacity to put it altogether in the classic CrossFit benchmark 'Helen'.

Look our for those throughout the week but Monday is Runday so bring the joggers and get ready to attack!! Every time ball comes down rower must stop. Year Feb 12 Saturday: Pair Power.. Feb 11 Friday: ' Feb 10 Thursday: The Escalator.. Feb 09 Wednesday: Change Up.. Feb 08 Tuesday: Pass the Buck.. Feb 06 Monday: Peel Through.. Feb 05 Saturday: Buckle up..

Feb 04 Friday: ' Feb 03 Thursday: Ground Work.. Once everyone is complete aim for 2 mins rest then move to the next part - 5 mins max Bike erg metres 3 mins rest EMOM 5: 5 Single DB curls hold handle both hands 5 DB Pallof press 10 DB side to sides Goal will be to start this as close as possible to the 20 min mark.

Feb 02 Wednesday: Rough Waters.. Feb 01 Tuesday: Back and Forth.. Jan 30 Monday: Transition.. Jan 29 Saturday: Let the Games Begin.. Step 1 - Sign in to the 5. Jan 28 Friday: ' Jan 27 Thursday: Skill Work.. Jan 26 Wednesday: Hurt Box.. Jan 24 Monday: Brick Wall.. It's a 5. Jan 22 Saturday: Echo Madness.. Jan 21 Friday: ' Jan 20 Thursday: Some Con.. Jan 19 Wednesday: Burner.. Jan 18 Tuesday: More Tempo.. Go get it.. Jan 15 Saturday: Bike Erg Bonanza Jan 14 Friday: Let the Prep Begin..

Jan 13 Thursday: Getting Strict.. Jan 12 Wednesday: Pyramid Chipper.. Jan 11 Tuesday: The Pump.. Focus is on executing the tempo not load! Jan 09 Monday: Shuttle Bus.. Jan 08 Saturday: The Fantastic Four.. Jan 07 Friday: Loaded Potato.. Jan 06 Thursday: Some Static Stuff..

Jan 05 Wednesday: Tempo work and The Baseline.. Jan 04 Tuesday: 1 for Jan 02 Monday: Rum Balls.. Jan 01 Saturday: Happy New Year.. The first workout of !! Classes are 5. Dec 31 Friday: Happy New Year.. New Years Eve CrossFit classes are 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am and 9am.. Fitness at 5am.. There is no Fitness class on Saturday January 2nd.. Dec 29 Wednesday: Erg Power.. Dec 28 Tuesday: Good Shapes..

Dec 26 Monday: Dust Off.. Dec 25 Saturday: Boxing Day.. We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas Day! CrossFit class times are 5. We will also have a Fitness class at 6am. Dec 23 Thursday: The 12 Days of Christmas.. Dec 22 Wednesday: Ski Bump.. Not touch and go today. Dec 21 Tuesday: Razor Sharp..

Dec 19 Monday: Chew Through.. Friday we are closed for Christmas Day. Eat, Drink and Be Merry!!! Dec 18 Saturday: Burping Partner.. Dec 17 Friday: Roped In Dec 16 Thursday: Lovely Legs.. Dec 15 Wednesday: Back and Forth.. Dec 14 Tuesday: Hidden Cindy..

Dec 12 Monday: Rapid Fire.. Dec 11 Saturday: Couples Retreat.. Dec 09 Thursday: Keep up the Practice.. Dec 08 Wednesday: Power Mash.. Dec 07 Tuesday: Bouncing around.. Dec 05 Monday: Runski.. The workout is an absolute firecracker just like Sheree and was written by Sheree to boot : We we wish both of you all the best in your endeavours and you will always be welcome at CrossFit Townsville.

Dec 02 Thursday: Down Sizing.. Dec 01 Wednesday: Stuck in the middle.. Nov 30 Tuesday: Light Show.. Nov 28 Monday: Ab-titude.. Nov 27 Saturday: Single File.. Nov 25 Thursday: Ring, Ring.. Nov 24 Wednesday: Dream Boat.. Keep light and fast and lift every minute. Nov 23 Tuesday: Turn up the Damper.. Nov 21 Monday: BodyJam.. Nov 20 Saturday: Lets Go..

Nov 19 Friday: Slow Burn.. Nov 18 Thursday: Headstrong.. Nov 17 Wednesday: Quarter Mile.. Nov 16 Tuesday: Heavy Metal.. Nov 14 Monday: Get in a Groove.. Nov 13 Saturday: Fight Gone Bad.. Nov 12 Friday: Two Parter.. Nov 11 Thursday: Practice.. Nov 10 Wednesday: Remember!!! Nov 09 Tuesday: Chin Wag.. Nov 08 Monday: Scrambled.. Repeat x 3 times through. Nov 06 Saturday: Hell Raiser..

Nov 05 Friday: Clean and jerks.. Nov 04 Thursday: Booty Call.. Nov 03 Wednesday: Break Neck Speed.. Nov 02 Tuesday: Cup Day.. Oct 31 Monday: The Pillar.. Oct 30 Saturday: Hollow - ween Oct 29 Friday: Under Over.. Oct 28 Thursday: Skill Day Oct 27 Wednesday: Cash Grab..

Oct 26 Tuesday: Triplet of Fire.. Oct 24 Monday: Slice Through.. Oct 23 Saturday: Add ons.. Oct 22 Friday: Complex Stuff.. Oct 21 Thursday: Bangers and Mash.. Oct 20 Wednesday: In Between Oct 19 Tuesday: Rep Club.. Oct 17 Monday: The Back Straight.. Oct 16 Saturday: Partner Big Chief.. Oct 15 Friday: A Dozen of Fun.. Oct 14 Thursday: Fit - Nest Returns.. Oct 13 Wednesday: Shirt Front..

Oct 12 Tuesday: Pair Pacing.. Oct 09 Saturday: Share and Sync.. Oct 08 Friday: Hot and Heavy.. Oct 06 Wednesday: Consistency Club!! Oct 05 Tuesday: Blow Em Up.. Reset on each rep. Oct 03 Monday: 'Whitten' Have a fantastic long weekend everyone.. Now let's kick the week off with a wicked hero called Whitten..

Oct 02 Saturday: 3 Captains.. Oct 01 Friday: Power Hour.. Sep 30 Thursday: All Out.. Sep 29 Wednesday: Burn to Burn.. Sep 28 Tuesday: Puffed Up.. Sep 26 Monday: Broken Wheels.. Sep 24 Friday: Up and Down.. Row 2. Burpees 3.

Ski 4. Sep 22 Wednesday: River Race.. Sep 21 Tuesday: Pedal Power.. Sep 18 Monday: Road Worx.. Sep 18 Saturday: Rope Slingin.. Sep 17 Friday: Ladder Climb.. Sep 16 Thursday: Fluffy Stuff.. Sep 15 Wednesday: Cut off.. Sep 14 Tuesday: 30 Somethings Sep 12 Monday: Squashed.. Sep 11 Saturday: 3 Bags Full.. Sep 10 Friday: Bike Erg Burgers.. Sep 09 Thursday: Don't Break.. Sep 08 Wednesday: Echo Valley.. Sep 07 Tuesday: Ninja Work.. Sep 05 Monday: Power Up.. Sep 04 Saturday: Partner Push..

Sep 03 Friday: The Sep 02 Thursday: Frog in a Blender.. Sep 01 Wednesday: Wobbly Mittwoch.. Aug 31 Tuesday: Attack Mindset.. Aug 28 Saturday: Team Calorie Count.. Aug 27 Friday: Wake up Jeff.. Aug 26 Thursday: Plyo Power.. Aug 25 Wednesday: Boat Ramp.. Aug 24 Tuesday: Tidal Wave.. Aug 23 Monday: Battery Check.. Aug 21 Saturday: D-Unitt Dirty Aug 20 Friday: Step Ladder..

Aug 19 Thursday: Spicy Couplets.. Aug 17 Tuesday: Mash Up.. Aug 15 Monday: 10's.. Aug 14 Saturday: A Plate Full.. Aug 13 Friday: Clean and jerk work.. Aug 12 Thursday: Small Bump Aug 11 Wednesday: Long Lunge.. Aug 10 Tuesday: Bounce Off.. Aug 07 Saturday: Sync or Swim.. Aug 06 Friday: Squatsched..

Reset at the bottom for each rep. Aug 05 Thursday: Grunt Work.. Aug 04 Wednesday: Push Over..


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Or join an organized outing, most with candlelit trails, treats and maybe a fire. There are at least six organized hikes in the Wausau area this season. Then enjoy hot chocolate, cider and marshmallows around the campfire. Meet at the new building, the Friends Gathering Space. Flashlights and headlamps suggested. Free, but state park vehicle sticker required for park entry. Organized by Friends of Rib Mountain. New this year is the Sweetheart Walk on Feb.

Details at monkgardens. The Merrill Ice Drags were founded back in so local men and women could have automobile-style racing fun in the winter. Since then, the sport has become more competitive with record spectator attendance. Racing on the ice, cars have managed to get up to Racing starts at noon.

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Revel in cheesehead humor with this comedian, journalist and YouTube star. You probably know him for his YouTube show, Manitowoc Minute, the minute-long show about everything from national news to Wisconsin news. Hearing his good-humored jokes playfully poking fun at Wisconsin accents, phrases and life are guaranteed to make you laugh.

His optical illusion art provides a fascinating look at visual perception and spatial relationships that will make you do a double-take. We have over 30 to choose from! Featuring local food products direct from the farmers, bakers, roasters, chefs and bee keepers.

Details at merrillicedrags. Bring non-perishable food item. Join any time, free to try. Skates provided for kids through season. Practice most Sundays pm. Special hours or closed during school vacations and holidays, call to check hours at Gallery hours Tues.

Threedimensional experiences via two-dimensional artworks featuring bold colors and geometric shapes. Contemporary take on the ancient, yet ever-evolving, art of cutting paper. Gallery hours: Mon. Juried exhibit of Wisconsin university student work.

Work in all mediums and styles describe seasons of the Midwest. Annual open quilt show. Gallery open Sat. Recommended for mature audiences. Food, fundraising and inspiration with baseball legend Darryl Strawberry. Reservations required: , jtarras fca. Punk rock. Learn to make own holiday garland. Anthony Spirituality Center, Marathon. Storytelling in the framework of praying, beadwork, conversations. Register: sarcenter.

Pop and rock performer, songwriter and producer with over 30 million albums sold worldwide. Reserve: Wausauspace. Magic of the Polar Express theme, runs from the start of Main St. Men dance to steamy choreographed routines. Tickets: eventbrite. Tickets: westonlanes. Learn about Seurat and color theory. Register: cvawausau. Listen to musical masterpieces by Mozart and Beethoven as you peruse gallery.

Take a walk to look for woodpeckers and discover clues they leave behind. Dress for the weather. Activities, games, cosplay, LEGO building, more. Exhibitors, speakers and more. Presented by Hemp for Fitness. Use S. Holiday craft fair with 70 vendors, bake sale and luncheon. Free admission. Explore the nature of the stars and stellar life cycles.

Glow skate, teddy bear clinic, bounce houses, service projects, more. Hundreds of arts and crafts vendors sell homemade items and goods. Proceeds reinvested into Portage Co. Vegas style production of favorite hits from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today featuring female impersonators of Cher, Dolly Patron, Diana Ross and Joan Rivers.

Library, Mosinee. Make a turkey windsock using variety of craft supplies. Library, Stratford. Tweens, teens and adults practice math and learn to quilt. Magic Mike male dancers. Tickets: ticketor. Join curator of exhibitions for gallery walk focused on sculpture and the artists who create 3D artworks. Climbing instructions, proper fit for harness and helmet.

Claus and enjoy holiday activities. Reservations required. Free, bring non-perishable food item. Both at 8 am. Free with non-perishable food donation. Thanksgiving workouts. Turkey Shred am or Turkey Tabata am. Fees donated to Marathon Co. Hunger Coalition. Register: eastbay. Musical tale of newsboy strike when publishers raise distribution prices set in NYC. Presented by Central Wis. All you can eat, Santa, face painting, elf shelf. Noon-3 pm. Shop local stores and give the gift of a sustainable community.

Climbing instructions, get properly fitted for harness and helmet. Monroe Blues. Milwaukee Power. Free will donation. Americana artist. Tickets: nicoletlive. Register: Ce. Beginning: Tues. A representative from Therapy Dogs International presents the evaluation process and uses for therapy dogs. Work on quilting project. Library, Wausau. Watch adaptation, discuss how it compares to book by Louis Sachar. Make and decorate wreath.

Library, Rothschild. Teens and adults learn to etch creative designs into recycled CDs. Write festive, meaningful poem to share with family and friends. Learn to raise up those struggling for long term sobriety. Register: eventbrite. Techniques, work on projects. Register: secure. Skill and thrill of making glass paperweight using glassblowing tools. Comedian, host, actor and creator of Manitowoc Minute video series.

Master Chorale: Ring Yuletide Bells! Carols spanning the centuries in multiple languages. Joseph Convent Chapel, Stevens Point. Arrives downtown around 7 pm, tree lighting and warming party after. Toys, baby and kid items. Crafts, treats, entertainment, Santa pictures.

Explore acrylic mediums and their potential to create textural, abstract paintings. Stephens Church, Merrill. Details TBD. Starts at S. Genesee St. Breakfast, activities, visit with Santa. Santa visits with furry friends. Artisans, crafts and small business show 9 am-3 pm, Santa and more am, parade starts at 6 pm. Details: mosineechamber. Tour decorated museums, see holiday collectibles and hear stories by costumed actors.

Last tour leaves at pm. Ring in Christmas season after holiday parade with lights, cookies, pictures with Santa and hot cocoa. Live music, crafts, horse-drawn wagon rides, food, more. John Anthony performs favorite Rod Stewart hits with a dynamic stage presence and energy. Program provides peace with blend of spiritual songs, feel-good and traditional Christmas music. Hosted by Wings, A Grief Ministry. Program of Holiday arrangements by the Central Wis.

Symphony Orchestra with vocal group Cantus. Coulee Region Chill. Winter Wonders: Multicultural look at holiday customs and the winter solstice. Exotic blend of musical virtuosity, artistic passion and humor. Part of Merrill Area Concert Assoc. Presentation by Sarah Rudolph. Tickets: campanilecenter. Learn to paint from reference photos with Tonja Sell.

Animals are master hiders, follow clues to find the unseen critters of Schmeeckle. All ages make holiday crafts. Learn common complaints grievers feel, expectations without compromising feelings. Screen documentary about Mr. Sold out, tickets may become available. Library, Marathon.

Beloved American holiday classic comes to life as a s radio broadcast. Presented by Out of the Woods Theatre. Library, Edgar. Examine important issues at the intersection of religion, culture and politics in America. Re-create Op Artinspired images for notecards, illustrations, etc. Library, Athens. Creating, socializing. Vintage board game collection available with vintage cocktails. Student-directed show highlights student choreographers, performers, lighting and costume designers and gives students the full experience of creating their own work.

Craft and bake sale Fri. Christmas tree lighting and decorating Fri. Family fun weekend with Saturday night fireworks. Family-fueled comedy drama with live band. Holiday vocals with catered Italian dinner. Tickets: lettiejensenscenter. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, Wausau. Medieval night of food, drink, entertainment, merriment by Central Wis.

Youth Choir featuring Bella Voice. Tickets: payit2. Presented by Wausau Community Theater. Tubas perform holiday tunes. With photo opportunity. Free will offering. See how dinosaurs decorated for the holidays. Register: tandhtiming. Pictures with Santa. Learn how invasive species threaten native plants and animals, and destroy the diverse landscape.

Select variety of handmade cookies. Proceeds go towards charitable projects of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church. Agnes, Weston. Vendors, kids activities and breakfast with Santa on Sat. Convention Center, Rothschild.

Meet education owls from Raptor Education Group. Bring furry family members for photos with Santa and refreshments. Noon-5 pm. Concert celebrates holidays. Rock and roll poetry, roots, Americana. Tickets: wxpr. Live music by Bobby Blues and Tortured Soul at pm. Pop songs in classic, doo wop style.

Carols, hymns and songs from around the world and across the centuries. Contemporary praise, worship, gospel and a cappella styles. Come face-to-face with the ancient animals that roamed during the Ice Age. Unlock mysteries of these extinct giants on an interactive winter hike.

Dress for weather. Library Pinery Room, Stevens Point. Presented by philosophy professor Joshua Horn. Jim Harris discusses his work to remove unexploded bombs in Laos. Holiday celebration with modern arrangements of Christmas classics and contemporary hits. Singer, songwriter. Write stories to share with children and grandchildren. Explore Mead Wildlife Center by snowshoeing or hiking. Snowshoes provided. Portion of class must be completed online prior to in-person class. Learn to increase sales through networking, sales techniques, and marketing.

Pre-registration required: wausauchamber. The perfect gift this holiday season! Tickets and gift certificates available now! Peoria Mustangs. Wear festive attire for tubas and euphoniums playing carols. The story, presented as a radio play, about a young girl who meets Kris Kringle. Area Community Theater. Night of the best of jazz, blues, and the Holiday songs you know and love.

Use creativity and engineering skills to create gingerbread house, ages 8 and under must be accompanied by adult. Contemporary praise, gospel, a cappella styles. Peruse unique local makers while sipping brews and signature drinks with live music. Facebook: Wausau Makers Market Co. Games, crafts, photos with Santa, and much more.

Hosted by Foundation of St. Contemporary praise, gospel and a cappella styles. Holiday dance performance of classics and new favorites. Tickets: grandtheater. Learn to fold paper into creative designs. Holiday extravaganza from pianist with pop chamber orchestra and guest vocalist. Create small-scale Op Art illusions. Celebrate Holidays with original compositions and inventive arrangements of Holiday favorites by classical-crossover duo.

Part of 10x10 series. Kids meet and get photo taken with Santa. Fox Cities Ice Dogs. Park, Stevens Point. View fossils and replicas. Held with or without snow. Double-feature movie. Bring chairs and blanket. Grades explore the world of plants and animals in the winter. Register: Monkgardens. Serving The Style Pizza in Wausau! Chicago Dance Band Hello Weekend, black lights, glow items, balloon drop at midnight.

Supports Humane Society of Marathon Co. Vintage board game collection with special vintage cocktails. Learn evolution of Op Art and artists who shaped the movement. Create woven collage designed to trick the eye. West Bend. Family fun with Saturday night fireworks. Youth Hockey: Marathon Park, Wausau.

Details, schedule: Visitwausau. Gaming, anime convention. Willmar WarHawks. Minnesota Warriors. All ages drop in to create woven optical-illusion collage. Ages learn to cross country ski. Some equipment available, first come first served. Sign Up Meeting Sun. Basics, make own creation. Group discussion on health, natural remedies that cure winter blues. Open to adults and high school students, with cookies, hot chocolate and cider after. Includes trail passes and ski rentals first come, first served.

No children. Bluegrass band with Them Coulee Boys. Singer, songwriter and producer performs rock and poetry. Part of 10x10 Series. Drop off tree anytime 7 am8 pm, campfire pm. Fox Cities. Comedy show featuring creator of Manitowoc Minute. Multiple divisions, concessions, music. Games begin 5 pm Fri. Register: Visitwausau. Eclectic, action-packed, high-energy, jam-rock grass band. Classic and skate-style cross-country ski race.

Details: wausaunordic. Elementary, middle and high school divisions. Apline Skiing: Granite Peak. Racing begins at am. Watch sculpture be made out of ice with light features. Adults learn patterns that create dimension and depth in quilts. Concert by Wausau Symphony Orchestra.

Learn about human trafficking, how the topic hits home in central Wis. Keynote speakers, breakout sessions, cash bar, more. Register: wausauchamber. Explore rise and fall of Op Art movement of s and 70s. Whiskey and Wine tasting prior to Russian National Ballet performance. Write family stories to share with children and grandchildren. Learn to use pine cones as natural fire starter.

Artist honors remarkable musical legacy of early mentor, hero and inspiration, Beatles guitarist and songwriter George Harrison. Library, Hatley. Drop in and learn to knit. Eagle River Falcons. Part of Tomorrow River Concert Series. Tickets: lettiejensencenter. Nationally recognized singer and arranger joined by seven regional jazz artists. Part of Merrill Area Concert Association series. Some snowshoes available to borrow.

Hot chocolate, cider, marshmallows around campfire. State sticker required for entry. Classical rock musical. Learn how the ancients, through their astronomical observations, measured time, determined direction, more.

Craft decorative snowflakes with paper, beads and pipe cleaners. Quilting project. All ages learn about birds in Wis. Synchronized and team entertainment events. Featuring top talents from UW-Madison. Bring family, friends and dogs for a walk with bonfire, hot chocolate, marshmallows and more.

Taste local craft beers with potato bar and live music. Horse-drawn carriage rides, snow slide, ice sculptures, mac-n-cheese contest, art projects, cookie decorating, ice skating and more. Archery: Rib Mountain Bowmen, Merrill. Multiple age divisions. Details: Visitwausau. College, Wausau.

Annual garden conference Saturday features exhibits, vendors, workshops and speakers am pm. Experience songs and stories of Southern California neighborhood, and legendary artists that changed the sound of American pop music. Emily J. Ward, UW-Madison assistant professor of the Visual Cognition Laboratory, discusses cognitive science of visual perception.

Ice oval race. Pit gate 6 am, spectator gate 8 am, race 10 am. Adult and junior divisions. Youth, high school team, adult and adaptive races. Neil Diamond tribute. Family harmonies and skilled musicianship. Martial Arts: Wausau West Fieldhouse. Several age and belt color brackets. Youth Snowmobiling: Wausau Several classes and divisions.

Youth and adult races. Polka dance band. Learn about microgreens and how to grow them. Make romanceinspired coasters using romance novel and craft supplies. Play based on E. Broadway hit based on story by Mark Twain presented by Central Wis. Eagle River. Junior and adult teams. TBD; Sat. Play set in s Paris, stage is set for the concert of the century as long as Henry Saunders can keep Italian superstar and hot-blooded wife from causing chaos. Gypsy swing, honky-tonk and Latin jazz quintet.

Part of the 10x10 series. Male, female and kids races. Funny musical portrays feisty young girl who refuses to let her problems get the better of her. For grades De Pere. Trains, vendors, activities and more. Details: thecwmrarcticrun. Ivan the gorilla was a dull cage in shopping mall until he meets Ruby, a baby elephant captured in the wild. Shiela Reaves, professor and director of Undergraduate Studies in Dept. Create cut-paper collages with a chess motif. Screen films followed by discussion.

Details and schedule: Uwmc. Use Mod Podge to decorate glass jars with tissue paper. Stage reading of new play about love, nostalgia, the seasons and how we learn to say goodbye. Firearms, hunting gear, wildlife art and gifts, archery, power sports, taxidermy, resorts, campgrounds and guides, real estate and more.

Comedian, Emmy-winning journalist and YouTube channel host. Brings together producers, consumers, local businesses and educators with chef competition and more. High, Weston. Clock repairer on site. Latina pop-songstress blending sounds of the Americas. Music, crafts, raffles, photos and more. Semi-formal attire required. Learn history and celebrate the branch.

National touring production of updated Broadway musical, about Maria and the von Trapp Family. Library, Spencer. Play cribbage. Gut-busting comedy. Elegant tea party with sweets and savories and special historical program. Presented by Playhouse Theater Group. Dogs welcome. Call us today to learn more about asset protection.

Children brings favorite adult and uses best manners at tea party with treats and old-timey craft. High energy blues quintet. Dinner concert showcases individual singers and full Chorale with pop, jazz, Broadway and more. Presented by Monteverdi Chorale. Light spectacle with colorful illuminated illusions with rhythmic gymnastics, dance, magic, puppetry and physics.

Doubles teams. Bowling: Coral Lanes, Rothschild. Youth and adult divisions. Park, Wausau. Youth meter, 5K and 10K. Some snowshoes available. Plunging and live music at noon. Details, register: specialolympicswisconsin. Enjoy hiking trails then wine sampling paired with cheeses and desserts.

Supports Community Partners Campaign. Snowshoeing, sledding, sled dog race, educational information. Stage concert celebrates years of collaboration and friendship. Working on quilting project. OurFeatured Track Records: www. Portage Lake. Annual fundraising bash. Not suitable for young children. Veninga Theater. Folk, rock and Americana with three-part harmonies and big hooks.

Part of the 10x10 Series. Join Knights and Squires of the Round Table in family-friendly musical. Must be 18 unless otherwise noted. Must be 18 to watch and 21 to participate in pool tournament. Management reserves the right to alter or cancel any event without notice. Learn to start tomatoes, peppers, cabbage and more. Learn about honey bees, beekeeping and more. The Plaza presents this event, with Doo-Wop Daddies performing 50s and 60s swing music with food, drinks and prizes.

RVs and campers, equipment, campgrounds, power sports and more. Louis Jr. Gypsy jazz. Classic hits from the American radio songbook with tight harmonies and slick dance moves. Six-piece country band. Ticket cost TBD.

Look at understanding of the Aurora Borealis or northern lights. Heartfelt tribute to Carole King by singer Suzanne Davis. Part of the Merrill Area Concert Association series. Historical Society, Wausau. Local florists dress up houses with spring blossoms. Time TBD. A mental or behavioral health emergency can come in any form, at any time, at any age. Where can you turn for support and hope? North Central Health Care will help assess your situation and ensure you receive the support, counseling and resources you need.

No one should have to manage a crisis alone. There is hope. We are confident. No appointment needed. Affordable senior housing options at Forest Park Village in Wausau. Forest Park Village One or two bedroom apartments for independent. Choose the services you want or need. Ask about Independent Plus. More comprehensive care 24 hours a day. Open Monday - Friday, 8 a. Half or full-day rates available. Irish pub and rock band. Traditional and original Irish songs.

Kids play based on the book by Andrew Clements and illustrator Brian Selznick. Fifth-grader Nick creates a new word that spreads at his school, his town, around the country. Various techniques and ideas. Showcases classic rhythms and melodies from the cha-cha to the rumba and highlight a variety of Cuban beats.

Ultimate 90s dance party. Early blues, rockabilly, surf-noir, to s era rock and roll. Musicians, storytellers, authors. Tomorrow River Concert Series. Bridge Street Wausau, WI eyecarecenterwausau. Your best self. Kowalski, brian thecitypages. Call, visit any branch, or apply online at www. American Red Cross Redcross. Central Wis. We haul the cans for recycling and money generated goes for medication, spaying and neutering Junior Achievement of Wisconsin Northcentral District Office , juniorachievement.

Boys and Girls Club N. Monk Botanical Gardens N. Randlin Homes , randlinhomes. Upgrades which are not chosen by the player remain in the pool of Upgrades, allowing them to appear again as options in future Upgrade Terminals. Damage bonus stacks additively with other damage bonuses. Player can now teleport through enemies, bullets and hazards, but not through solid blocks. Max Bomb is increased by 1, and the player gains 1 standard Bomb if they are not already at 6 Bombs.

Must be purchased from Kleines before this Upgrade can appear in Upgrade Terminals. Player becomes immune to damage from electricity, whether generated by hazards or enemies. If the player has 3 or more Bombs and would otherwise take damage from a hit, a Bomb is automatically consumed to negate damage in addition to its normal effects. Negated hits reduce Multiplier by x0. Price reduction only applies to pickups found in Shops, Big Shops and Gambling rooms.

Weapon prices in shops which have been visited at the time of the upgrade application are reduced by picking up Discount, but weapon prices in not-yet-visited shops are not affected by Discount. Bloke's seal, when offered in the Sanctum, does not have its price reduced by Discount. However, starting the Bloke fight with Discount active reduces the starting price from ,G to ,G. Four weapons, each with four Keywords, are generated in the Upgrade Terminal room. Only one of them can be taken.

All enemies' normal activation delays are doubled. Damaging an enemy, regardless of whether Stealth is active, will instantly activate them. Max HP gain is rounded to the nearest whole number. Pickups drop more often on Normal Room clears, and a much wider variety of pickups, including superior versions of the usual Normal Room clear pickups, can now drop on Normal Room clears. See Pickups section for details. Revive with 5 current and maximum healt, once. Effect quickly wears off when hit or not collecting debris.

A red meter appears under the money counter that indicates how long it lasts and the amount of increased speed and damage the player has. Only appears when playing as Arena Blaster. Your charge meter can now goes up from 6 to Not actually a true Upgrade. It only appears in the Upgrade Terminal in the bottom level of the Monolith, which has no other Upgrades available, and taking it wins the game on non-Hard modes.

Blessings are power-ups given to the player by shrines that resemble the old Council Members. They can be found in secret rooms and offer two choices. The player can pick one. This room can be left and the blessings remain if you come back later. Every shield has the freezing effect, not just the one you get from entering a new floor. This doesn't mean that same item will appear again.

It will likely be changed into a different item. They still have to be bombed open in the middle of combat, but after clearing the room, they will automatically be opened without the need to bomb. Extra rooms are added to the map that give the player helpful items. This can include pickups or weapons.

Curses are keywords that can appear on Cursed Weapons. However, this comes with the downside that there will always be one keyword on the weapon, the curse, that will negatively impact the run while the player is holding the weapon.

If they weapon breaks, the player also loses the curse. Cursed Weapons have a chance of breaking after clearing rooms. The player can't switch weapons normally while holding a Cursed Weapon. They are stuck with it until it breaks itself. Curse of Chaos Turns into a random curse on pick-up - It's unknown which curse the player gets before picking up the weapon. Curse of Fatigue Dash is weaker and recharges slower - Dash has it's cooldown almost doubles and doesn't reach as far.

Curse of Numbness All healing reduced to 1 hp part - The health bar only gets segmented HP regardless of how much the pickup is worth. Curse of Pain All damage taken is increased - If you would have taken 1 damage normally, it goes up to 2. If you would have taken 2 damage normally, it goes up to 3. Curse of Paranoia You feel watched - Presence the enemy, not the boss will randomly spawn while in combat.

Curse of Stiffness Aim restricted to 8 directions - The player can only shoot horizontally, vertically and diagonally. When playing as Arena Blaster, bombs are replaced with a charge meter. These charges can be used for Active Items, which all have their own benefits when used. Occasionally they also have a passive effect. This list is currently not complete yet.

It will be updated with more items soon!!. For 10 seconds, take no contact damage and deal contact damage yourself. Your dash releases a burst of flames. Note that it only makes you immune to contact damage. Bullets still hurt you. Light beams come striking down from above dealing damage to enemies.

The beams are not homing. Shoots a ball of fire. When it hits the wall, it goes across the room shooting fire bullets from all sides, dealing damage to enemies. Puts a bomb down that can get stuck to the enemy. Can't open secret rooms, but does destroy all blocks in a nearby radius. Icicles spawn on bottom of random blocks across the room. They drop immediately when used in a boss room.

A single shot with amazing damage. The damage is about half of Overlords first phase health. Fire a haunted bullet that goes through walls on kill, it turns towards a nearby enemy. It will automatically try to chain kills in a room with a large amount of enemies. The entire room gets covered in explosions, killing most enemies and removing all bullets. Railgun shots are fired in all directions and instantly hit enemies for a bunch of damage. This won't happen if the shot hits, but doesn't kill the enemy.

This item cannot be used again if the map is already revealed. If the player gets the map pickup after the map is already revealed, it gives some debris instead. Weapons that are currently in the room will have their keywords rerolled. Does not reroll the keywords of the weapon the player currently holds. Conjures a stationairy thunderhead bolts of lightning arc between them and your ship.

Fires a shot that when it hits a target, releases a beam that deals damage to nearby enemies. Makes the ship dash and passing enemies take damage from the dash. The player cannot get hit while dashing with this item. Levels within the Monolith can be composed of many types of rooms the number following the name indicates how many of that room type can appear in a standard level : Non-Shop Rooms.

The player will often be faced with hacking minigames throughout the game. These can be found in an arcade or vault door. They take place in a 5 by 5 tile field in which the player can move around. Around the border is a timer in the form of a burning rope slowly going to a skull at the bottom, after which the timer has ended. Blue orbs are scattered around the tiles.

Collecting all of them before the timer runs out wins you the game. Often there are spikes or red blocks that kill the player if the player runs into them. The higher the difficulty, the faster the timer runs out. The ship is stuck in the middle of the screen and has a shield to block incoming flames with.

They only come in from the top, left, right and bottom of the screen. The higher the difficulty, the faster the fires come in. The ship has to cross 3 lines of fire blocks quickly without hitting them. These fire blocks move sideways. The player loses too if the timer runs out. The higher the difficulty, the faster the fire blocks move. The ship is placed in a maze and has to reach the blue orb before the timer runs out.

The walls are made of invisible ghosts that only before visible if the ship is in a 2 tile radius of the ghosts. Two lines of blocks move around the player. Some of them have blue orbs on them and the player has to hit them. The other blocks have skulls on them and hitting them kills the player. Eight numbers are on tiles next to the player. Depending on the prompt, the player has to pick the number that is the highest or lowest of the bunch before the timer run out.

The ship has to dodge bombs until the timer has ended. The higher the difficulty, the faster the bombs blow up. Minibosses are unique enemies which appear in Miniboss rooms on every level - all minibosses on a level must be killed to destroy the shields called Nimbuses protecting the Boss Room's pillar, allowing the level's boss to be summoned.

On death, minibosses drop a cartridge clip - if the player is at or above full health - or a small heart otherwise. Note: Attack patterns given are for when these enemies appear in non-Hard modes. It then bounces another time, releasing a radial burst of large bullets and moving much farther backward before stopping.

Finally, Quadcore switches to multiple long-bullet pseudo-sprinklers for several seconds before dashing quickly toward the player, emitting a semicircular burst of large bullets behind it. While Sentron is alive, the Martyrs shoot bullets toward the player, but cannot move out of formation. Occasionally, Sentron releases the Martyrs, allowing them to move freely. Attacks: It will either shoot paper airplanes at the player from the ceiling or covers the screen with it's homing shots. Usually is surrounded by other enemies, but can be fought alone at times.

Occasionally it lifts its head to unleash a bullet sprinkler. See the end of the Levels section for details. Attacks: Leaps from the wall at fast speed and continues crawling. From it's body, eyes open up that shoot towards the player. Once the pattern finishes, it disappears, then attempts to reappear on top of the player, either emitting radial bursts or summoning three Lost Souls once it has appeared. The center segment has a yellow eye.

Attacks: Funnel's eye periodically fires semicircular bursts toward the player's side of the room. Random segments shoot large bullets at the player, but every fourth bullet is replaced by a large fireball which radially explodes into embers on impact. The boss dies once the center segment has been destroyed. Attacks: Attacks the player from behind the screen first and cannot be damaged in this state. He will either shoot fireballs randomly at but close to the player or strike directly at the player and these fireballs will explode into more bullets.

If all Focuses are destroyed or after it remotely detonates all remaining Focuses, it rapidly shoots long bullets toward the player, then teleports to a random location and shoots two curving shotgun bursts toward the player. After throwing enough, he recalls them to come back. While Idol is stationary, the Lost Souls shoot bullets radially.

Idol occasionally shifts position ignoring terrain , firing four large shots at the player and preventing the Lost Souls from firing temporarily every time it does so. Idol shifts positions more frequently as it approaches death. Sometimes bullet storms are followed up by an additional targeted burst of bullets. Twofold Levels: Level 6 Guaranteed Enemy Type: Construct Appearance: Two Chamberlains, one orange and the other pink, each with one side missing and prongs going from the corners to red orbs in the centers.

Attacks: The two minibosses periodically move simultaneously to random locations, each launching one of several possible attacks upon arrival at the new location. Possible attacks include a cross laser, an aimed laser, and several bullet patterns. Attacks: Most static midboss of this area. He can shoot from it's gun with very dense bullet patterns. It can spawn crazy ghosts that form a line across the screen. Also possesses an railgun attack with phasing, meaning it hits the player from across the screen, but is luckily telegraphed.

Attacks: Possible attacks include shooting homing bullets at the player. Can turn the floor into poison which shoot toxic clouds upwards. Can spawn bonelings at the bottem too. Will always drop the Magic Rod upon defeat. Attacks: Flings it's sword around that hurt the player and spawns bullets. Can also call up smaller knights which dash across the screen. Will always drop the Magic Shield upon defeat. Attacks: Swings it's cleaver around and instantly kills the player if he drops it on them.

Can hit the walls which causes the ceiling to crumble and bones come from it's side. Can also shoot a laser downwards, which shoots bullets to the left and right. Will always drop the Magic Sword upon defeat. Attacks: Possible attacks include shooting bullets and fireballs from it's claws and. Can also hop into the background, where it can't be attacked, and shoot fireballs to the player which explode upon hitting the foreground.

Will always drop the Magic Pack upon defeat. Note: Attack patterns given are generally for the non-Hard-Mode versions of the bosses. Boss Room Bosses. Attacks include sitting on one side of the screen, shooting at the player while also having to dodge fish coming from it's back. It can call upon a firestorm from above and can jump up and down the screen, while bullets are shot from around it.

Death Notes: Fish explodes. Sufficient damage to a segment removes the ice and reveals a metal core. Fight Music: The Extraordinary Phase 1 Notes: After emerging from the sewer grate in the background, Ice Wyrm moves back and forth at the top of the screen, raining down icicles or icy laser bullets and using other attacks.

At low health the ice on the head is broken and it instead chases the player in an attempt to deal contact damage, trailing ice bullets and occasionally using shotgun and rapid-fire attacks. Death Notes: Ice Wyrm's segments explode in sequence from tail to head. Devourer Level: Maintenance System Enemy Type: Creature Appearance: Body: Rows of toothed flesh segments at the top and bottom of the screen with a ringed background linking segment pairs.

Front: flesh jaws at vertical extremes. Fleshy eyeballs enter from the left side of the screen and shoot various bullet patterns - these eyeballs are the Devourer's only vulnerable objects during this phase. Occasionally, the Devourer itself will release a shotgun of blood. Phase 2 Notes: Devourer moves to the right and engulfs the player, and a large core appears from the left which shoots bullets to the right.

Damaging the core hurts Devourer and causes it to contort into a sinusoidal shape. As the boss health bar depletes, the contortion becomes more extreme. Death Notes: The core explodes and Devourer falls apart. The large orb has four blue pie-shaped armor plates and a red orb in its center. Fight Music: Singularity 1st Phase , Apparition 2nd Phase Phase 1 Notes: Armor Tac enters from the top of the screen and often stays near the top for the majority of this phase.

It shoots bullets, fires a laser downward, and smashes the edges of the screen with its legs to shoot bullets from the sides. Sometimes, it jumps down to the bottom half of the screen and stays there for a few attacks before crawling back up to the top half.

Depleting the boss health bar destroys the legs and causes the core to fall off the bottom of the screen. Phase 2 Notes: The core re-emerges from the bottom of the screen and uses a new set of bullet and electric attacks, occasionally flinging itself into the walls to summon bullets.

Death Notes: The core loses its armor plates, then explodes. Oblivion, creature with an eye inside that keeps changing into a mouth Fight Music: The 4th Phase 1 Notes: Genesis reveals itself and starts the fight off with a bunch of different bullet attacks. Phase 2 Notes: Oblivion shows up and devours Genesis.

Oblivion shoots attacks from it's core, but also uses it's hands to shoot at the player simultaneously. Genesis can't be hurt during this phase, only Oblivion. Death Notes: Oblivion and Genesis die into an explosion. Reactor Level: The Bellows Enemy Type: Mech Appearance: Large metal torso with guns at the shoulders and a large orange eye where the neck would be Fight Music: Singularity Phase 1 Notes: Reactor reveals itself and begins to fire a variety of bullet attacks from its guns, occasionally firing barrages of electricity from the top of the screen or releasing swarms of Crazy Ghosts from openings near the guns.

The eye is the only vulnerable point of this boss. At half health, the boss closes its eye and releases two Heavy Sentinels, only re-opening the eye and resuming its normal attacks once these two enemies have been destroyed.

Death Notes: The guns and eye explode, but the rest of the boss remains. The Elevator Room is accessed by passing through the slot where the eye used to be. The left and right edges of the screen are lined with red cannons. Fight Music: The Extraordinary Phase 1 Notes: Two fire streams come down from above before the drone makes its entrance from the top of the screen while emitting fire streams from its boxes.

The drone uses a variety of fire-themed bullet attacks and occasionally fires the wall cannons. At low health, all of the wall cannons get destroyed and the drone begins to emit fire streams and pseudo-sprinkler attacks from its boxes. Death Notes: The drone loses a chunk of its head, then explosively crashes into the bottom of the screen. At low health, the head explodes, the hands begin to emit endless fire sprays, and the neck shoots bullet shotguns and sprays for the rest of the fight.

Death Notes: The hands explode, and the torso crashes into the bottom of the screen. The torso has a face in the center. On Hard Mode, the face is replaced by a large orb. Fight Music: Accursed One Phase 1 Notes: Overlord, floating, fades in from the background, then begins to cycle through a series of attack patterns.

Unlike many other bosses, Overlord always uses its attack patterns in a certain order in all of its phases. Phase 2 Notes: Much of Overlord's shoulders and legs explodes. The remainder begins to quickly cycle through a new series of attack patterns. The boss moves quickly in this phase. Phase 3 Notes: Overlord loses its legs, forcing it to levitate in mid-air once more.

The boss employs a final series of three attack patterns. Unlike in previous phases, these patterns are not looped - the last pattern, once it begins, is the only one used for the rest of the fight. Death Notes: Overlord, after several seconds, explodes.

Teleportation is disabled at this point. If the appropriate conditions have been met, the player ship can travel into the Elevator Room to continue the current run. Traveling through the passage to a room other than the Elevator Room ends the run as a level 5 win, prompting a performance assessment screen which the player can browse before returning to the Hub.

Tutorial Boss. Seal Bosses. He only gives interesting lines three times every time the Hub is entered yes, you can get him to speak again by re-doing the tutorial or exiting to menu and re-entering the game , and he speaks about different things depending on which option is selected: Advice: If you returned to the Hub due to a death, Kleines will talk about the cause of death usually an enemy if you select this option before he stops saying interesting lines. Otherwise, Kleines will talk about some of the advanced aspects of the game, such as Keywords weapon modifiers , Secret Rooms, or specific weapons.

Gossip: Kleines will talk about the various levels of the Monolith you have visited or muse about other matters. Shop: Kleines offers various permanent purchases for Debris based on the progress you have made through the Monolith. In Kleines's shop, Debris is drawn from your cumulative supply.

This cumulative supply is increased every time you die or win by the run's score which is exactly the amount of Debris you collected in a run without regard for whether it was spent. Furnish: Selecting this option when it appears the first few times leads to Kleines adding new pieces of furniture to the Hub. Once one elevates their total spent cumulative Debris over ,G and re-enters the Hub, selecting this option allows one to change the furniture in the Hub at any time. When Kleines is asked for gossip, he will give one of these lines.

The list is not comprehensive - the quotes given in Levels also qualify as gossip. Rubble: "Dig through the rubble, will ya? Never know what kind of shinies are embedded in them. Reminds me of better times. Not gonna pretend I'm the sole reason you've got this far.

Just a really major one. Sold them a bunch of headwear some time ago. Made a killing. Bring me back some pics, OK? Why am I here? It's complicated. View it as an opportunity to learn the ropes in a relatively more friendly environment. I mean, can you even rust? What are you even made of? Plates, cables, nuts, bolts, capacitors, batteries, coils I've got the vision, the talent, the drive.

All that's left is the materials and some other stuff. Extra ammo and damage makes life easier in the long run. Expensive as that might be That your relative or something? Kleines offers a variety of permanent unlocks in his shop, all of which are purchased using your cumulative Debris supply. Most of these unlocks are not initially available, however, only appearing in the shop once sufficient progress has been made within the Monolith.

Browsing Kleines's shop does not require nor consume any interesting lines. Consecrated Weapons Unlock Requirements: Destroy Undead-type enemies and bosses across all runs Description: "Consecrated Weapons are extra powerful against the undead.

Antimagic Weapons Unlock Requirements: Destroy Mage-type enemies and bosses across all runs Description: "Antimagic Weapons make short work of spellcasters. Akashic Weapons Unlock Requirements: Destroy Construct-type enemies and bosses across all runs Description: "Akashic Weapons do particular harm to constructs. Disrupting Weapons Unlock Requirements: Destroy Mech-type enemies and bosses across all runs Description: "Disrupting Weapons deal heightened damage to mechanical foes.

Swords only. New weapon every room. Description: "Please just get him out of my inventory. And future. Here you can save reports of runs and practice bosses you have already beaten at least once. Pulsar Unlock Requirements: Complete your first run, win or loss Description: "Pulsar is a steady mid-range weapon. Thunderhead Unlock Requirements: Secure your first level 5 win.

Description: "Thunderhead is a heavy area denial weapon. Railgun Unlock Requirements: Complete your first run, win or loss. Description: "Railgun is weapon of pure precision. The Drill Unlock Requirements: Secure your first level 6 win. Description: "Drill is hybrid emissary of death. Spear Unlock Requirements: Secure your first level 6 win. Description: "Spear skewers enemies for extra damage.

Donations Unlock Requirements: Destroy 5 Hermits across all runs? Description: "One-time care package delivery. Use when required. Caps at 9,,G Effect: A Bandana Hermit now appears in the starting room of all levels which does not disappear upon leaving the room. When the player's accumulated Debris the sum of all cumulative Debris ever gained with no regard for purchases from Kleines reaches certain milestones, Kleines will, when prompted, add pieces of furniture to the Hub - this action does not require nor consume any interesting lines.

Once the player enters the Hub after having spent at least , cumulative Debris across all shopping sessions with Kleines, the Furnish option allows the player to change their furniture at any time. Trophies are decorations in the Hub which commemorate the player's progress through and success within the Monolith.

Trophies and the table on which they stand appear the next time the Hub is entered after Kleines arrives. Levels Trophy. Once a jukebox has been installed in the Hub, the player can play music that has been encountered at least once. There are 61 tracks in total, and Skully will comment on what the jukebox is playing on interaction if he is present.

Must be a hit on the surface. I can listen to it for hours. How am I supposed to spook people to this tune? Truly a treasure. And reversed. Typical Context:??? Isn't it from that one game? Except it's none of them! You seem familiar with this track. As a skull, I approve of these tunes! Bad things happened. No really. Whatever it is, it's yours alone. But so do all bad things, too. Well, the song's still playing, isn't it. I wonder what kind of music it has stored on it.

Sounds about as I expected. Where does it play? Some Morse code. I put this track on to ward off intruders. But I sure like music. Gotta say it's nicer than expected. Maybe we'll meet again someday. And those we couldn't.

You did your best. Seals are enigmatic items which are used to open the way to the elevator leading down to the sixth and final level of the Monolith. Each of four seals can only be picked up once - upon pickup, the seal is instantly and permanently placed in the appropriate slot in the Sanctum's after-boss room. Seals only begin appearing once the Overlord has been defeated at least once.

One seal is given upon the Overlord's defeat, appearing alongside the usual boss room pickups. It occupies the upper-middle slot of the Sanctum's after-boss room once collected. Kleines the cat merchant has a second seal for sale at a price of , Debris drawn out of your cumulative Debris supply like with other permanent purchases.

It occupies the top slot of the Sanctum's after-boss room once collected. Attempting to purchase the seal will initiate the Bloke boss fight and greatly inflate the item's price. Once you have negotiated a more reasonable price and successfully purchased the seal, it is permanently placed into the bottom slot of the Sanctum's after-boss room.

A Shrine in the Maintenance System rare , Bellow rare or Sanctum guaranteed will offer a fourth seal, stating that the cost for unlocking the seal is facing death. Taking the deal will initiate the Renegade boss fight. Winning the fight prompts some dialogue and allows the player to take the seal, which occupies the lower-middle slot of the Sanctum's after-boss room once collected.

However, playing in Hard Mode makes all enemies and bosses more difficult and changes the level 6 boss as well as the ending of a level 6 win. All sources of weapons only give Swords. Apart from these changes, Sword Mode is the same as Normal Mode. Instead, it is always equipped with a random 2-Keyword weapon with unlimited ammo, and the weapon changes on room changes and boss summons.

Weapon Chambers do not appear, and weapon drops are replaced by HP drops. Ammo pickups do not appear in most rooms and Salvage does not appear in Upgrade Terminals. Digging up secret and shortcuts costs 2 charges.

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Dolfuss - n 2 5 1. Desktop - n 5 0 3. Decoder - n 5 2 3. Contact - n 0 4 0. Consumer - n 2 4 3. Conference - n 3 4 4. Championship - n 0 5 4. In symbols, d. To help explain the concept, we have indicated the degrees on our example. We write the degree this way to make it 1.

In words, if Xn D u, we jump to a randomly chosen neighbor of u at time n C 1. In For a concrete example, consider Example 1. A chess board is an 8 by 8 grid of squares. A knight moves by walking two steps in one direction and then one step in a perpendicular direction. By patiently examining all of the possibilities, one sees that the degrees of the vertices are given by the following table. Lines have been drawn to make the symmetries more apparent.

Let Xn be a realization of the Markov chain starting from the stationary distribution, i. Then Ym is a Markov chain with transition probability pO. We need to calculate the conditional probability. To help explain the concept, 1. It is named for two of the authors of the fundamental papers on the topic. One written by Nicholas Metropolis and two married couples with last names Rosenbluth and Teller and the other by Hastings This is a very useful tool for computing posterior distributions in Bayesian statistics Tierney , reconstructing images Geman and Geman , and investigating complicated models in statistical physics Hammersley and Handscomb It would take us too far afield to describe these applications, so we will content ourselves to describe the simple idea that is the key to the method.

We begin with a Markov chain q. To obtain many samples, we output the state at widely separated times. Of course there is an art of knowing how long is long enough to wait between outputting the state to have independent realizations.

If we are interested in the expected value of a particular function, then if the chain is irreducible and the state space is finite Theorem 1. To generate the jumps we will use a symmetric random walk q. Since q is symmetric r. In this case we can let q. The Metropolis—Hastings algorithm has its roots in statistical physics. A typical problem is the Ising model of ferromagnetism. If we made the lattice three dimensional, we could think of the atoms in an iron bar.

At the boundaries of the square spins have only three neighbors. There are several options for dealing with this: i we consider the spins outside to be 0, or ii we could specify a fixed boundary condition such as all spins C.

The sum is largest in case i when all of the spins agree orPin case ii when all spins are C. For the proposed jump distribution we let q. If x agrees with k of its four neighbors, the ratio is exp. In words p. The Metropolis—Hastings algorithm can also be used to minimize complicated functions.

Consider, for example, the traveling salesman problem, which is to find the shortest or least expensive route that allows one to visit all of the cities on a list. The proposal kernel q is chosen to modify the list in some way. For example, we might move a city to another place on the list or reverse the order of a sequence of cities. One must do this slowly or the process will get stuck in local minima. For more of simulated annealing, see Kirkpatrick et al. All irreducible two state chains have stationary distributions that satisfy detailed balance so we begin with the case of three states.

We say that the cycle condition is satisfied if given a cycle of states x0 ; x1 ; : : : ; xn D x0 with p. There is a stationary distribution that satisfies detailed balance if and only if 1. We first show that if p has a stationary distribution that satisfies the detailed balance condition, then the cycle condition holds.

By the reasoning used to derive 1. Combine these to get a loop that begins and ends at a. Our first example shows one problem that can prevent the convergence of pn. Likewise, if the number is even, then it will be odd on the next one step. This alternation between even and odd means that it is impossible to be back where we started after an odd number of steps.

In symbols, if n is odd, then pn. To see that the problem in the last example can occur for multiples of any number N consider: Example 1. We will explain the name in Sect. To check that this definition works correctly, we note that in Example 1. Similarly, in Example 1. The name refers to the fact that 0! To determine the periods of the other states it is useful to know. The short answer is that if the two states have different periods, then by going from x to y, from y to y in the various possible ways, and then from y to x, we will get a contradiction.

Suppose that the period of x is c, while the period of y is d 0 and let m be such that pm. Since pkCm. Since x has period c, k C m must be a multiple of c. Combining it with Lemma 1. Since this chain is irreducible it follows from Lemma 1. Consider now the basketball chain Example 1.

We now come to the main results of the chapter. We first list the assumptions. All of these results hold when S is finite or infinite. Suppose I, A, S. Then as n! Suppose I and R. If Nn. As a corollary we get the following. In the next two examples we will be interested in the long run cost associated with a Markov chain.

For this, we will need the following extension of Theorem 1. P Theorem 1. Suppose I, S, and x jf. Taking f. If we then take expected value we have Theorem 1. Suppose I, S. To illustrate the use of these results, we consider Example 1. We have an electronics store that sells a videogame system, with the potential for sales of 0, 1, 2, or 3 of these units each day with probabilities. Each night at the close of business new units can be ordered which will be available when the store opens in the morning.

As explained earlier if Xn is the number of units on hand at the end of the day then we have the following transition matrix: 0 1 2 3 4 5 0 1 0 0 0 0 :3 :4 :1 :2 0 :1 0 0 2 3 :1 :2 :1 :2 :3 0 :4 :3 :2 :4 :1 :2 4 5 :4 :3 :4 :3 0 0 0 0 :3 0 :4 :3 In the first section we asked the question: Q. The key is to look at the times the chain returns to a fixed state. Suppose p is irreducible and recurrent.

Let Nn. Suppose first that we start at y. The times between returns, t1 ; t2 ; : : : are independent and identically distributed so the strong law of large numbers for nonnegative random variables implies that the time of the kth return to y, R. From Theorem 1. Our next topic is the existence of stationary measures Theorem 1. Now suppose that z D x: Reasoning as above we have X pN n. To check x.

Let K D minfk W pk. Sketch of Proof. Suppose that the chain starts at x. By the cycle trick in the proof of Theorem 1. P n Proof. Using Lemma 1. The next ingredient is Lemma 1. If x has period 1, i. In words, Ix contains all of the integers after some value n0.

To prove this we begin by proving Lemma 1. Ix is closed under addition. Using this we see that in the triangle and square example I0 D f3; 4; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; : : :g Note that in this example once we have three consecutive numbers e. For another unusual example consider the renewal chain Example 1.

Once we have five consecutive numbers in I0 , here 39—43, we have all the rest. The last two examples motivate the following. We begin by observing that it is enough to show that Ix will contain two consecutive integers: k and k C 1. In the last example 24; 25 2 I0 implies 48; 49; 50 2 I0 which implies 72; 73; 74; 75 2 I0 and 96; 97; 98; 99; 2 I0 , so we know the result holds for n0 D In fact it actually holds for n0 D 34 but it is not important to get a precise bound.

Let S be the state space for p. Step 1. We will first show that if p is aperiodic and irreducible then pN is irreducible. Since p is irreducible, there are K; L, so that pK. Since x2 and y2 have period 1, it follows from Lemma 1. Let V. Since pN is irreducible and recurrent, V. By considering the time and place of the first intersection and then using the Markov property we have P.

What fraction of new students eventually graduate? By considering what happens on one step h. Suppose that the server win the point with probability and successive points are independent. What is the probability the server will win the game if the score is tied 3—3? Behind by one point? We formulate the game as a Markov chain in which the state is the difference of the scores. The transition probability is 2 1 0 -1 -2 2 1. This gives us three equations in three unknowns h.

To introduce a general approach, we rearrange the equations to get h. Solving gives 0 1 0 1 0 1 h. If the game is tied then after two points, the server will have won with probability w2 , lost with probability. Having worked two examples, it is time to show that we have computed the right answer. In some cases we will want to guess and verify the answer. In those situations it is nice to know that the solution is unique. The next result proves this. Consider a Markov chain with state space S.

Suppose h. It follows from Lemma 1. Since h. The reasoning in the last example can be used to study Example 1. The state space is S D f0; 1; : : : Ng and the transition probability is! From this it follows that if we define h. Since Px. Our next topic is non-fair games. Let h. To calculate h. Summing and using the fact that h. What is the probability we will succeed?

Suppose that the casino starts with the rather modest capital of x D In this case the failure probability is incredibly small:. V0 60 1 Markov Chains Example 1. If we rearrange the matrix for the seven state chain in Example 1. Let g. By considering what happens on one step g. To solve for g, we note that the second equation implies g. The transition probability was 2 1 0 -1 -2 2 1. There is another way to see this.

Let THT be the random number of times we need to flip a coin before we have gotten a Heads followed by a Tails. On the average how many times do we need to roll one die in order to see a run of six rolls with all different numbers? To formulate the problem we need some notation. Kn is a Markov chain with state space f1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6g.

In next to last column Ex N. Let D minfn W Xn We claim that Ex D x. There are two ways to prove this. Verify the Guess Let g. Clearly, g. Summing again, we see that Pm jD1 N. Solving gives x X g. We want to show that g. To see what this says note that if p 1 so N! The second term represents the contribution to the expected value from paths that end at 0, but it is hard to explain why the term has exactly this form. The major new complication is that recurrence is not enough to guarantee the existence of a stationary distribution.

Imagine a particle that moves on f0; 1; 2; : : :g according to the following rules. It takes a step to the right with probability p. In symbols, p. The reflecting random walk is clearly irreducible. To check that it is aperiodic note that p. Using the convergence theorem, Theorem 1. T0 0 Px. This is what we think in general when we hear the term.

To see the reason we might be interested in positive recurrence recall that by Theorem 1. This observation motivates Theorem 1. For an irreducible chain the following are equivalent: i Some state is positive recurrent. The stationary measure constructed in Theorem 1.

It is trivial that iii implies i. In a branching process 0 is an absorbing state, so by Theorem 1. However, as the story unfolds we will see that branching processes have the same trichotomy as random walks do.

Consider a population in which each individual in the nth generation gives birth to an independent and identically distributed 1. The number of individuals at time n, Xn is a Markov chain with transition probability given in Example 1. As announced there, we are interested in the question: Q. What is the probability the species avoids extinction?

P k The equation in 1. The next result identifies the root that we want: Lemma 1. Extending the reasoning for 1. Letting n! In this case. In view of Lemma 1. See the figure in the proof of 7. If D 1 and we exclude the trivial case p1 D 1, then extinction occurs with probability 1. We mention the result P here because it allows us to see that the expected time for the process to die out n P1. If we modify the branching process, so that p. Recurrence and Transience The first thing we need to determine about a Markov chain is which states are recurrent and which are transient.

The keys to the proof of Theorem 1. To prove these results, it was useful to know that if N. Theorems 1. Stationary Distributions A stationary measure is a nonnegative solution of p D. The first question is: do these things exist? In two situations, the stationary distribution is easy to compute. If the period is 1, x is said to be aperiodic. A simple sufficient condition to be aperiodic is that p.

In particular all of the states in an irreducible set have the same period. The three main results about the asymptotic behavior of Markov chains are Theorem 1. Consider a Markov chain with finite state space S. Since g. When we multiply by 1 we sum over all y 2 C, so the result is the expected exit time. Is Xn a Markov chain? Five white balls and five black balls are distributed in two urns in such a way that each urn contains five balls.

At each step we draw one ball from each urn and exchange them. Let Xn be the number of white balls in the left urn at time n. Compute the transition probability for Xn. We repeated roll two four sided dice with numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 on them. Find the transition probability for Xn. What percentage were homeowners in ? A taxicab driver moves between the airport A and two hotels B and C according to the following rules.

If he is at the airport, he will be at one of the two hotels next with equal probability. Find the probability for each of his three possible locations at time 2 and the probability he is at hotel B at time 3. Suppose that the probability it rains today is 0. Let the weather on day n, Wn , be R for rain, or S for sun. Wn is not a Markov chain, but the weather for the last two days Xn D. Consider the following transition matrices. Identify the transient and recurrent states, and the irreducible closed sets in the Markov chains.

Give reasons for your answers. Find the stationary distributions for the Markov chains with transition matrices:. Find the stationary distributions for the Markov chains on f1; 2; 3; 4g with transition matrices: 0 :7 0 :3 B:6 0 Find the stationary distributions for the chains in exercises a 1. Consider the Markov chain with transition matrix: 1 1 0 2 0 3 4 2 0 0 3 0 0 4 0 0 a Compute p2. Do the following Markov chains converge to equilibrium?

Find limn! Compare the predictions of the Markov chain model with the following data on the fraction of people with cable TV: What is the long run fraction of people with cable TV? Compare the predictions of his model with the following data on the percentage of women working: In the long run what fraction of women will be working? A rapid transit system has just started operating.

Three of every four trucks on the road are followed by a car, while only one of every five cars is followed by a truck. What fraction of vehicles on the road are trucks? You are confronted with a question test paper. Approximately what fraction of the answers will be True. In unprofitable times corporations sometimes suspend dividend payments. Suppose that after a dividend has been paid the next one will be paid with probability 0. In the long run what is the fraction of dividends that will be paid?

When a basketball player makes a shot then he tries a harder shot the next time and hits H with probability 0. When he misses he is more conservative the next time and hits H with probability 0. Suppose that Ithaca weather is a Markov chain. What is its transition probability? Chains with Three or More States 1.

What is the limiting market share for each of these products? What is the new limiting market share for these three products? A midwestern university has three types of health plans: a health maintenance organization HMO , a preferred provider organization PPO , and a traditional fee for service plan FFS.

Bob eats lunch at the campus food court every week day. He either eats Chinese food, Quesadila, or Salad. The director of the program has determined that bikes move around according to the following Markov chain L L :5 C :4 G C :2 :5 G :3 :1 :5 On Sunday there are an equal number of bikes at each place. A sociologist studying living patterns in a certain region determines that the pattern of movement between urban U , suburban S , and rural areas R is given by the following transition matrix.

U U S R S R In the long run what fraction of the population will live in the three areas? In a large metropolitan area, commuters either drive alone A , carpool C , or take public transportation T. A study showed that transportation changes according 84 1 Markov Chains to the following matrix: A C T A :8 C :9 S :1 In the long run what fraction of commuters will use the three types of transportation?

Each year customers switch between companies according to the following transition probability A A B C B :1 C What is the limiting market share for each of these companies? In a particular county voters declare themselves as members of the Republican, Democrat, or Green party.

No voters change directly from the Republican to Green party or vice versa. Other transitions occur according to the following matrix: R R D G 0 D G 0 In the long run what fraction of voters will belong to the three parties? An auto insurance company classifies its customers into three categories: poor, satisfactory, and excellent. No one moves from poor to excellent or from excellent to poor in one year. A professor has two light bulbs in his garage. When both are burned out, they are replaced, and the next day starts with two working light bulbs.

Suppose that when both are working, one of the two will go out with probability. An individual has three umbrellas, some at her office, and some at home. If she is leaving home in the morning or leaving work at night and it is raining, she will take an umbrella, if one is there. Otherwise, she gets wet. Assume that independent of the past, it rains on each trip with probability To formulate a Markov chain, let Xn be the number of umbrellas at her current location.

Let Xn be the number of days since David last shaved, calculated at a. However, when he has not shaved for 4 days his mother orders him to shave, and he does so with probability 1. Reflecting random walk on the line.

Consider the points 1; 2; 3; 4 to be marked on a straight line. Find a the transition probability for the chain, and b the limiting amount of time the chain spends at each site. Their experience indicates that the accounts move from state to state according to a Markov chain with transition probability matrix: 0 0 :9 1 :8 2 :5 3 :1 1 2 :1 0 0 :2 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 :5 :9 In the long run what fraction of the accounts are in each category?

At the beginning of each day, a piece of equipment is inspected to determine its working condition, which is classified as state 1 D new, 2, 3, or 4 D broken. Suppose that a broken machine requires three days to fix. To incorporate this into the Markov chain we add states 5 and 6 and write the following transition matrix: 1 1 2 0 3 0 4 0 5 0 6 1 2 :9 0 0 0 0 3 0 :1 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 0 1 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 1 0 a Find the fraction of time that the machine is working.

This changes the transition probability to 1 1 2 0 3 1 2 :9 0 3 0 :1 0 Find the fraction of time the machine is working under this new policy. Landscape dynamics. However, disturbances such as tree falls or fires can reset the system to state 0. Find the limiting fraction of land in each of the states. The Markov chain associated with a manufacturing process may be described as follows: A part to be manufactured will begin the process by entering step 1.

A bank classifies loans as paid in full F , in good standing G , in arrears A , or as a bad debt B. Loans move between the categories according to the following transition probability: FG F 1 0 G :1 :8 A :1 :4 B 0 0 A 0 :1 :4 0 B 0 0 :1 1 What fraction of loans in good standing are eventually paid in full? What is the answer for those in arrears? A warehouse has a capacity to hold four items. If the warehouse is neither full nor empty, the number of items in the warehouse changes whenever a new item is produced or an item is sold.

If there is currently one item in the warehouse, what is the probability that the warehouse will become full before it becomes empty. Suppose the sequence of outcomes is Markov chain with the following transition matrix.

If either Joni or Tony gets the ball, they keep throwing it to each other. If Mark gets the ball, he runs away with it. What is the probability Mark will end up with it? To find the waiting time for HHH we let the state of our Markov chains be the number of consecutive heads we have at the moment. The transition probability is 0 0 1 2 3 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 3 0 0 1 Find E0 T3.

To find the waiting time for HTH we let the state of our Markov chains be the part of the pattern we have so far. Sucker bet. Consider the following gambling game. A coin is flipped repeatedly and outcomes are recorded until one of the two patterns appears. Somewhat surprisingly player 2 has a considerable advantage in this game. Suppose without loss of generality that player 1 picks a pattern that begins with H: 1. You can do this by solving six equations in six unknowns but this is not the easiest way.

At the New York State Fair in Syracuse, Larry encounters a carnival game where for one dollar he may buy a single coupon allowing him to play a guessing game. On each play, Larry has an even chance of winning or losing a coupon. When he runs out of coupons he loses the game. However, if he can collect three coupons, he wins a surprise. The Megasoft company gives each of its employees the title of programmer P or project manager M. How long on the average does a programmer work before they are fired?

At a nationwide travel agency, newly hired employees are classified as beginners B. Every six months the performance of each agent is reviewed. Past records indicate that transitions through the ranks to intermediate I and qualified Q are according to the following Markov chain, where F indicates workers that were fired: B I Q F B 0 0 0 I Q :4 0 :6 :3 0 1 0 0 F :1 0 1 a What fraction eventually become qualified?

At a manufacturing plant, employees are classified as trainee R , technician T , or supervisor S. Writing Q for an employee who quits we model their progress through the ranks as a Markov chain with transition probability R T S Q R T :2 :6 0 0 0 0 0 S 0 1 0 Q :2 :3 0 1 90 1 Markov Chains a What fraction of recruits eventually make supervisor?

Customers shift between variable rate loans V , thirty year fixed-rate loans 30 , fifteen year fixed-rate loans 15 , or enter the states paid in full P , or foreclosed according to the following transition matrix: V 30 15 P F V 0 0 30 0 0 0 15 0 0 0 P 1 0 F 0 1 a For each of the three loan types find a the expected time until paid or foreclosed.

Two barbers and two chairs. Consider the following chain 0 1 2 3 4 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 a Find the stationary distribution. V0 More Theoretical Exercises 1. Library chain. On each request the ith of n possible books is the one chosen with probability pi.

To make it quicker to find the book the next time, the librarian moves the book to the left end of the shelf. Define the state at any time to be the sequence of books we see as we examine the shelf from left to right. Since all the books are distinct this list is a permutation of the set f1; 2; : : : ng, i. Random walk on a clock. Consider the numbers 1; 2; : : : 12 written around a ring as they usually are on a clock. Consider a Markov chain that at any point jumps with equal probability to the two adjacent numbers.

This and the next example continue Example 1. A king can move one squares horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Find a the stationary distribution and b the expected number of moves to return to corner 1,1 when we start there. A queen can move any number of squares horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Wright—Fisher model. Consider the chain described in Example 1. Ehrenfest chain. Consider the Ehrenfest chain, Example 1. Brother—sister mating. In this genetics scheme two individuals one male and one female are retained from each generation and are mated to give the next.

If the individuals involved are diploid and we are interested in a trait with two alleles, A and a, then each individual has three possible states AA, Aa, aa or more succinctly 2, 1, 0. If we keep track of the sexes of the two individuals the chain has nine states, but if we ignore the sex there are just six: 22, 21, 20, 11, 10, and Find Ex T for all states x. Roll a fair die repeatedly and let Y1 ; Y2 ; : : : be the resulting numbers.

Xn is a Markov chain. Find ET. We are interested now in the time it takes to collect a set of N baseball cards. Let Tk be the number of cards we have to buy before we have k that are distinct. Clearly, T1 D 1. Algorithmic efficiency. The simplex method minimizes linear functions by moving between extreme points of a polyhedral region so that each transition decreases the objective function. Suppose there are n extreme points and they are numbered in increasing order of their values. Consider the Markov chain in which p.

Show that for j Infinite State Space 1. General birth and death chains. The state space is f0; 1; 2; : : :g and the transition probability has p. Consider the Markov chain with state space f1; 2; : : :g and transition probability p. Show that there is no stationary distribution. Find conditions that guarantee that a 0 is recurrent, b positive recurrent. The opposite of the aging chain is the renewal chain with state space f0; 1; 2; : : :g in which p. The only nontrivial part of the transition probability is p.

Show that this chain is always recurrent but is positive recurrent if and only if n npn Chapter 2 Poisson Processes 2. We can also write the definition in terms of the density function fT. So the variance var. Let T D exponential. In order for the minimum of S and T to be larger than t, each of S and T must be larger than t. Using this and independence we have P. Example 2. Anne and Betty enter a beauty parlor simultaneously, Anne to get a manicure and Betty to get a haircut.

Suppose the time for a manicure haircut is exponentially distributed with mean 20 30 minutes. When this happens the lack of memory property of the exponential implies that it will take an average of 30 minutes for Betty to complete her haircut. Combining we see that the total waiting time is 12 C. Theorem 2. Let V D min. Arguing as in the case of two random variables: P.

Ti D min. Let fi;V. A submarine has three navigational devices but can remain at sea if at least two are working. Suppose that the failure times are exponential with means 1 year, 1. Find the probabilities for the six orders in which the failures can occur. That is, the density function of Tn is given by fTn.

The proof is by induction on n. Recalling that the 0th power of any positive number is 1, and by convention we set 0! To do the induction step, suppose that the formula is true for n. Using var. If Xi are independent Poisson. It suffices to prove the result for k D 2, for then the general result follows by induction. The term outside the sum is the desired Poisson probability, so have proved the desired result.

To do this think about people arriving to use an ATM, and let N. If n is large, the binomial. Exchanging the numerators of the first two fractions and breaking the last term into two, 2. Combining i — iv , we see that 2. The last proof can be easily generalized to show that if we divide the hour between and into any number of intervals, then the arrivals are independent Poissons with the right means. However, the argument gets very messy to write down.

The key to proving iii is the following Markov property: t u 2 Poisson Processes Lemma 2. Suppose for concreteness and so that we can reuse the last picture that by time s there have been four arrivals T1 ; T2 ; T3 ; T4 that occurred at times t1 ; t2 ; t3 ; t4.

Lemma 2. The desired result now follows by induction. Then for any set A jP. If X and Y are integer valued random variables, then for any set A jP. With a little work one can show k. To bound the bound it is useful to note that! This is similar to the usual heuristic for the normal distribution: the sum is due to small contributions from a large number of variables. However, here small means that it is nonzero with small probability. When a contribution is made it is equal to 1. The last results handle problem i.

To address the problem of varying arrival rates mentioned in ii , we generalize the definition. Nonhomogeneous Poisson Processes We say that fN. To demonstrate the first claim, we note that P. Differentiating gives the density Rt d P.

We will see a concrete example of a nonhomogeneous Poisson process in Example 2. By independent we mean that the Yi are independent of each other and of the Poisson process of arrivals. To explain why we have chosen these assumptions, we begin with two examples for motivation.

Let Yi be the number of people in the ith vehicle. There might be some correlation between the number of people in the car and the arrival time, e. Messages arrive at a computer to be transmitted across the Internet. If we imagine a large number of users writing emails on their laptops or tablets or smart phones , then the arrival times of messages can be modeled by a Poisson process. If we let Yi be the size of the ith message, then again it is reasonable to assume Y1 ; Y2 ; : : : are i.

In Example 2. In either case it is interesting to know the mean and variance of S. It follows from i in Theorem 2. In this section we will use the Yi to split the Poisson process into several. Let Nj. The somewhat remarkable fact is Theorem 2. To drive the point home consider a Poisson process with rate 10 per hour, and then flip coins to determine whether the arriving customers are male or female.

One might think that seeing 40 men arrive in one hour would be indicative of a large volume of business and hence a larger than normal number of women, but Theorem 2. To begin we suppose that P. It should be clear that the independent increments property of the Poisson process implies that the pairs of increments.

Since N1. For the general case, we use the multinomial to conclude that if pj D P. Ellen catches fish at times of a Poisson process with rate 2 per hour. What is the probability she will catch exactly 1 salmon and 2 trout if she fishes for 2. The total number of fish she catches in 2. Two copy editors read a page manuscript. The first found typos, the second found , and their lists contain 80 errors in common.

Let X0 be the number of typos that neither found. Let X1 and X2 be the number of typos found only by 1 or only by 2, and let X3 be the number of typos found by both. This example illustrates Poissonization—the fact that some combinatorial probability problems become much easier when the number of objects is not fixed but has a Poisson distribution. What is the probability that for all of the days there is at least one person in the crowd who has that birthday. Pretend February 29th does not exist.

For an application of this consider Example 2. As one walks around the Duke campus it seems that every student is talking on their smartphone. The argument for arrivals at the ATM implies that the beginnings of calls follow a Poisson process. As for the calls themselves, while many people on the telephone show a lack of memory, there is no reason to suppose that the duration of a call has an exponential distribution, so we use a general distribution function G with G.

Suppose that the 2. The probability a call started at s has ended by time t is G. That is, the mean number in the system is the rate at which calls enter times their average duration. In the argument above we supposed that the system starts empty.

Since the number of initial calls still in the system at time t decreases to 0 as t! Customers arrive at a sporting goods store at rate 10 per hour. Women for an amount of time that is uniformly distributed. What is the probability in equilibrium that there are four men and two women in the store?

By Poisson thinning the arrivals of men and women are independent Poisson process with rate 6 and 4. Thus P. People arrive at a puzzle exhibit according to a Poisson process with rate 2 per minute. The exhibit has enough copies of the puzzle so everyone at the exhibit can have one to play with.

Suppose the puzzle takes an amount of time to solve that is uniform on. Going in the other direction and adding up a lot of independent processes is called superposition. Since a Poisson process can be split into independent Poisson processes, it should not be too surprising that when the independent Poisson processes are put together, the sum is Poisson with a rate equal to the sum of the rates. Suppose N1.

It is clear that the sum has independent increments and N1. The fact that the increments have the right Poisson distribution follows from Theorem 2. For the moment we will illustrate their use in computing the outcome of races between Poisson processes. The first step is to note that the event in question is equivalent to having at least 6 red arrivals in the first 9.

If this happens, then we have at most 3 green arrivals before the 6th red one. On the other hand, if there are 5 or fewer red arrivals in the first 9, then we have had at least 4 red arrivals and at most 5 green. The number of arrivals by time s is the same as the number of Ui P.

For a concrete example, suppose N. Trucks and cars on highway US are Poisson processes with rate 40 and per hour, respectively. Trucks and cars are independent Poissons with rate 5 and 10 so the answer is. The density function is fT. The mean and variance of X are. Let Tn D t1 C : : : C tn be the time of the nth arrival.

Let N. Suppose that the time to repair a machine is exponentially distributed random variable with mean 2. The lifetime of a radio is exponentially distributed with mean 5 years. If Ted buys a 7-year-old radio, what is the probability it will be working 3 years later? A doctor has appointments at 9 and The amount of time each appointment lasts is exponential with mean What is the expected amount of time after until the second patient has completed his appointment?

Three people are fishing and each catches fish at rate 2 per hour. How long do we have to wait until everyone has caught at least one fish? Ilan and Justin are competing in a math competition. They work independently and each has the same two problems to solve. The two problems take an exponentially distributed amount of time with mean 20 and 30 minutes respectively or rates 3 and 2 if written in terms of hours. In a hardware store you must first go to server 1 to get your goods and then go to a server 2 to pay for them.

Suppose that the times for the two activities are exponentially distributed with means six and three minutes. Compute the average amount of time it takes Bob to get his goods and pay if when he comes in there is one customer named Al with server 1 and no one at server 2. Consider a bank with two tellers. Three people, Anne, Betty, and Carol enter the bank at almost the same time and in that order. Anne and Betty go directly into service while Carol waits for the first available teller.

Suppose that the service times for two servers are exponentially distributed with mean three and six minutes or they have rates of 20 and 10 per hour. A flashlight needs two batteries to be operational. You start with four batteries numbered 1—4. Whenever a battery fails it is replaced by the lowest-numbered working battery. Suppose that battery life is exponential with mean hours. Let T be the time at which there is one working battery left and N be the number of the one battery that is still good.

Excited by the recent warm weather Jill and Kelly are doing spring cleaning at their apartment.

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