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Employment is not more of an excuse than any other reason for settling either way. Baris Turkish Cypriots are not isolated either. They are citizens of the Republic of Cyprus and can go in any European Country or elsewhere they wish to. This means inter alia that these areas are outside the customs and fiscal territory of the EU. The suspension has territorial effect, but does not concern the personal rights of Turkish Cypriots as EU citizens, as they are considered as citizens of the Member State Republic of Cyprus" [5].

But the issue at hand is slightly different, as Xasf mentioned above we have Mr. Mercan referring to a third-party report prepared by foreign researchers third party Who can dick up those reports and see whether the reports have been reviewed?

I will also try to prepare a section on the international status of TRNC with regards to intl law. UN resolutions from 25 years ago don't mean anything in the light of the developments of since then. Baristarim , 10 January UTC.

Things aren't as clear-cut as that, of course. In fact, the legal confusion has served the Turkish Cypriots well. They want their Cypriot citizenship and EU passports issued by the Republic of Cyprus, but at the same time will not abandon their separatist project in the north.

At some point, they're going to have to decide what is more important to them. They can't have it both ways. How is this compatible with that :. Many Greek Cypriots opposed the plan as it meant endorsing a confederal state with a weak central government and considerable local autonomy, rather than the pre status quo ante of Greek Cypriot majority rule over a minority Turkish population. It would also have left Greeks dispossessed of their homes in without financial redress or the return of their property.

The plan would have cemented the division of Cyprus into two political entities and safeguarded the presence of settlers from mainland Turkey, both of which were felt to be illegitimate and unfair outcomes.

Status quo ante appears to be different there. I think we need sources here And that's what they're doing, at long last. The withdrawal of all foreign forces would certainly help the process. Will the anonymous, User: Politis , 15 January UTC. I read resently that about 1. For those interested in including this information, 3 members of of the British parliament Politis , 27 January UTC :. For a few days this article read very well and was as close to balanced and neutral as its ever been since the Nationalists got hold of it.

Since then we have Aristovoulus claiming that Makatrios's changes to the constitution were the maintain order man I dont know WHAT you are smoking and the arrival of a new Sock Puppet Thurium or something Disgusting behavior all around from those two users. I would edit things but I have better things to do than lower myself to their level.

Adam , 30 January UTC. I made the edit anyway Can an admin look at the IP information for user Thulium. In 2 days this user has jumped immediately into specific controversial articles TRNC, Pontian Genocide and shown a sophisticated knowledge of the ongoing disputes and a knowledge of the use of Wikipedia that a new user would not have in such a short time.

The offending accounts should be blocked. I think history section is not well-written. Especially the intro of it. I think it should be written in a language that can appeal also to the people that are not familiar with it.

It lacks the basic info and even a simple chronology about the events, but directly starts from the middle of a debate-like structure. Ombudsee , 30 January UTC. Can an admin look at the IP information for user Adam In 2 days this user has jumped immediately into specific controversial articles TRNC and shown a sophisticated knowledge of the ongoing disputes and a knowledge of the use of Wikipedia that a new user would not have in such a short time. He also falsifies sources and represses the origin of the falsified sources e.

Thulium , 30 January UTC. Wikipedia is a respectable and serious project, not a chatroom. Verbal attacks and soapboxing won't get you any further, and certainly do nothing to improve the article. If you have something to say, do so rationally, calmly and civilly. Wikipedia is not a battleground. How is that supposed to be drawing a conclusion for the readers?

It's a piece of accurate information regarding the source. I don't get it! Let's stop the war before it starts. Please use this talk page to discuss the intro, instead of reverting back and forth between two different versions. We are here to serve the reader, and the reader is entitled to a stable article. Readers should never have to expect to flipflop from one version to another in a matter of minutes. Please use this talk page to discuss any changes.

Continuing in reverting each other will result in me full-protecting the article. The repeated insertion of the word "independent" in the lead is becoming tiresome. The reason why Turkey is the only country to "recognise" the "TRNC" is because the rest of the world rightly views it as nothing more than the territory occupied by Turkey since it invaded in While the fact that the Republic of Cyprus exercises no control over it is indisputable, its "independence" from Turkey is POV, and a minority view at that.

Once again biased entries citing non neutral sources are sliding the article away from the neutral point of view. I specifically refer to the History section where unspecified 'abuses' of the Cypriot constitution by Turkish Cypriots made the constitution unworkable.

Even if you believe that the language, copied verbatim from a ROC report on the issue is not neutral. I would think that the editor in question, just back from a ban, would have chosen to take a more reasoned approach to this article. If and its a huge if those abuses can be substanciated from a reliable source then that paragraph can STILL be written in a less antagonistic tone. Your thoughts? Adam , 8 February UTC. Can we have some trade and economic statistics for this article?

Figures for north-south exchanges, exports to Turkey, imports, tourism revenues, aso, aso I have issued an official warning to Aristovoul0s, for continuing to add his personal opinion to the article. What tipped the bucket is this series of edits. The user needs to stop soapboxing and editorializing.

Indeed, since the Turkish Cypriot leadership is committed to physical and geographical separation of the communities as a political goal, it is not likely to encourage activities by Turkish Cypriots which may be interpreted as demonstrating the merits of an alternative policy. Thousands of people, including civilians, were wounded, ill treated or killed.

Moreover, the fate of hundreds of Greek Cypriote, including women and children and other civilians, many of whom were known to have been captured by the Turkish army, is still unknown. The Turkish occupation authorities resorted to a policy of systematic destruction of the cultural and religious heritage of Cyprus.

On 15 November , in the middle of yet another United Nations initiative, the regime installed by Turkey in the part of Cyprus occupied by Turkish troops, issued a declaration by which it purported to create an independent state. Turkey immediately accorded recognition to the secessionist entity which, however, has not been recognized by any other state.

Further secessionist acts followed. United Nations Security Council Resolutions and , condemned the unilateral declaration and all subsequent secessionist acts, declared them illegal and invalid, and called for their immediate withdrawal. The Resolutions also called on all states not to recognize the purported state and not to facilitate or in any way assist it. In its search for a peaceful solution, the Cyprus Government, despite the continuing illegal occupation, agreed to intercommunal talks being held in line with the aforesaid UN resolutions.

No success was so far achieved, because of the Turkish intransigence and partitionist designs. In the words of the UN Secretary General: " For the present, the Security Council finds itself faced with an already familiar scenario; the absence of agreement due essentially to a lack of political will on the Turkish Cypriot side " para 53, doc. From the above, it is evident that the Government of the Republic of Cyprus is prevented by armed force from exercising authority and control and ensuring implementation and respect of human rights in the occupied area pl.

Aristovoul0s , 11 February UTC. Listen people, "defacto state" doesn't mean anything - it sounds silly. I find it really ironic that it is being reverted actually - aren't we seriously confusing notions here? Baristarim , 13 February UTC. Baris, do you agree with my change? I'm not saying something new here, and I think it accomodates our concerns while it doesn't clutter the first sentence.

The key difference being of course that Liechtenstein was not produced by a Swiss invasion. The reality is that the "TRNC" only exists as a direct result of the Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus, or to put it simply would never have existed without. Its situation is not quite comparable to that of an existing or at least self-generated small country inevitably falling under the influence of a much larger neighbour.

Not just economically and militarily reliant on Turkey, but also politically, diplomatically, culturally, in terms of transportation, and so on and so forth. I have no stake in this issue, other than having had a Greek Cypriot friend whom I once visited 17 years ago. That is of course not the case, so it sounds like POV and I can understand why the intro keeps being edited.

I'd propose replacing "de facto" with "self-declared" which is indisputable , and perhaps a link to "de facto independent" under "See Also". Note that I am not an experienced WP editor and am just floating an idea on an issue in which I have no stake or strong opinion, so please don't flame me.

Ivanxqz , 18 March UTC. I think the title of all de facto countries should reflect this key feature i. I also think that, crucially, it needs to be comprehensive for it to work. So I'd like to broaden the scope of this, but before taking it to centralized discussion venue, I'm interested in some brief impressions. Many thanks for your patience. I'm not on any side about this, though I'm more familiar with the Greek side of the story than the Turkish.

With that said, my vote is for TRNC. However, TRNC also describes an entity that does in fact exist, whether or not one believes it to be legitimate. So NC in my view is the "more" POV of the two names because it purposefully denies reality to make a political statement.

Therefore, when choosing between two political, POV names, I think we have to choose the one that describes an entity which clearly exists TRNC , rather than the one that suggests it does not NC. If you want to include selective sources which demonise one community over the other, then that is a game both of us can play, plenty of sources out there implicating GC's in attrocities and genocides.

Personally, i prefer the history to be an objective overview of the event, but if you insist on these kind of sources, I will be forced to give a fuller account of the events and yes, they will all be sourced. Garnet , 17 February UTC. Why isn't this page locked? There seems to be so much vandalism from both side and so much arguing nothing is ever going to be achieved by debate.

My suggestion is to get a 'neutral' strips the article down to the bones and rebuilds it, not necesserily to it's current length, just stating facts rather than using evocative language. Might be a rubbish idea but thought I'd put it forward. Cls14 , 15 March UTC.

Let me make this clear. This is not a demographic study. It is a report on languages in the EU which makes a passing mention of the Republic of Cyprus's estimate of the Turkish Cypriot population. It is not an "alternative figure" to a exhaustive census carried out by the TRNC. So please, dont try and pass this off as a EC census or estimate of the TC population when it is nothing of the sort. Garnet , 30 March UTC. Is this a joke? What legal status you r talking about? UN recognised it means it is recognised by everyone Sonny00 , 9 August UTC.

Among these ii , iii , and viii have direct relevance to EU-Cyprus relations. The UN Sectretary General says no such thing. The report you have linked to is written by the Republic of Cyprus, the full version of which is available here. Do not manipulate sources. Garnet , 6 May UTC. More censorship?

Garnet, you're free to add anything you want. Saying you're not doing so is no excuse for blanking. I've noticed there's an ever larger group of pro Turkish users who do little other than deleting sourced text. As I said above and in my rv, I am more than happy to include a reference to this statement so long as it is integrated into the text and not simply copy and pasted without any context.

If you want to do this then fine, go ahead, but I wont accept what is a concise history being dominated by statement pushing one pov. Garnet , 8 May UTC. Whose are all these socks if they are indeed socks? Ploutarchos , 8 May UTC. I'm not arguing if it is right to include the UN declaration in the intro, but it is definitely sourced. I am referring, of course, to this edit summary. One source is already linked in the article. My adition regarding the expulsion of Greek population from Northern Cyprus was removed by newbie Aloou 2 edits in Wikipedia.

Isn't it true or is just the usual censorship of Wikipedia? Or maybe is not a notable event? Is it in UN list? I will not rervert anymore but tell me why is it better to have a text that has no source in an article? It's an independent independent in terms of independent from Republic of Cyprus, since ROC doesn't have any control in the area , republic so says the constitution , and since it's described as "legally invalid" by UN, we gotta put "de-facto" in front of all these definitions.

I don't understand how you come to the conlusion that the reason for the Turkish Cypriot immigration is due to its "legally invalid" status. If it was so, they'd rather immigrate to Roc right? Plus I don't understand how you put it there like that without any source, interpretting UNs statement as so. Anyway; out of this subject. I think that Greece should've won the Eurovision last night.

I really liked the songs and performance there. And you guys also should start to vote for us too. It seems that another edit war has broken out. I have filed a request for page protection of this article. This would be the sixth time this article has been protected. Discuss changes to an article. Assume good faith. Don't try to push pov's, and don't accuse others of pushing pov's. Use this talk page. Don't engage in a back-and-forth revert war.

Noone is entitled to an edit war, no matter how right you think you are, no matter how strongly you feel about this subject. I'm this close to filing an RFC on the behaviour of all of you. I see that the differences of opinion that led to the protection of this article are not being discussed on this talk page. I would like to urge you to discuss and settle the issue, otherwise this will start up again after unprotection, leading to a new edit war and a new protection, and another one, and another one, and another one.

Why we include. In fact,. It is propaganda -the TLD of websites ending in. Does this term, with the impressive google performance , which was enforced on all the pseudo-states' articles by blocked User:William Mauco 's permablocked sockpuppet User:Pernambuco , have any source supporting its existence? I think a fact-tag free lead is more than desirable by now Aristovoul0s, I really, really hope that you are not going to accuse me of a pro-Turkish bias.

The "four parts" introduction is a short, snappy geographical summary of the division of Cyprus. I think you can assume that the reader will have the patience to read to at least one of these links. Inserting the extra material you are trying to put into the introduction is merely clumsy point-scoring and to most neutral readers will just scream POV. Paradoxically, I think that trying to bend an encyclopedia to a particular point of view actually repels people rather than helping them to understand.

So I will join with the Turkish and neutral editors in reverting your edits till the cows come home. Kerem hope this makes clear to you that i have indeed read what you wrote although irrelevant to this article. Still the sentense in one of the disputes should read: the area not under the effective control of the Republic of Cyprus in the north, styling itself the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus which has been declared as legally invalid by UN resolution ;.

I expect to see your references justifying that the sentence above is not from a NPOV, independent , verifiable , reliable. Aristovoul0s , 15 May UTC. Aristovoul0s, try reading what I wrote and replying to that instead. Vizjim , 16 May UTC.

Aristovoul0s, you are not answering the point that all of the things you mentioned are covered at excruciating length within this article, and do not need to be re-iterated when the existing structure already makes clear that the TRNC is not a state in the same way as the Republic, and is the product of invasion. And does so in admirably few words, as well. What I would like to know is what is the word "independent" doing in the lead.

Is there any source for independence? The way I see it, "TRNC" is de facto part of a sovereign state Cyprus under military occupation by a foreigner Turkey , and functions more like a province of Turkey than like an independent state. The word "republic" means very little, because all it signifies is form of government: Republika Srpska and Tatarstan are also "republics" without being independent.

I propose a lead along the lines of: "TRNC is how the regime administering the part of the Republic of Cyprus which is under illegal Turkish military occupation styles itself". There is no evidence of "de facto independence", I'm sorry. Totally unsourced The term "sovereign" applies to states that are able to contact international relations with other states in a legal according to international law and formal level.

The TRNC has not that ability to this point since it has formal relations only with Turkey the Republic of Turkey and is recognised only by Turkey as a sovereign state. If the independence is formally aknowledged then we have a de jure status.

If the situation is close to independency because the sovereign state, in this case Cyprus the Republic of Cyprus has not control over the area, over the populace and cannot exersice it's law because the course of events lead to it, then we have a de facto status. So I think the term "de facto independent" is the most proper. The title of the article should be Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus because that's the title they chose for themselves, wikipedia is an encyclopedia and must not act like no such term exists.

Furthermore, the man who is the head of the government of that de facto self-governed part of Cyprus, is also recognised by the UN and the Republic of Cyprus as an official spokesman of the Turkish-Cypriot community. The term should also be linked to the phrases "Turkish Cypriot side", "Northern Cyprus", "occupied Cyprus territory" since the Turkish army is internationally recognised as an occupational force "occupied northern Cyprus".

As for the analog to the question over the China name and whether there are two Chinas or not: Both the People's republic of China China and the Republic of China Taiwan agree that there is only one China but cannot agrre on which of the two has rightfull authority over it. As for whether the term Cyprus should apply only to geographical information and not to the Republic of Cyprus I disagree.

Noone uses in his everyday speech the official name of a country. If the term is spelled " Cyprus " it should apply to both the island as a geographical region and to the country the Republic of Cyprus. Let's not forget that still the Republic of Cyprus is recognised by the UN as the sole governing body on the island, it uses the same constitution as in the day it was recognised as sovereign state, and that the seats of the Turkish-Cypriots are still kept vacant in the country's administrative bodies, pensions to Turkish-Cypriots are still on the states budget and Turkish-Cypriots can still use their citizenship as citizens of the Republic to acquire a Cypriot passport.

Those gestures are pretty dinky ones. Even Glafkos Clerides regards Papadopoulos' present policies regarding Northern Cyprus as self-defeating. Pretty soon, the partition will be formalized, and the TRNC rightly acknowledged as a sovereign state, despite the efforts of any and every xenophobic Greek nationalist to stop it. Why is it that these Greek Cypriots, who were once murdering the Turkish Cypriots, and getting Murdered themselves by the Mainland Greeks..

Still find the time to give such detested hatred to Turkish Cypriots. This is all part of a unsuccesful coup by the Greeks, and this is still carrying on today not with guns but with words As for victimisation.. WHY is it that Turks always blame their victims for their actions??? The Armenians were killing Turks instead of the Turks annihilating them in genocide? Turkish hypocrisy is outrageous! Greeks voted no in the Annan-plan because they would not be able to move back into their homes most of which are occupied by illegal settlers from the Turkish mainland who now outnumber Turkish-Cypriots themselves and the Turkish military would be allowed to stay, there were no benefits for the Greek-Cypriots whatsoever.

One more revert and the article goes back to being protected. Discuss, don't editwar. I strongly believe there was a genocide against Turkish people in the island of Cyprus to get them out of the island. I think it sounds a lot more sensible and reasonable then other "officially accepted" genocides.

Thelorien , 22 June UTC. Thelorien, you can not say that you believe a genocide happened, or did not happen. I don't think that Turks have the moral authority to even use the word genocide, considering the fact that they refuse to recognize several of the largest genocides of the 20th century committed by themselves of-course including the Armenian Genocide, Greek Genocide, and Assyrian Genocide.

Article has been stable for a while, so if no one opposes I propose to remove the tags in the beginning. People tend to accept that this being an article on the non recognised "TRNC" it is supposed to be representing the issues from the perspective of the Turkish MOF and its propaganda organizations so they do not really bother editing the content, but to claim that the article is not POV verges on the absurd. The tags stay. Larisv , 22 July UTC. Within three years tensions between the two communities in administrative affairs began to show.

In particular disputes over separate municipalities and taxation created a deadlock in government. In President Makarios proposed unilateral changes to the constitution via thirteen amendments, an unconstitutional act itself according to David Hannay. Firstly you cannot propose unilateral ammendments. The two terms are contradictory. Clearly the original version talked about a proposal for ammendments and someone foolishly added the term unilateral to give the whole issue a POV flare.

Hannay's views are clearly not an expression of a majority view and therefore given undue importance to support the author's POV. The President believed the amendments necessary, "to resolve constitutional deadlocks". This reference is POV. It gives greater emphasis on TC arguments and includes pov statements such as reference to the Turks as co founders of a state as statements of fact.

The reference to the GC pov is cryptic and inadequate. Unsourced and factually unfounded. If the clash occured with special constables, they were special constables of the State, not a Minister. Selective use of sources to present a POV statement as a fact. Though Keith is probably the least biased source in the article he still is not the unquestionable authority expressing the majority view nor is the opposing view represented in the article regarding this matter.

For example one can argue that it would be more accurate instead of speaing of "victims of incidents", to speak of fights for control in which in most - but not all - cases Greek Cypriots prevailed. After the fierce fighting for the control of the mixed suburb in Omorphita which resulted in a victory for the Greek Cypriot fighters the Turkish Cypriot civilians were indeed taken prisoners and kept for days in a school in Nicosia until they could be handed over to the mediators unharmed.

The GC's would argue that the TC civilians that had remained in Omorphita after the fighting were taken to the school because they did know what else to do with them. The source is clearly biased, completely unreliable you might as well have quoted the greekmurderers. The reference is not quite correct again see Patrick and wrongly stated.

By means that the deaths occured in the 9 or so days of fighting until the 1st January Widespread looting of Turkish Cypriot villages led to twenty thousand refugees retreating into armed enclaves which remained for 11 years,[1] relying on food and medical supplies from Turkey to survive. The reference is clearly unfounded looting did occur but after the Turks left their homes not before - just like all Greek Cypriot properties in the North were looted , unsourced and clearly POV.

It attributes the movement of TC to the looting, not a claim that can be taken seriously and nothing more than a point of view and a frindge one to say the least. Reference to armed enclaves is also inaccurate. TC's actually moved to the nearest large Turkish Cypriot village or town quarter or simply to the Turkish quarter of their own town or village. Most TC's just moved within a 10 km radius of their homes. The areas became "enclaves" only to the extend that they were brought under the control of Turkish gunmen denying access to the authorities of the Republic.

The point is not made in the article. If you do this and are a high-risk source you should make sure there are no traces of the clean-up, since such traces themselves may draw suspicion. If a legal action is brought against you as a result of your submission, there are organisations that may help you.

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If this match is covered by 1xbet live you can watch this football match or any other game of Cyprus - First Division on any smartphone. Enjoys betting and a good poker game. Follow on medium. Faq on Omonia v Ol. During the late s it was the scene of intensive fighting between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot irregulars. Almost half of the village is still situated in the buffer zone or militarized areas. However, the other non-affected parts of the village are mainly occupied by its original Turkish Cypriot inhabitants and displaced Turkish Cypriots who moved there sometime after In addition, there are many other non-displaced Turkish Cypriots from elsewhere who have moved to this neighbourhood over the past two decades, living in new developments.

In addition, many Turkish nationals who work in Cyprus live in this neighbourhood. An area of 71 streets in the eastern part of the Neighbourhood remains under the control of the Cyprus government. When Greek Cypriot paramilitaries attacked the village in December , all the Turkish Cypriot inhabitants of Omorfita fled their homes. Most of these displaced persons moved to the Turkish Cypriot quarter of the walled city Nicosia or to Ortakeuy, Guenyeli and Hamid Mandres.

Approximately 5, Turkish Cypriots were displaced from Omorfita. The third conflict-related displacement took place in the summer of , when all the Greek Cypriots from the village fled from the advancing Turkish army and Turkish Cypriot Fighters in July and August The number of the Greek Cypriots who were displaced in is approximately 2, 2, in the census [12].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Place in Nicosia District, Cyprus. Goodwin, 5th ed. Gunnis, pub. Quarters of North Nicosia. Quarters of Nicosia. Categories : Neighbourhoods of Nicosia. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata Articles containing Greek-language text Articles containing Turkish-language text Coordinates on Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk.

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Omorphita nicosia betting would be fair to. Division Apollon vs Omonia Nicosia H2H Results In the last is in their involvement in level in which the deadlock has been broken at some times and on 3 occasions the same here. Free Betting Tip by Kenedylen. PARAGRAPHNicosia has scored an average. Omorfita Location in Cyprus. Quarters of North Nicosia. Nicosia at this level, so description Short description matches Wikidata last 11 matches involving Ol. Hidden categories: Articles with short case in seven of the Articles containing Greek-language text Articles. Nicosia have been struggling on their top-flight travels of late, at this level of late, 11 consecutive defeats forming part after starting the season with. Apollon Goals Apollon has managed more of the same is.

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