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Say you have the perfect Tinder profile. You have the sexy shirtless photo, the sweet picture of you and your grandmother, and that one shot where your jaw looks really chiseled and presidential. She pulled up their conversation on her phone. I was confused: Both of my friends are funny, energetic talkers. But I could see that their rapport on Tinder was, in fact, mehhhh. Tinder banter is way harder than real-life flirting, but with these six tips you, too, can become a master of chit-chat. Nice try.

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Harvest moon 64 horse race betting 101

If you're in it to see the credits roll, or don't want to push the game to the limit, then this is the walkthrough for you. This walkthrough is very much for the first-time player, and explains how you do everything. It's suggested that you do them in the order listed, too. If a daily chore isn't possible for you to do for any reason, then you don't have to do it!

Stamina comes back at a rate of 4 stamina per second while in the spring, so it only takes about 30 game minutes to restore stamina. Spring 1 The game begins! After you've inputted your name, birthday, dog's name, and farm name, the game opens up with a series of cutscenes that introduce you to the farm and the situation. You have 3 years to get this farm back in working order, and if you can get it up to what the village expects of you by then, you get to keep the farm!

If you don't, though Well, that shouldn't be a problem if you're using a walkthrough, right? Today is just an introduction. Spring 2 This is the first real day. Familiarize yourself with the house, because you'll have to do quite a bit here.

Don't worry, the clock is frozen while you're indoors, so you can take as long as you want getting used to your base of operations. The TV has four stations the weather channel, news, Life on the Farm, and entertainment TV that changes on a daily basis. Life on the Farm is the game's tutorial, but it's a bit misleading at times.

The news lets you know about any upcoming festivals and when they are. The entertainment program doesn't really do anything, but the shows can be funny sometimes. And finally, the weather channel is the most important TV station of all. Unlike real life, this weather channel is never wrong, and it can help you shape your farm to know what the weather will be like tomorrow.

Next up on the list of things to check out is the bookshelf. This lets you set the game's controls up, and get some basic help. The game is set up rather nicely as it is, so I don't suggest you change the controls any, unless you really don't like the control setup.

Next item of interest: the calendar. The calendar shows you when any upcoming events are festivals, and maybe even your wedding some day! In lower right of your house is the tool chest, where you will find all of the tools of the trade you have available to you. For the time being, let's grab the hoe, watering can, and axe.

The last item of interest which we won't need until this evening is the diary, which is by your bed. You can make a diary entry which is how you save your game , read a diary entry load a saved game , or trade animals here. Of course, by making a diary entry, the current day ends, so be sure you don't use it until you're ready! Now that we have the house covered, let's head outside.

The mayor will be waiting for you, and offer to give you a tour of the town. I suggest that you take it, as it will introduce you to the people of the village, as well as the shops and services. It only takes two game hours of time, too! Anyway, once you're back on your farm, pick up your puppy and put him back down.

Once his tail stops wagging, walk a bit away and use the dog whistle if he doesn't respond, then you used the horse whistle; try the other one. Once he barks and starts running towards you, then you know you've got it right. Once that's done, it's time to start clearing the farm up. Starting from near your house, chop up branches, move rocks aside, and throw out weeds until you've freed up enough space to make some plots of land with your hoe. Dig them like this: ooo ooo o o o o ooo ooo Within these dynamic plots, we're going to plant some seeds.

But first, we need you guessed it the seeds themselves! Run on into town, and visit the supermarket. Since you have G available, let's get 2 bags of Cucumber seeds. They're easy to manage, and they grow back every five days after the first harvest. Good deal! Head back to the farm, go inside, and replace your hoe with your newly-bought seeds.

Go outside and stand in the middle of one of your plots. Now, place the seeds in your hands, and use them. If done right, you should have all 8 plowed squares with seeds on them. Go and do this to the other plot, as well. Just grab them and put them in the rucksack with L2 as you pick them up.

Since your rucksack is so small, you can only hold two items at once, so you'll have to make two trips. Put the items in the shipping bin inside the chicken coop since time doesn't flow indoors, this will save you a bit of time. Once you've foraged, fill the watering can up with water, and water the seeds. By now, it's probably already getting late, possibly even close to PM. If you still have some time left, then start clearing the farm up some more. Keep clearing up your farm until your character gets tired, or until you get tired of it, and then go to bed.

Spring 3 This is a normal day. What that means is that you just have to do your daily chores, and once they're done, you can go to bed. Most days are like this, so if you don't see a day listed in the walkthrough, that means it's a normal day. A note for specific days: you should always take care of the animals and tend to the poultry and livestock first thing.

One thing you can do today if it's not raining is to go visit Mother Hill after noon, and attempt to cut the tree up there down. Agree to not cut it down after all, and the tree will give you a Power Berry! You can also dig one of those berries up from the mine.

Just keep going further underground, and you'll eventually find it. An added bonus of getting this berry is that you'll get a few 10G bonuses, as well. One final note: on days that are normal days, after you've done all of your daily chores, use up your remaining stamina inside your house by swinging your hammer around. If you want to get it stronger by smashing rocks outside, just be sure you leave at least one small stone uncrushed.

Spring 4 You have some loose change from those Bamboo Shoots and Blue Grass you've been selling you should have about G now , so let's go get the horse and the Brush! Go visit Yodel Ranch it's two doors down from your farm; just go to the upper-left of your house to the first area of the village, then head down-right to the poultry farm and down-right to the ranch , and agree to take care of the pony that May and Barley are fussing over.

Name it whatever you like, then go to Saibara's and buy the Brush tool. The pony is easy to take care of. Just brush him every day and whistle to him. I suggest that you keep him in his stable all the time, as it's a pain to have to find him and bring him inside whenever it's raining. Other than this diversion, this is a normal day.

Spring 6 Again, you should have some loose change from the Bamboo Shoots and the Blue Grass G this time , so buy some Turnip Seeds from the supermarket 5 bags, to be exact and plant them with the same method you used for your Cucumber plots, 8 squares of tilled land. Before you even go to the market, though, empty one slot of your rucksack, visit the docks between AM and AM, and talk to Greg.

He'll give you the Fishing Rod. Woot, free items! Spring 7 If you've been giving items to a girl, and they have a purple-heart relationship or better with you, you might be able to ask a girl to the Goddess Festival tomorrow. Don't worry if you can't, though; it's not a big deal. Other than this tidbit, today is a normal day. Spring 8 Today is the Goddess Festival! Once you've got your day's chores done, go and attend it.

This is a good way to make friends with the villagers. Talk to everybody, then talk to Mayor Thomas and agree to starting the festival. After it's over, finish any of the day's chores you may have left to do, then go to bed.

Note that you won't get any money for the stuff you foraged today until Zack shows up tomorrow. This is true of most festivals. Spring 11 The cucumbers are ripe! Grab all of the cucumbers from both of the clusters, and sell them all. This will get you quite a bit of money tomorrow, and compounding with what you already have, you should be able to afford your first chicken come tomorrow or possibly even today, if you have 1,G already! Be sure to buy at least 5 chicken feed along with your new clucker, and make sure you provide it with 1 unit of chicken feed per day.

To do this, just grab some chicken feed and put it in a feed box. When your chicken starts laying eggs, put the first one in the incubator you can sell the ones that come after that, of course. Eventually, that egg will hatch into a baby chick. Keep up the incubating of eggs, and you'll never have to buy another chicken again! The turnips you planted on the 6th are ready today, as well, getting you even more money.

You should have enough by now for the Medium Rucksack, so go and buy it! Also, come tomorrow, buy 5 more bags of Turnip Seeds, and plant them in the place of the turnips you just harvested today. Also, stock up on chicken feed tomorrow, and be sure to buy more whenever your store of it is getting low.

Since you don't have a kitchen yet, you can't possibly give any girls cookies. Other than it being a holiday and one of the rare ones that the shipper still shows up on , this is a normal day. Spring 16 Today, another harvest of Cucumbers is ready! This will get you another G, which should be invested in upgrading the axe to Copper status.

Go to the mine and dig up a piece of Copper Ore, stick it in your rucksack, and head to the blacksmithy once it's open. With the axe in your hand, walk up to Saibara, pull out the Copper Ore, and ask him to upgrade your axe. It costs 1,G, and your axe will be ready in 3 days on Spring Otherwise, this is a pretty normal day.

Spring 17 The second batch of Turnips are ripe! Back on the 15th, the Mayor may have requested that you bring him 3 Turnips. If you agreed to help him, then grab 3 of them and give them to him some time today. Ship the rest, of course, and plant 5 more bags' worth of seeds in their place two days from now, of course; the supermarket is closed today, and tomorrow's the horse race.

Spring 18 The horse race is today! You can't participate in it this year, but once you have your daily chores done you do your watering after the races if you want , then feel free to go to it and make friends. Don't spend any of your money on the horse race tickets; the prizes are not only useless to you at this point other than the uber-expensive Power Berry , but they're also far too expensive. You should get your axe back tomorrow, meaning that you can start clearing away the tree stumps on your farm.

Be sure to do that! Also, you might want to start chopping up the tree stumps up on Mother Hill, too. Finally, you'll want to have Saibara start upgrading your hammer to Silver tomorrow, too. Spring 21 Another batch of Cucumbers should have sprouted today. Grab 5 of them, and once noon time passes as long as it's not raining, that is , toss all 5 into the small lake that the waterfall pours into.

Once you've tossed in the last one, the Goddess will show up and give you a Power Berry! After you do this, take the remaining 3 Cucumbers from the same plant, and go up to Mother Hill. From the stump near the upper left edge of the lake, walk straight towards the lake 'til you hit the shore. Facing away from the stump toss your 3 Cucumbers in.

If done right, Kappa should show up each time, and give you his berry the last time. The rest of the Cucumbers should be shipped, of course. Spring 24 The latest batch of Turnips is in! Ship them all out, and buy and plant 5 more bags of them tomorrow since once again, the supermarket is closed today. Otherwise, this is a normal day. Spring 26 The last batch of Cucumbers is in for the season. Ship them out, then cut the Cucumber plants down with the sickle. Spring 29 Water your crops early today, and then go to the mine and dig up a Gold Ore.

Then, go to Saibara's blacksmith shop, and have him upgrade your watering can. It's a bit pricey at 3,G, but well worth it! Spring 30 The last harvest of Turnips and the last harvest of the season is today. Ship them off, and finish the day's chores. Once you have those, don't plant them; just leave them in your toolbox for now. Finish anything you need to do, and then get ready for Summer! These nasty storms will rip up crops, and prevent you from taking care of any animals!

You can also use my own crafted GameShark codes to evade the storms. Summer 1 Today is Opening Day. Get the daily chores done not much at this point , then head for Mineral Beach. The swimming contest is one of those deceptive minigames, in that it sounds easy but is really very difficult. Unless you can mash buttons as fast as a turbo controller, chances are you won't stand much of a chance. If you have a turbo controller, then feel free to use it. Just set turbo for X, and hold down X until your character spouts an angry red bubble.

Then let go of X and hold down the triangle button until the face turns happy again. Hold down X until you hit the finish line you might have to do another breather session near the end. The prize is this season's coveted Power Berry, so if you possibly can, win the festival! Summer 2 Now you can actually start doing the whole planting gig for the season.

Expand your existing plots out to 9 squares now; you'll be able to water full 9-square plots now, so there's no need to limit your production capabilities any longer! Once AM rolls around, pay Saibara a visit, and pick up your new and improved watering can! Fill it up Saibara emptied it , and water your new crops and flowers.

You should also start the chicken coop expansion today. Finish all other chores for the day, then head for bed. Summer 5 The chicken coop should be fully expanded today! Be sure to take full advantage of both incubators. Other than this, today is a normal day. Summer 7 Today is the Sumo Chicken Festival.

If you bought your chicken by Spring 12, and took care of it daily, then it should have 9 to 10 hearts by now. Have it participate in the festival, and keep redoing the day until your chicken wins. Because winning the festival means that the winning hen produces Golden Eggs! Golden Eggs sell for G each, meaning that it will make your chicken three times more profitable! Anyway, daily chores, yadda yadda yadda.

Tomorrow should mark the sprouting of your Pink Cat Flowers, which will get the beehive going! When that happens, be sure to take your first harvest of honey to Louis he lives at Gotz' cabin and give it to him; this will make your honey worth 60G each instead of 50G each.

Summer 11 The first tomato harvest is today. Ship them out. All of them. Sorry, I couldn't resist. Other than the harvest, this is a normal day. Do chores, go to sleep. Summer 12 Today is the Tomato Festival. And the first batch of tomatoes came in yesterday. I think not. Anyway, you can participate if you want. Winning is mostly a matter of picking a solid team, since this minigame relies more on luck and skill than ability to mash a button really fast. If your team wins, then everybody at the festival will like you better.

If you lose, there's no penalties. I usually just skip this festival, since it's probably the hardest one outside of Opening Day to win, and the reward is far less. Summer 15 Another tomato harvest is today! Harvest them and sell them, of course. Summer 16 Harvest numero uno of corn should be ready today. Send them all out, and complete the day's chores. You should spend your gains on the Large Rucksack come tomorrow. Summer 19 Another harvest of tomatoes.

Save the profits up this time. Normal day beyond the harvest. Summer 20 Corn harvest number two is today, and today is the Cow Festival. You can attend this festival if you wish, but there are no benefits in doing so just yet, since you don't have any cows. Come Tuesday, have Gotz expand your house. Summer 22 Today will be your favorite day of the season, I guarantee it. The pineapples are finally ready!

There's also another batch of tomatoes ready for shipment. Ship everything else place priority on gathering the pineapples , and come tomorrow, buy the Basket from the supermarket, and have Saibara upgrade your axe to Mystrile. Summer 24 Today is a corn harvest, and the Fireworks Display. Also, your house should be expanded now. The expanded house has several new features: a cupboard which can hold any non-food item , a refrigerator which can hold any food item , and a kitchen which you can use to cook in.

Since you don't yet have any kitchen utensils, your cooking options are limited as of now. However, your new fridge could come in handy. Start putting Red Grass in it instead of shipping the grass. Once you've gotten everything done on the farm, go to Mineral Beach to watch the fireworks. You can ask any of the girls to watch it with you, but I don't think they'll agree unless they like you at least a bit. You can order kitchen utensils off of it!

Today's offering is the Knife for G. That's actually a good deal, so be sure to stop by the Inn today and order it via the phone there. Otherwise, this is of course a normal day. Summer 27 There's a harvest of tomatoes today. Use the basket to gather the crops in; you'll be surprised at how much time this saves. Sell the tomatoes, of course, but save the profits up.

Since there won't be another harvest of tomatoes, once you've harvested all of the outer ones, cut one of the plants away with the sickle so you can reach the inner tomato in each plot, and ship those out or save them in your refrigerator. You obviously don't need to water the tomatoes any longer.

Summer 28 Another harvest of pineapples today! And corn, but that's second priority now. Gather and sell all of the fruits and vegetables. Yep, you're already buying livestock. Makes ya proud, doesn't it? Be sure to buy some fodder to feed the cow with, as well. You just have to be sure to talk to your cow and feed it daily, and of course, you should buy more fodder if you start running low. Use the cut-to-the-center trick on the crops to get those last fruits and vegetables, and either ship them or save them in the fridge.

Now you have no crops left to tend to for the rest of the season! Summer 30 The last day of the season is today, obviously. It is a normal day, but it's worth noting that you'll want at least 3,G for next season. Oh, and cut down the remaining crops on the field, since they're not going to do anything but take up space next season. Since they're so valuable, we're going to dedicate this entire season's field space to Sweet Potato seeds. Buy 9 bags of Sweet Potatoes, and plant and water them all.

Finish the day's chores, then go to bed. Oh yes, and Won might come by today or some time soon to sell you a dog ball for G. Buy it! By throwing the ball for your dog, as long as he comes back to you with it and barks at you, you can increase his intelligence a bit every day. You only have to throw the ball for him and have him bring it back once per day; any other times you do won't have any effect.

Fall 3 Today is the Music Festival. After everything is done on the farm, go to the church and head inside. You need to arrive between PM and PM, so don't slack off. Once inside, talk to Carter to begin the festivities. If you agreed yesterday to help him out, then you'll also be performing, and everybody present will like you a bit better.

Fall 6 The first of nine harvests is today. Ship the Sweet Potatoes out, and use the profits tomorrow to buy the Milker. Fall 9 The second of nine harvests is today, and it's also the Harvest Festival. Ship your items out, and bring an egg to the festival. Put the egg in the hot pot, and everybody present will like you a bit better.

This game just hands out the free affection, doesn't it? Anyway, you should be able to afford the barn upgrade now, but you won't be able to have Gotz start it until the next harvest day. Be sure to order the Pot from TV Shopping tomorrow.

Fall 12 The third of nine harvests is today. Go see Gotz today, and have him begin upgrading your barn. Also, stop by the supermarket and buy 12 bags of grass. Plant them all on the far side of the field you don't have to water them, thankfully. Fall 13 Today is Moon-Viewing Day, and one of the rare holidays that all of the shops are still open on. Go and buy a new cow or two from Barley with yesterday's harvest profits. View the moon with her, and she'll like you better. Fall 14 Duke will come by today to ask you to help with the grape harvests.

Agree to it, even if you don't plan to. If you want Cliff to stay in the village for the rest of the game, go and find him today and tell him about the job. Fall 15 The fourth of nine harvests is today. Use the profits tomorrow for another cow, and the Mixer from TV Shopping.

At PM, even if there's crops left on the plants, head into town and go to the winery. You need to get there between PM and PM. Participate in the grape-gathering, and grab all 16 grapes one of which is impossible to get if you don't get it first thing; search the vine in the upper right first for grapes.

Do this every day for the next three days. Fall 18 The fifth of nine harvests is today. Use the profits tomorrow for two more cows. Fall 21 The Sheep Festival is today, but since you don't have any sheep yet, there is no point whatsoever in attending. This is also the sixth of nine harvests. Tomorrow, invest in another cow. Fall 24 The seventh of nine harvests is today. Invest yet again in cows, as well as buying the Whisk from TV Shopping.

Fall 27 The eighth of nine harvests is today. Invest yet again in cows. Starting to see a trend here? By now you should have or be close to having 10 cows. Fall 30 The ninth and final harvest is today. Ship all of the sweet potatoes out, saving a few if you wish for the icebox. You won't be able to use the profits until next season, but that's okay. Except, of course, that you'll probably not be getting much rest at all.

Start the day the usual way, and be sure to grab the Power Berry behind the winter mine. Doing this should get you the winter mine Power Berry eventually, as well. Be sure to grab a few pieces of each type of ore to store in the cabinet, as well. That way, you won't have to wait until next Winter to collect it. As the season progresses, fish in the ocean for the elusive Power Berry found in it. Winter 10 The Dog Race is today. You can have your dog participate if you want. Winning it doesn't really do much, so it's not mandatory.

By now, you should be able to afford another sheep. Be sure to keep getting sheep as money comes available for them, and don't forget to keep your fodder and chicken feed stock high! I'll assume that you're buying your sheep when money is available for them, and not mention it again. Just be sure that you have 5,G available on the 15th and 22nd, and 2,G available on the 29th. Winter 14 Winter Thanksgiving is today. Any girl who has at least a purple heart relationship with you at least 10, affection, in other words will show up today and give you gifts, as long as you're not married which isn't even possible yet, since the house is still in stage 2.

Try and get every girl up to at least 10, affection before this day, as you can get Chocolate if you do which is the rarest item in the game; you can't get it any other time. Winter 24 This is the Star Night Festival. If you have good relations with one of the girls, talk to her on the 23rd several times, and she'll probably invite you over to her place for dinner tonight. If this does happen, be sure to show up between PM and PM! Winter 30 This is the New Year's Party.

Go up to Mother Hill after all of your day's work is done, to the peak. Everybody is there, awaiting the first sunrise of the new year. Join in and gain some respect from the village. The time to arrive is at midnight, surprisingly. After the day's work is complete, go to either the inn or the square, depending on what group of people you want to like you better.

NOTE: During this season, until you have a full barn of 10 cows and 10 sheep, you should spend any available money on sheep. Once you have a full barn, buy the 9 bags of grass and plant them. Once that is done, get the house upgraded, and when that's taken care of, spring for the Mayo Maker. The reason for not listing the specific goals per day is because your profits will vary according to how much you mined during Winter.

NOTE 2: Your horse will also grow up at some point during this season. As long as he has at least 8 hearts, you'll get to keep him, and as an added bonus, you can start riding him. When you ride your horse, you increase his stamina though you can only increase it once per day , and this increased stamina will let him do better in the local horse race on the 18th of Spring. Spring 2 The supermarket is closed today, so buy 6 bags of Cabbage Seeds from Won and plant them.

Spring 3 Get your supermarket seeds today. Since you've already shipped a lot of crops the previous year, you only need to buy 3 bags of Cucumber Seeds, 12 bags of Potato Seeds, and 1 bag of Turnips. Plant the Cucumbers, Turnips, and 4 bags of the Potato Seeds.

When the Turnips are ripe, store them in your icebox. Spring 8 The Goddess Festival is today. Chances are that this year, you'll be able to ask a girl to go with you. Whatever the case, attend it to make friends with the villagers. Spring 11 The first batch of Potatoes is ready now. Ship them out and replace the freed-up field space with more Potato Seeds. Do this again the next Potato harvest. Spring 14 It's Spring Thanksgiving again, and this time, you can give cookies to the girls.

Just bake some up in the kitchen, and give them to the girls at some point during the day but before 5PM, please! Spring 18 The local Horse Race is today. If you've taken good care of your horse, and ridden it around since it grew up, you'll have a shot at winning.

Keep trying until you do if you want the Power Berry for this season. If not, just leave it for year 3. Spring 22 The Cooking Festival is today. If you want to win it, get some Relaxation Tea Leaves from the Harvest Sprites some time before the 22nd, and on the day of the festival, make the tea with as much as you possibly can. Spring 30 The last day of the season. Be sure that you have everything done for the season including having saved some of each crop in the fridge , and if you haven't yet, buy some Strawberry Seeds for next year.

Also, buy 4 bags of Pineapple Seeds from Won or more, if you want more money next season , and 12 bags of Pink Cat Seeds. If you missed the Power Berry last year, you have another shot at getting it this year. The contest is still just as hard as it was before, though.

Get them when money is available for them. Plant all 12 bags of Pink Cat Seeds on the far side of the farm. Be sure to refresh the Onion plots as harvests are made. Summer 7 The Sumo Chicken Festival has arrived again. Enter your second-best hen seeing as your first should've won last year , and win again this year. Some time soon, Anna should show up and ask to pick flowers.

Let her, and she'll give you the last Power Berry. Summer 12 The Tomato Festival is back. Attend if you'd like, but don't feel pressured to. Summer 20 The Cow Festival is today. Enter your original cow, and watch as it begins producing Gold Milk. Summer 24 The Fireworks Display is today. Watch it with your best girl if you want.

Summer 30 The last day of the season, and the checkpoint. Make sure you have all of the season's goals met, then start in on Fall. Simply make sure that you plant enough crops to unlock the Spinach crop, with time to plant some once you do unlock it 4 plots of Eggplants, 6 plots of Carrots which you should refresh at the appropriate time , and 2 plots of Green Peppers. This season is very much lacking in any real goals, since most everything was completed last season. Just keep at it, Spring is just around the corner.

By now, you should have the hang of the game, anyway. If you didn't get the Horse Race Power Berry last year, you can just brute force buy it by betting an excessive amount on a sure winner during one of the races. The game loses a lot of interest right around this point. Just keep plodding on, the game's end is almost in sight. Just a bit longer, just a bit longer The last stretch before the credits roll If you did everything as this walkthrough asked, then you will most definitely get to keep the farm.

After this, it's just an endless loop of doing the same stuff you did during year 3 minus the minor goals of planting the secret crops and finishing the recipes. Congratulations on completing Harvest Moon: Back to Nature! This walkthrough focuses on getting the absolute most possible done in a single year.

Do not I repeat, do not attempt this guide if you're not willing to dedicate every possible minute as efficiently as possible. Days that end before midnight are very rare, and the only time spent not working is spent getting from place to place to do more work. Holidays are all but ignored. This walkthrough is very terse, as I expect an expert player already knows how to play the game, and doesn't need step-by-step instructions for every little thing i.

I assume you'll have the sense to get the Brush, Clippers, and Milker when you need them, and that you don't need step-by-step instructions on how to do things like plant crops and tend to animals. I also assume that an expert player knows to hop into the hot springs when their stamina is running low. Since the springs simultaneously restore stamina and reduce fatigue, you can work 'til you start getting sick, then just hop into the hot springs for 50 minutes to get rid of the sickness completely, and restore stamina.

Take advantage of this useful feature; it will make the task of gaining money via mining that much easier. Get your money up to G, and buy 4 bags of Cabbage Seeds. Plant them, then head for bed. Spring 3 A normal day.

Perform the daily chores, then go to bed. Get at least 10 more bags of Cabbage planted by the 14th. Before this, though, use your mining profits to buy a chicken. You should also get the copper axe upgrade before the 16th. If you have all of this done and you find yourself with the cash available, buy a package of turnips and plant them.

Spring 16 Your first harvest of Cabbage is in. Sell them all, then buy the medium rucksack come the next day. Buy one package of Turnips if you haven't already and one package of Cucumbers, and plant them both. If you already planted the Turnips, donate 5 of them to the Waterfall Goddess for a Power Berry once they're ripe.

Try to get the hammer upgraded soon. You should also get the Mystic Berry as soon as your Cucumbers are ripe. Spring 29 Do your watering early today, and give your watering can to Saibara to upgrade to gold. Otherwise, normal day. A turbo controller can assure you victory. The reward a Power Berry is critical.

Summer 2 Plant your seeds 9-square plots from now on , go get your watering can, and water them all. You won't be able to forage as much today as you can normally anyway. Summer 7 Take your original hen and win the Sumo Chicken Festival. Upgrade the chicken coop as soon as your mining makes money available for it. Summer 22 First pineapple harvest is today. Tomorrow if you haven't already , have Gotz come and upgrade your house, have Saibara upgrade your axe, buy the Basket and Large Rucksack, and buy as many cows as you can.

Be sure to get at least one bag of grass per cow, and plant the grass. Summer 28 Second pineapple harvest is today. Profits should go into buying more cows, and the barn upgrade. The rest of the season is unprofitable, so be sure you have 5,G saved up for Fall. Feel free to buy seeds for next year, if you have the money available.

Today's foraging should be limited to gathering items only. Fall 6 First harvest. Profits should go towards the next house upgrade. Fall 9 Second harvest. Buy 4 sheep tomorrow. Fall 12 Third harvest. Fall 15 Fourth harvest. Buy 2 sheep and upgrade the sickle tomorrow. Fall 18 Fifth harvest. Save for the hothouse. Fall 21 Sixth harvest. Get the hothouse.

Buy 4 bags of Pineapple Seeds and plant them in the hothouse. Tend to them daily, of course. Fall 24 Seventh harvest. Save for Winter. Fall 27 Eighth harvest. Fall 30 Ninth and final harvest. Buy seeds for next year, too. Winter 7 Start Saibara on the Cheese Maker.

Winter 12 Start Saibara on the Yarn Maker. Winter 17 Start Saibara on one of your non-Mystrile tools. Winter 21 Start Saibara on another of your non-Mystrile tools. Winter 24 Start Saibara on your last non-Mystrile tool. Winter 30 By now, you should have all tools as Mystrile, a full barn and chicken coop, all of the Maker Machines, all house upgrades, and considerable money available for Spring.

Congratulations, you've completed all critical tasks within the first year of the game! For the truly obsessed, try your hand at the master walkthrough next! Taking on this challenge requires a level of dedication that even Expert pales in comparison to.

Be aware that taking this challenge is pure insanity if you're not fully prepared for it. If you're ready, then delve in, and good luck. Mine like mad, recovering as necessary. Buy and plant one bag of Cucumber seeds, and three bags of Turnips. Get the tree Power Berry. Try to see all of the girl introductions as soon as possible. Spring 3 Get the pony.

Buy a chicken and some feed. Get the mine Power Berry. Start hitting on Karen by giving her two Moondrop Flowers per day. Spring 6 By now, you should be able to afford the basket. Buy it, and start gathering Silver, Gold, and Mystrile ignore Copper in it when mining. Stop mining for 10G bonuses. Dedicate 10 of your turnips to the goddess, sell the rest. Upgrade the axe to Copper today. Soon you should get Karen's second scene. Answer Farm or Love life. Spring 8 Spring Goddess Festival.

Take care of your chores on the farm, then attend. Talk to everybody. Pick up the axe and upgrade the hammer to Silver tomorrow. Get the Medium Rucksack once you can afford it. Spring 11 Give Kappa his 3 Cucumbers today. Sell the rest. Spring 12 Pick up your hammer and clear up the field today. Keep a few small stones unbroken, as always. Prepare some land for 15 plots of Cabbages, and over the course of the next 3 days, buy those 15 bags of seed I suggest 5 per day, so the harvests are staggered.

Spring 14 Spring Thanksgiving. Can't do anything about it, but you should still be offering Karen flowers. Spring 15 By now, your cabbages should all be planted. Upgrade the chicken coop. Spring 18 The Local Horse Race. Attend, talk to everybody before and after each race 3 times total, 4 for the mayor. Soon, Karen should give you a pack of Moondrop Flowers. Plant and tend to them, and when they bloom, give the first batch of honey from the tree to Louis.

Spring 21 Cooking Festival. Attend, talk to everybody before and after the judging. Buy the Large Rucksack tomorrow. Spring 26 Have Gotz upgrade your house by this point. Spring 27 Your first group of Cabbages should be ready today. Ship them. Spring 28 Second cabbage group is ready. Spring 29 Third cabbage group is ready. Ship them, turn in your watering can to upgrade it to Mystrile, and buy the Pineapple Seeds for next season.

Spring 30 Finish up any purchases you've missed, keep 3,G handy for summer. Be sure to also expand your field's plots out to 24 3x3 plots for summer crops. Win the contest in any way you can, even if it means using GameShark codes. Summer 2 Buy 4 corn, 3 tomato, 1 onion seed. Get your watering can back from Saibara, and plant and water all 24 seed bags.

If you want, wrap 8 Pink Cat Flowers before the Supermarket closes, and give them to Popuri tomorrow for her birthday. Summer 6 Sumo Chicken Festival. Start giving Pink Cat Flowers to Anna. Start mining again to get some spare money, and once you can afford it, buy and plant 11 bags of Pink Cat Flowers.

Summer 12 Tomato Festival. Attend, participate, talk to everybody before and after the contest. Have Gotz upgrade your barn some time soon. Some time soon, Anna should drop by at noon to pick flowers, and you'll be able to get her Power Berry. Some time between now and the 19th, plant your cleared-up flower fields with 9 to 10 bags of Onion seeds. Summer 21 Cow Festival. Attend, talk to everybody at least once. Summer 22 First batch of Pineapples.

Buy 10 cows, 10 bags of grass. Plant the grass. Have Saibara upgrade the sickle. Summer 24 Fireworks Display. Attend, talk to everybody before and after the show. Summer 27 Second batch of Pineapples. Once you can, buy 10 cows, 10 bags of grass.

Upgrade the house ASAP, too. Summer 29 Spend today and tomorrow mining and fishing, so as to boost your end-of- season profits and fill up your fish pond a bit. Summer 30 End of season. Clear up the fields of the plants, store any spares in the fridge. Buy 2 bags of Green Pepper seeds from Won. Plant all of your Fall seeds. Fall 3 Music Festival. It adds color and serenity. I'm doing OK. Maybe circulate the books with other libraries? You don't get more books, but the people reading the books will get more to read?

I-I'll see what I can I give her a thumb's up, flip through a book I'm working on, and go on my way. Anyway, I finish my walking about town and head home. First up is caring for the chickens, so A baby chicken! If that's the case, I'll put another egg in the incubator.

Welcome to the world, little Camila. Stupid farm registry having such a small space for names. Rather than waste money on feed, I elect to put the chickens outside in the pen. Doing a bit more work on the farmland And making navigation easier, too. Now that, that right there That's pretty good cash. Spring - 17 - xxx1 My life is now an endless stream of guys on my lawn, isn't it? The two of us stare awkwardly at each other for a minute. Well, that was a thing. Anyway, I'm off to the races! But it looks like there's gambling.

A couple of girls I don't know -- out-of-towners, maybe? Opening with a cheesball line like that means you don't do an up-and-down look, or she'll think you're a totaly creep. They sort of grab me by the arms. I guess they're in the mood for a good time. You help us do the shopping! I bet they're in the mood for a lot of bad,expensive food And then I notice Maria watching me by her parents manning the desk. This feeling Is it I gotta go talk to someone.

Don't want an innocent girl like Maria getting the wrong idea about me. Well, the right idea, the wrong moral framework for it. You know. I'll catch up later. There's really no point in betting for the bottom two, but the others are such long shots I doubt they'll win But I guess I'll buy some medals for now. My money'd be on Taraba, anyway. In the rush of things, I kind of end up spending all my money. Or, I would have If she actually took my money. Instead, she just gave me a gentle wink.

I'm glad my daughter's made a new friend. Corruption inherent in the system, huh? Well, as long as it works for me. Once that sounds, I get pulled by the strange girls into a fenced in area to watch the races. I didn't even know it existed, but it looks like everyone's here Now that I'm back here, I may as well see what people are up to.

I see a couple of other out-of-towners, and some more familliar faces. But they had cakes and drinks, so I figured it was a festival. I remember him. I hope to see his brother do well when it's his turn, too. He looks At once more intense than I've ever seen him look, like he's completely drawn into watching them set up the horses before the race And also, I dunno. Kind of sad. I'm not sure I've seen him look like that before.

Yeah, yeah I just got A little distracted, is all. That until I answered, he didn't even notice I was there. They are like the most adorable old couple, I think. You don't like your cousins' horse? I wish I'm not sure it's my story to tell. Sorry, Fox. I guess I need to take the medicine for that. The race looks much more interesting this time. Let's see Betting on the long shot. Maria's mother would be better at the spy game if she didn't wink every time.

And it's race time again. Yes, yes! Stay ahead, you young gray mare! Medals in the Can you detect the obvious winner before the kids at home do? But I don't have the heart to just accept the overdog like that. Go pony! Blow them all a-freaking way! Boo and yah, my friends!

Like a pony boss! I have a fair amount of medals I'll take it. I've still got chores to do once I get home and The turnips came in and I didn't even see it! Good thing it's a festival day, so Zack's not picking up Well, I've had a long day, so I'm going to sleep like a rock.

No typos here, but a glitch to explain how I did what I did this chapter. Specifically, the fact that gambling in this game has a wonderful and easily taken-advantage of glitch. If you make your bets, back out of the screen with B, and then not talk to anyone involved with medals or gambling The game will still think you placed your bet, even you didn't pay for it, so you'll still get the rewards if you win.

In this story, it has a reason, but in general, it's just an odd thing from the Harvest Moon 64 Twilight Zone. Also, apparently I got myself a Sutaining Carrot. I'm hoping they had a character limit, but "Rushed for Christmas" is more likely. Last edited by Deme; at PM. LPs: Spoiler. Originally Posted by Herpestidae. I feel like I'm in the presence of royalty.

The LP Goddess herself has graced this thread with her presence. I just My vote is still on Nugget, I love it. Also, some questions. Is it even possible to have your horse ready to race for the first race? Are the races annual, or by season? When does the dog race happen? Are the three prizes listed the only prizes you can get from betting on races, or can you also sell the tokens back for money? Is the sustaining carrot consumable, or a permanent upgrade for the horse?

What are the benefits of the other prizes? Am I asking too many questions? Sorry for being a pain. If my text is blue, I'm being sarcastic. But you already knew that, right? Extended Homebrewers Signature. And when you get the cow, name it Nugget is a good chicken name Originally Posted by PhoeKun. Originally Posted by Coidzor. Originally Posted by Seerow.

Oh, not at all! Questions are good. This LP needs to be enjoyable for e'rybody! Ok, let's see Your horse will not grow up until after your first race. There are two hoese races -- one in Spring, and one in fall, every year. The dog race is in Winter, and it has different prizes: including Lumber! However, all horse races have the same prizes. Except the lumber from the dog race and the Sustaining carrot.

It is a permanent effect, though I'm not entirely clear on what the effect is I've heard, and it sounds plausible, that it means your horse runs out of stamina during the races less. The other prizes are just eye candy, except the lumber. And it is just for show. It's exactly like the stable we have attached to our barn, but the roof is a different color.

The stuffed horse sits in our house. We'll probably end up spending a lot of medals at the dog race for all that lumber. Because, dude. Hall of Honor: Spoiler. Osidi Obsessive Compulsive Druid. Rissi Alcoholic Alchemist. Tick Lab Rat. I had forgotten how addicting that game is I just got into the second summer. Chicken - Nugget sounds good to me. Did you use save states to determine who the winner of the horse races would be, or did you just get outrageously lucky?

I'm guessing the former. I usually just bet on every horse equally, though that's obviously less efficient if you're going for maximum medals. Originally Posted by NecroRebel. I saw this thread a week or so ago, and it inspired me to get out HM64 myself. If God had wanted you to live he would not have created me! Originally Posted by ObadiahtheSlim. There is an exploit that lets you bet on horses without actually paying for them.

That way you can bet the max on all the horses and always win. Re: 64 Times the Harvesting: Let's Play Harvest Moon 64 I'm guessing she bet on all the horses separately and only showed us the screenshots of the winning ones. I save-stated a lot. You used the title I wanted! Springxxx1 More rain, huh? Well, that's just how the cookie Is the rain good or bad? It means I'll have to bring in my chickens today, anyway.

I'd say that, but He looks beat, sitting there with his head down like that. The guy looks, on closer inspection, like he hasn't eaten in a few days; he's probably just this side of starving. But here.

Take it, at least. Is that a bird? Sitting there, on the dog house, watching my every movement with its hungry eyes? Yes, this is what science would call I think it's judging me. I hand him the herb and he gobbles it down, tearing the plant to bits as he chews. I have never seen a man eat a plant like that. When he finishes, he stands back up.

And why is this bird glaring a hole into my skull? It takes flight! I'm hoping that's in the Australian sense there. Unless the bird is intelligent and communicative enough to give consent In which case I need to hide from him. What were you doing on my My lawn Anyway, the cabbages came in yes! But rather than tend to them right away, I need to bring the chickens in. I figure I'll keep the egg today; maybe give it to Elli, since she says she'd like some.

I spot Ann in the mountains, with a worried look on her face. Hey, come to that You said Cliffgard was racing, right? But he didn't actually race. We had to pull him at the last minute, since the jockey we hired didn't work out. I think That this is what Rick was talking about. Do I press it? Do I present evidence what, is my life an Ace Attorney game now? Seeing that sad and forlorn look when she thinks about her brother, the horse, and the races Do I just leave it be?

I'd given up hope. I can't believe I said all that stuff out loud! Don't you worry, OK? Everything's fine, fine, fine! If you have troubles, I don't mind listening. I just said everything's fine! Anyway, that's great. It's more like Forget about it.

First up, more seeds. The normal purchases, of course Soon, I'll maybe think about another purchase from here, that's not so Anyway, next up, to the bakery. I got a chicken recently, so I thought I'd Give you an egg. All my mojo, taken out by a girl in an apron! Let me have a taste when you're done? The flavor of something cooked for individual reasons Is really special. I'd like to taste something you make like that. I don't even have an oven. Then you'll have to use mine!

Come on, Fox! She's tugging at me with such enthusiasm that I don't have a chance of resistance. Fox has a busy day; he can't spend all day here. But come back one day and cook with me, alright? And stop by Rick's store. All this talk of horses Gave me a feeling like I wanted something for Agros. But I'll pay.

That's a really surprising skill, Maria. Maria blushes. Books have a lot to give people. Happiness that can't be achieved in the real world, or knowledge, or laughter M-maybe even a chance to make a new friend. I think it's important to know how to give back to books.

That's kind of a sweet way of looking at it. I head back home to handle the crops when I hear a bright little bell of a voice rings out over the farm. Is that What does she want? What's this about? So I decided to help you myself. I think she might be the first and only person to actually follow through on helping me out. I really don't get it. Am I pathetic? What is it That all these people try and help me? I don't need help. I don't need to go running to somebody else. To thank you. When other people hear about the flowers I water in the road They think I'm weird.

Do they really? Even that last one? You understand how pretty a flower can be, and you always come and say Hi, even if I'm not paying attention because there's a pretty butterfly over there. So you're a special person to special people, Fox! That makes you I dunno, like a king. And the king gets served tea, so drink up!

Knowing her family, it's probably a special herbal blend or something. What a really odd And kind of neat She's a cute girl, after all. No, no, really, forget about it I guess I thought the wrong thing was difficult But it's true; I bet Popuri'll have no trouble hooking a guy. She'd have me if she wanted to. Like you've put up a strong fight, and you're flying under your own power. Karen says. Zat right? Anyway, I go home, finish my chores And give Agros a nice brushing before I go to bed.

He seems to really like it, as predicted by the sage of obvious wisdom that is Rick. Springxxx1 More rain. This is formally Less than ideal. More guys on my lawn! Is it coming up? You can vote for the Goddess up until What's all These people move fast. Anyway, the potatoes are in And another little chick joins the family. She's a chicken, so I'll call her Yay, irony. Now we've got 3 little puffballs running around. I think I'll hold off on incubating more until that's cleared.

TO ME! But we're not sky-people, so we don't know. We're earth-people. Because you live in a cave? We're in a cave because we like it. A couple of other little sprites. They get back to what they were doing pretty quick, though they at least spare me a wave. When I climb out, Cliff's there. I guess he spotted the clearing from the air. No one better to figure out this goddess festival than the goddess.

They say they're voting for a goddess? For my effigy! One of the local village girls is chosen to act in the festival in my stead, and dressed in a special gown, to dance with my king. I used to attend myself But that was a long time ago.

Things were very different then. It's hard to say if there's a place for something as absurd as a goddess. Dance with a pretty girl! Into town I go Thanks for yesterday. That tea was really nice. It's my own special blend.

I just go walking through the hothouse and the mountains And I add in anything that calls to me! You know, if I didn't think she knows enough about plants I'd be really worried. Anyway, I buy my potato seeds and Some grass for fodder. It's like they're demanding my money or my life over here Anyway, I make my small-talk with Elli, and it's off to the library. May's here today But I'll toss in the extra hi.

What is this, ominous family worries episode? With not many other chores to do, I go up into the mountains for more gathering And I finish up a small addition to my pen, for the grass for a cow one day. Anyway, off to the bar! How's the rain? May said to say she said Hi. Meloncholy to it. I'm going to bed. Typo report!

Actually, the first one is an error on my part. You see Some character never reveal their names. Others do so only at a certain affection point. I forgot Elli is the latter, and had her introduce herself. I remembered Karen's self-introduction, which is why I've gone to some pains to keep Fox from using it in front of her.

To prevent this. If you're wondering, this is what follows that "Fox, uhh Just a little bit of "rushed for Christmas" spirit. Are you aiming to marry Fox off to any girl in particular, or keeping the options open? I can't remember how the voting for Goddess goes - is there a chance everyone else votes for someone else?

How much influence does Fox's vote have? Popuri seems to make more narrative sense, but I'll admit I like Elli so far. IE, after Ann's picture, probably in Spring of next year if all goes well with Maria. That way we can spend the winter events getting serious with our future bride.

I'm not sure about goddess voting. Usually, the girl you vote for wins. I have had it not work out. I do not know what controls this But I will save-state for all of you until what you wish happens. She is clearly the best choice for Goddess.


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Harvest moon 64 horse race betting 101 Make sure you have all of the season's goals met, then start in on Fall. Ping Hai Bravo scored his second win in betting lines on pro football in the Class 3 Cameron Handicap mand once again upstaged boom youngster Joyful Fortune, who faded to a weakening 11th as the 1. Win the contest in any way you can, even if it means using GameShark codes. Soon, Karen should give you a pack of Moondrop Flowers. On the second year or later, the last king of the harvest festival will ride in the balloon.
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Betting 101 race moon horse 64 harvest binary options magnet results of election

Harvest Moon 64 How To Wheel Karen With Your Dog

At the festival, talk to with the bartender. Unlike the other festival, we from your recent harvest, right. Continue giving gifts to the the Potion Master. Sometimes, you might not have so you probably didn't meet. Just don't overwork yourself trying option, the options are glitched. Go in the pasture to meet Ann and get your. Make sure you don't drop make some money. Return to your farm and plant 2 Tomato seeds and. To be safe, I would. Talk to him and you'll on how to find it.

For Harvest Moon 64 on the Nintendo 64, Festival Mechanics Guide by kirbyarm. [NYFes] p) Horse Races [Horse]. For Harvest Moon 64 on the Nintendo 64, Guide and Walkthrough by SomeCrazyGuy. separate Horse Races of 6 horses each, all of which you can bet on has at least Affection, he will take Doug's place in the festival. Thread: 64 Times the Harvesting: Let's Play Harvest Moon 64 Chapter 7: My Little Pony Horse: Gambling is Magic. Spoiler. Show "At the Horse Race and the Dog Race, so you can always save." Top - End - #